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3 basic leather bags every woman should have

It does not matter if you prefer minimalist accessories or you are a handbag enthusiast, you know that the bags you have in your closet define your style. The majority of women have bags that overflow their closet, and they rarely use all of them. You have to take a look at them and ask yourself if you need all of them. According to specialists, women need only three basic purses to match their outfits. If you are going to follow this advice, and you get rid of the other ones, you will make a lot of space in your closet, and you can store there your shoes or accessories. In case you do not have bags, or you want to change your entire wardrobe, including these accessories, then you should make sure you invest in the following three models of ladies leather briefcases.

3 basic leather bags every woman should have

You need an oversized tote

According to fashion specialists women need an oversized purse because they have to carry many things daily, and they have to be sure that they fit in their bag. This size of bag is perfect for businesswomen, travelling and mothers with small children. In case you are a short and curvy woman, then you should wear a bag with a long strap, because it will draw attention from your bust area. In case you are tall and slim, then you should make sure that the bottom of the bag hits directly at your waist, it will offer you the impression of a hourglass figure.

Cross body bag is a major trend right now

This type of bag is amazing because it comes in a medium size and it allows you to carry on all the essentials you need, without having to wear a giant purse. If you want to be on trend with this bag you should shorten the stripe, so its top to be three inches below your armpit. In case you have a large bust, you should wear it a few inches lower.

Every woman needs a clutch

Clutches are perfect for formal events. Even if they are small bags, they come in a majority of styles and shapes, and you have to find the one that matches your style and wardrobe. You should make sure that the size of the clutch is proportionate to your body type. Because you want to use this clutch for many years, you should purchase it in a neutral colour as black or nude.