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8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have

Many people believe that geeks are unfashionable, especially if they watched more than one season of The Big Bang Theory. However, just because you are into tech does not mean you dress like someone from Star Trek. These geek accessories will spice up your look and let the world know that being a nerd is cool:

8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have 8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have Picture

1. Twitter Stocking

The stereotypical image of geeky women being boring and career oriented is about to disappear with these Follow Me Twitter stockings. These are the coolest geek accessories because they are inspired by the popular social networking site Twitter. They also have a twitter birdie tattooed next to the Follow Me sign. The stocking will certainly draw a lot of attention, and people will follow you with their eyes.

2. Pi Necklace

If you are a true geek, you must have this great Pi Necklace with 100 decimals of the nerd number. Yes, we counted them. This RGB Laboratory design will show your geeky side in a fashionable way.

3. Tetris Bracelet

Tetris bracelets are great geek accessories, because they add color to any outfit and look casual and trendy. Although it costs $70 dollars, a little pricey for such an accessory, you simply must add it to your collection.

8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have 8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have Picture

4. Fibonacci Scarf

The Fibonacci scarf is the proof that geek accessories can also be fashionable. This scarf was knitted using the Fibonacci number sequence, a pattern found in nature. But of course, you already know that.

5. Lego Purse

The Lego purse is so chic you don’t have to be a geek to wear it. This little purse is perfect when you don’t want to take a bag with you. Moreover, the building blocks are a nice touch to any outfit.

6. Projector Ring

The projector ring is one of the most interesting geek accessories. Made by jeweler Tamrakar and by Luke Jerram for her fiancé Shelina Nanji, the ring contains photographic portraits inside. When you shine light through it, it projects images of the couple like a miniature projector. In order to make this ring, you will need to dismember a disposable camera and get the lens.

7. 8-Bit Watch

Although the 8-bit watch was designed by a Japanese firm in 2005, it recently became available on the market. You can find it in a black and white version at MOMA, although a completely white version will soon be released. The watch’s design celebrates the old 8-bit graphics.

8. VideoGame Shoes

You don’t have to be a gamer in order to wear these fashionable video game shoes. The most popular models have custom painted video game scenes from Mario, Pacman, Tetris and Zelda. You can even make a pair with your favorite video game and order them online at SceeneShoes Shop.