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Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks

One of the most frustrating task for an Asian woman is to apply eye makeup. No matter how meticulously we pile it one, when we open our eyes it is like it was never there. We have the monolid to blame for this, one one the most common complaints among Asian women. It is probably one of the main reason many turn to blepharoplasty, a double eyelid surgery. This is the second most requested cosmetic surgery. If you top this with straight eyelashes and stubbornly sparse, you have the reason why many women give up on applying makeup. However, if you pick up the right foundation, use an eyeliner properly and some eyelash extensions, you can avoid complicated and costly surgical procedures. These are the best Asian makeup tips and tricks you can use:
Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Pictures

Achieve that perfect skin complexion

Beauty experts recommend a yellow-based foundation for an Asian makeup, because it blends with the skin. After experimenting with countless foundations over the years, many women discovered that yellow-toned foundations look the most natural on Asian skin.

Make your eyes stand out

The best way to enhance your natural eye shape and make your eyes stand out is with a simple eyeliner. The trick is to line up the upper lids, but leave the bottom lashes without a line. However, if you want to line the bottom lashes, make sure you trace a softer line, smudged a bit with your finger. Is is especially important to never line the inner rim of the eye, due tot he fact that it will make your eyes look smaller. Another Asian makeup tip is to make the line visible when the eyes are open. If it isn’t, try making it thicker. If you want to make your eyes stand out without using too much makeup, you should look for the best eyelash growth serum and use it regularly. The best eyelash growth serum should enrich your lashes in just a few weeks.
Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Pictures

Play with shadows

When you apply eyeshadow, layer and blend several shades up to the crease. However, avoid creating a crease by drawing in a darker line, because you risk look fake. Many Asian women look very good when they brush deep jewel colors across the eyelids. Try using greens, purples and blues. Experiment with colors until you find one that works best for you. Another great Asian makeup trick is to use the layering technique when you apply eyeshadow. This involves starting with a light base color, then a medium color on the lid and a deeper color build onto it. Blend the shades so the makeup doesn’t look rough.

Make your eyelashes longer

No mater ethnicity, eye color or the face shape, every woman wants to have longer, lusher eyelashes. Moreover, Asian women look astonishing with long lashes that complement their eyes. You can achieve longer eyelashes with some curlers and great mascara. If your eyelash curler is not effective, try blasting hot air on it for 3 seconds. Finish with several coats of mascara. Another great trick you can use is applying false eyelashes. This method is simple and cheap. However, professional eyelash extensions have received a lot of critics, so it is better to use it as a last resort.