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Best Wedding Hair Ideas

If you can already hear the bells ringing, it means that the big day is approaching! We all know that hair is the woman’s crowing glory, and how a bride’s hair is done will definitely say it all. She will be the center of attention and her look must be perfect in all aspects. Weather you are the bride, a guest or the maid of honor, these great wedding hair ideas will surely bring out your inner celebrity.
Best Wedding Hair Ideas Best Wedding Hair Ideas Picture

Grace Kelly tiara-topped braided chignon

Inspired by Grace Kelly, a tiara-topped braided chignon inspires a polished elegance. In order to pull off this appearance in the twenty-first century, match it with a soft, natural makeup. For a more elegant and contemporary look, keep it as clean and sleek as possible. A fuller style will make the tiara look more prom queen like. For a maximum impact, follow the shape of the headpiece when you sculpt the hair and make sure the end meets right at the middle of the bun. This stands as good inspiration for women short haircuts, because Grace Kelly is mostly known with her short to medium haircuts; moreover, when you add a tiara to your hairstyle, you don’t have to overdo it with the hair, so it won’t matter as much if your chignon isn’t identical to hers. A lot of women short haircuts can be adapted, with hair extensions or not, to look like this famous apparition.

Best Wedding Hair Ideas Best Wedding Hair Ideas Picture

Floral halo

Fresh flowers add romance and softness to a wedding outfit. A floral crown paired with waves or a messy updo imparts a bohemian vibe that is just right for a laid-back wedding. In order to keep the crown in place, lightly backcomb the top of the hair and tease it so the bobby pins will grip to something with more texture.

Romantic spiraled updo

The spiraled updo has a romantic feel and looks perfect if paired with a minimal gown.  This is one of the best wedding hair ideas for brides who have a simple and modern wedding dress, because it adds something delicate and angelic. In order to achieve this hairstyle, start a French braid at the center of the head and spiral it around and around, adding sections from the outer side of the plait.

Classic ponytail

A ponytail is one of the best wedding hair ideas for no-fuss brides who still want to look elegant, because it is a simple way to style the hair. Moreover, it is comfortable and allows you to move freely. Place a the pony high up at the crown of your head and softly curl the tail to give it a bounce. You can also do a side ponytail that will hold on for the entire day.

Braided crown

Best Wedding Hair Ideas Best Wedding Hair Ideas Picture

For a dose of softness and femininity, choose a braided crown instead of a tiara. This is a perfect wedding hair idea for a bride who wants a natural-looking updo.Moreover, the braided crown makes you look like a princess. To create it, detangle and flat iron your hair, so you will be able to easily grab sections of the hair. Braid the hair under, not over, so the circlet will sit on top of the head and not into it. Keep the strands neat and your hands close to the head for the sharpest result, than use your fingers to slightly deconstruct the style.