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Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial

Halloween costume ideas are very diverse. Ultimately, they are all amazing as they highlight our creativity and our inner children. If you are preparing for Halloween, you should visit, an amazing website where you will find a lot of cool costumes. However, if you plan on making your own costume, then why not choose a fairy costume? Whether you want a fairy makeup for Halloween or a themed party, this tutorial will teach you how to achieve a good and a bad appearance. The twisted fairy has a distressed purple eye and pale skin, while the good fairy is pretty in pink and glitter. Just follow these steps and prepare to be inspired:

Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial Picture

Step 1- Apply foundation

White makeup can cake up, so it is better to use a pale foundation and highlight it with a white powder. Choose a lighter-than-usual shade of concealer or foundation and apply it with a blending sponge in press-and-roll motions. For the dark fairy, apply lots of white powder with a powder brush around the edges of the face and all the way down to the neck.

Step 2 – Apply the base color

After applying the foundation and concealer, for the good fairy makeup sweep a frosty light pink shadow on your lids, starting form the lash line to your brows. Add some more in the inner corners of your eyes. For the dark fairy, apply fuchsia shade to the eyelids, all the way over the brows. The color should go beyond the eyes.

Step 3 – Apply color on the bottom

For the good fairy, add a little bit on the bottom and then come along the bottom lash line. Just slightly drag it across without making the line too thick. For the dark fairy, apply the fuchsia shade under your lower eyelid and all the way to the cheekbones. Then apply black eye shadow on eyelids and around the lash line.

Step 4 – Create a fairy effect

The good fairy must glow and look feminine. Paint glitter adhesive over the eye shadow on your lids and press pink or pale white glitter on top of the adhesive with a flat brush. Use the same pink eyeshadow on the apples of your cheeks and connect your eye makeup to the blush. Finish the look by mixing pink and white glitter and sprinkling it all over your face. For the dark fairy makeup, create purple fleck around the eyes with a highly pigmented gel eyeliner. Mess up an old brush and you have around the house so you make the spots more organic.

Step 5 – Apply eyeliner and fake lashes

For the good fairy makeup, apply a thin payer of eyeliner along the top lash line and create a swirl in the corner. You can draw as many twirls as you want and create a pattern. For both the good and dark fairy, apply black mascara and then glue on a set of full strip lashes. Wait 60 seconds for the glue to dry and then apply the top lashes. Then do the same for the bottom lashes. The fake eyelashes must be long an thick to achieve a fairy gaze effect. Fake eyelashes look spectacular and you may want to find yourself wanting to integrate them in other makeups as well. However, be wary as they can damage your eyelashes in the long run. Instead of extensions, you should opt for a longer lasting result by reading some eyelash growth product reviews and finding a serum that can naturally elongate and thicken your lashes. You can find a lot of helpful reviews on When researching eyelash growth product reviews, avoid the products which contain glaucoma medication and require prescription as those serums can be dangerous.

Step 6 – Put some lipstick on

For the good fairy, slick on a bright pink lipstick and then press bright pink glitter over it with a flat brush. For the dark fairy makeup, dab some concealer and opalescent pigment on your lips.