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Guide to select the right abaya colour

Every woman needs an abaya in a color that complements her skin tone. Countless times women do not wear the right outfit because they are too busy to choose the right color for their abayas. Closed abayas are seen as clothing items that add women elegance and grace, so if you want to impress with your outfit, then you should carefully choose it. The fashion trends have changed the concept of abaya, so now you have the possibility to select from a wide variety of colors and models when it comes to this piece of clothing. If you look inside the fashion market, you will see that the majority of online stores offer on sale abayas in simple designs and models embedded with different embellishments.

Guide to select the right abaya colour

Abayas for light skin

If you have light skin, then you will have to think if your skin has yellow or pink undertones, because these features will help you decide upon the color of the clothing items. Generally, you should choose black and white abayas because they highlight your skin tones well. You should avoid colors as taupes, beiges and camels, because they do not complement your skin tone. Bright and bold hues will look amazing on your skin so do not be afraid to choose them.

What to choose if you have medium skin tone

In case you are a lady who has medium skin tone then you should go with neutral tones as taupe, ivory, sand, beige, camel, olive green or light blush. Camel complements medium tone skin perfectly, so you should try at least a couple of outfits in this shade. When it comes to jewelries, you can select ones that come in royal purple, emerald, ruby red, cobalt or bright pink. You should avoid wearing pastels.

Dark skin tones and abayas

Dark skin tone is the most versatile one when it comes to choosing the abayas colors. You only have to avoid wearing mocha or brown, because they do not blend with your skin tone. You can work with any solid color, so you can even try bright colors and muted blue. You can play with the colors of the abayas. During the summer season, you can try beiges, pastels, muted colors or yellows. If you talk about the cold season, then you can try magentas, mauves, and grey tones. There are so many colours you can choose form, because you are a lucky winner with your dark skin tone.