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How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style

Vanessa Anne Hudgens is best known for her role as Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical series. She has also appeared in many television series and films for the Disney Channel. However, Vanessa is not only know for her acting, but for her impeccable fashion sense. People admire the Vanessa Hudgens style as much as they admire her acting skills. She has a really casual, bohemian look that seems to come natural, without any effort.
How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style Picture


If you want to get an idea of a variety of her style, do an online search or pick up some magazines. There are also a lot of celebrity fashion blogs that feature numerous of her style tricks. Make sure you save your favorite pictures and even print close ups that show her makeup. In order to achieve the Vanessa Hudgens style, you don’t have to spend thousand of dollars. You can copy her look if you shop at bargain stores where you will certainly find something similar to what she wears. Moreover, Vanessa does not spend her entire day on the red carpet and her street wear is actually the trademark. However, you must remember that what looks good on a brunette with dark skin and eyes may not look good on a blonde. If you have light skin tones, wear the same outfit in a different color.

How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style Picture


In order to be as trendy as Venssa Hudgens, you need to research some celebrity fashion blogs and see if you can copy her outfits with similar clothes and accessories that you own. Vanessa loves long necklaces, bangles, big earrings and black dresses. If you want to borrow the Vanessa Hudgens style, aim for a bohemian chic outfit with earthly colors. If you are getting ready for a party, try wearing something amazing such as a red, long dress with high heels. She also likes wearing tight skinny jeans in every color and long black leggings. As for summer fashion trends, Hudgens is also inspired by the bohemian, slightly hippie, slightly hipster styles, so you have to realize she isn’t always fashionable either. She likes both floral imprint dresses, but black dresses as well, like we mentioned. Her summer fashion trends are always quite unpredictable however, so one always wonders what she’ll come up with next. Thus, she is a great example for young girls in that she tries to create her own style as well, not just follow whatever is popular.However, you must keep in mind the fact that often the photos are retouched and she has a professional stylist. Don’t get discouraged if you can;t duplicate the Vanessa Hudgens style exactly. Just use some of her techniques and add them to your look.


Vanessa’s hair is shiny, silky and healthy, so make sure you take care of your locks. If you have lighter hair, you can dye it professionally to achieve a dark chocolate hue. If you want a more Gabriella look, get a shoulder length hairstyle. If not, grow your hair considerably long so you can look more like Vanessa. Sweep your bangs to the side of your face by combing either the right or left side of your hair to the opposite side.

How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style Picture


The makeup is an important part of the Vanessa Hudgens style. It isn’t necessary to have brown eyes or to get dark brown contacts, you can recreate the look with your real eye color and some makeup. In an interview, Vanessa said that on a regular day she uses foundation, red lipstick and mascara. Because she has very long eyelashes, you will need a good quality mascara. On the red carpet, Vanessa wears a charcoal eyeshadow. Choose some dark grays for the crease of your eye and gradually get a darker shade. However, don’t exaggerate with a black eyeshadow.