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How to do Arabic Makeup

If you want to make a statement with a bold makeup, then the beautiful color, smoldering kohl liner and crisp feline shape of the Arabic makeup is what you’re looking for. This mysterious look woks with many styles and cam be tweaked to please any taste.

How to do Arabic Makeup How to do Arabic Makeup Picture

The key to the Arabic makeup is clean lines. You must use the power of a sharp angled brush if you want to achieve this daring yet classic makeup. If you edges get messy, cover it up with some concealer. If you’ve never done a similar makeup before, try to put on the eye makeup first, so you don’t ruin your lines with fall-out. Another great tip is to apply translucent powered under your eyes so it will capture any fall-out from the dark eye shadow. In order to create a more modern look, add some vibrant colors, and if you want to keep it soft, use gray or neutral shadows and eliminate the false lashes. Instead of fake eyelashes, you can also use a lash curler. Here is how you do a beautiful Arabic makeup:

How to do Arabic Makeup How to do Arabic Makeup Picture

Step 1 – Add some color to your complexion

The Arabic makeup works well with a slightly dusky complexion, so if your skin is fair, use a good bronzer to achieve this. If you are using a bronzer, make sure you add a dark foundation on your neck so you don’t create a contrast. If you have blemishes or an uneven skin tone, use foundation before you apply any makeup. You can cover any fine lines with a concealer, just make sure you don’t cake too much. Although your complexion must be flawless, it shouldn’t draw any attention from the eyes. In Arabic makeup, the eyes are the centerpiece.

Step 2 – Apply eye shadow

Before you apply the eye shadow, use an eyelid primer so that it is applies smoothly and stays on for longer. Choose a deep shades such as orange and red, just don’t overdo it or you will end up looking like a clown. You can also blend two different shades and do an ombre Arabic makeup with a shimmering base.

How to do Arabic Makeup How to do Arabic Makeup Picture

Step 3 – Line your eyes

Arab women use suruma, a back powder that makes their eyes look bigger. However, if you don’t have it, just use a black eye liner pencil to line your water line and your upper lashline. Next, hold a tissue right at the corner of your eye and trace a straight line with the eye liner. Do the same under your lower lash line and flick up at the corner of the eye on the edge. Apply eye face eye lashes and a general amount of mascara.

Step 4 – Apply lipstick

To finish your Arabic makeup, put on some red, brown or plum lipstick that goes with your eye makeup. If your eye shadow is very intense, choose muted colors and a matte look.