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How to Do Zebra Nails at Home

Zebra nails can add a unique twist to any style and outfit. If you are one of those who always wanted to try them but didn’t want to spend so much money at the saloon, there’s good news: you can do the popular zebra nails in the comfort of your home. Although the zebra pattern looks rather sophisticated, the animal print are actually very simple nail designs to do, especially if you follow the right steps. To achieve this look, you must first prepare your nails by cutting, shaping and even buffing, if you have any uneven ridges. The zebra design can be done on both short and long nails and it is easiest on a square shape with rounded edges. You can choose any color combination you like, although black and white is traditional. After you decide what color you want, follow these easy steps:

How to Do Zebra Nails at Home How to Do Zebra Nails at Home Picture

Step 1 – Gather supplies

To achieve the exotic zebra nails, you will need nail polish remover, base coat, q-tips, colored nail polish, acrylic paint and a detailed nail art brush. It is important to have a good brush, so make sure you pick out a very thin brush, perfect for such details.

Step 2 – Apply base coat

In order to protect you nails from damage and help the manicure last longer, apply a quality base coat. Before you do, remove any existing nail polish. This step is very important, because the colored nail polish can stain your nails and cause them to peel and chip. The base coat will also help additional coats stick better to the nails. Before you proceed, wait for the coat to dry completely.

How to Do Zebra Nails at Home How to Do Zebra Nails at Home Picture

Step 3 – Apply base color

The base color for your zebra nails can be a simple white or a neon pink. You can even use glitter polish if you are getting ready for a party. Paint the base color and let it dry for at least 5 minutes. If the color isn’t pure, you can apply 2 coats. If you get a little polish on the edges it’s alright, because you are going to fix that later.

Step 4 – Paint the stripes

The best way to paint the zebra nails is by starting with a sequence. This also keep the design uninterrupted. Dip the brush in the paint and turn your nails sideways. Draw a curved shaped V or a Z and continue with the same motion until the nail is finished. You can also paint vertical stripes or irregular stripes, starting from one side of your nail then from the other side. No matter what type of stripes you choose, your zebra nails are going to be astonishing.

Step 5 – Finish with a glossy top

In order to keep your nails intact for a longer period of time, finish with two coats of glossy top. You can even add glitter between the stripes for more radiant zebra nails. As you can see, the zebra nails are very easy to do. So get ready to let go of  the classic, simple nail designs and try something a little more sophisticated.