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How to incorporate thigh-high boots in your winter outfits

Undoubtedly, over the knee or thigh high boots completely transform an outfit by adding a serious dash of glamour and sex appeal. They represent the ideal choice when going out for the night or deliberately trying to stand out from the crowd and captivate everyone’s attention. Thus, the next question becomes inevitable: how can you wear these provocative yet trendy pieces in a way that embraces their powerful impact on the eye while still maintaining a classy and fashionable look, especially during winter? Well, one thing is for sure. They protect you from the cold temperature outside and you also have the possibility to choose between a sheer variety of models, colors, materials and prints, depending on your preferences. In addition, you can go in store and purchase them whenever you find the time or you can visit multiple websites like and place an order in any moment of the day or night. Going back to how to incorporate over the knee boots in your winter outfits… the truth is that your creativity plays an important role.

How to incorporate thigh-high boots in your winter outfits

Aspects to consider when buying thigh-high boots

Including a pair of thigh-high boots in your outfits is quite risky because if you do not combine clothing articles and colors strategically, you might exude a cheap vibe and you definitely want to avoid that. For this reason, you should stick to neutral shades including black and brown. Moreover, these statement pieces require a decent financial investment so you should buy simple models that go with the majority of clothes in your closet to make sure that you will be able to wear them every time you wish. In terms of material, you should avoid patent or anything striking, unless you intend to preserve them for a special occasion. Instead, you should opt for soft suede and rich leather. Apart from the material and color, you also have to keep in mind the heel height. Flat boots or those with a small heel are obviously more suitable for everyday use while high heel practically scream attention, thus being perfect for special occasions.

Winter outfits ideas with over the knee boots

For a casual look, you have many options available when it comes to building outfits and including thigh-high boots, which have the power to flatter anyone. For instance, you can put together a pair of jeans with a skinny cut, a blouse or warm sweater and a bomber jacket. Obviously, you need to go with a pair of simple black boots with a mid height heel. On the other hand, you can make a bolder combination, namely a black sweatshirt dress with a large hood and bright-colored royal blue boots. Pick an oversized shapeless sweatshirt dress with a sporty look because the over the knee boots represent the focal point here. For a girlie outfit, mix something delicate, like a flowing dress with something though, more precisely leather boots. The length of the dress is very important when combining it with high boots so pay close attention. Moreover, taking into account the cold season, you should add a coat to the outfit.