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How to prevent damaging your hair

Just as take care of your skin, you should also know that your hair needs special attention in order to look nice and most important – stay healthy. You probably already have a bunch of products for your skin, while your hair only benefits from shampoo and conditioner. Having a beautiful hair is not only an innate trait and you will have to invest some time and effort into achieving this goal. However, in your quest for beautiful hair, all you manage to do is damaging it. The excessive use of cosmetic products and styling devices will end up soaking the health out of your hair, so you should make some changes if you want to avoid this. If you have noticed that it has become dry or it has started to fall, you should know that this is a sign of damage. As a consequence, unless you want to have it cut, you should make sure you avoid causing any damage and change some things in your daily routine.

How to prevent damaging your hair

Stop overheating the hair

It is well known that, during the warm season, the hair becomes drier and harsher, and this is due to the high temperatures. The same thing applies when you use a blow drier or a hair straightener, except that their temperatures are much higher and are directly affecting the hair. Even if you want to get a neat look, try to avoid using these devices, at least during the summer, because the weather conditions (wind, sun, heat) are already causing some damage. This can be repaired with a good conditioner, but in time, the negative effects will remain. If you really need to attend an event and you want to have a special coiffure, make sure you use some thermal protection products.

Start using harmless hair ties

You may not be aware of this, but keeping your hair tied is one of the main reasons of hair loss. This happens because the roots are forced and placed in an unusual position, while the scrunchy is suffocating the hairs, damaging their surface. To this purpose, you should try to let the hair loose as much as possible and replace traditional ties with a fabric that will not force the hair, such as ribbon.

Use natural products

Try to replace the chemical cocktails you normally use with natural, handmade solutions. You can keep the same shampoo, but you can use a natural butter instead of hair oil, such as coconut or almond butter. Remember to use a mask from time to time – blend up some foods you have around the house (eggs, lemon, honey, milk etc), and the results will be impressive.