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Hunting a simple wedding detail? Sash ribbons is the answer for it

A wedding means a lot of details that should be taken into account, and when the bride asks to keep it simple, on the whole wedding arrangements, for a wedding planner used to richness it may be hard to make her happy. Sometimes, a simple arrangement it proves to be more difficult to be made than a complex one. The best way to offer a bride the minimalistic look that she wants at her wedding is to visit a specialised sash ribbons UK store and buy beautiful ribbons.

  Hunting a simple wedding detail sash ribbons is the answer for it

Sash ribbons for the ceremony chairs

Sash ribbons can be used at decorating the ceremony chairs at a wedding, offering an elegant touch on the whole appearance of the place. Usually, are used satin ribbons in warm colours, but at the asking of the bride they can be made in various colours, from red to blue or purple. Also, when using this type of decorations for chairs there can be added pearls, natural flowers, or mix them with lace. The sash ribbons can be used as little bows bounded on the side of the chair, or as flowing pieces of fabric with curly accents.

Burlap garlands for weddings

The burlap garland is easy to make and it proves to be a unique item for wedding decorations. It suits perfectly in a simple wedding decorum if the designer keeps it in nude colours like: white, pink, nude, or different shades of blue and grey. This type of garlands can be made from ribbons, and can be decorated with different accessories as lace bows, pearls, crystals or flowers.

Restaurant decorations

If the restaurant provides neutral decorations for a wedding reception, a pop of colour can simply be added with the using of sash ribbons. If everything is white, from the chairs to the flowers a little pop of colour can be added by wrapping a blue or red ribbon. It can be used on the flower arrangements, to cover the stems of the flower if the vessels are clear, or as bows, of different sizes at the chairs, or even as table cloth accessories, by putting a little pearl in the middle of a sash ribbon rose an place it on a side of the table.

Also, sash ribbons can be used to make matching headbands for the little bridesmaids who cannot carry an enormous flower bouquet. These types of headbands are easy to wear by the little ones and if they get bored of wearing them on the head they can easily use them as belts.