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3 basic leather bags every woman should have

3 basic leather bags every woman should have

Mar 6, 2017

It does not matter if you prefer minimalist accessories or you are a handbag enthusiast, you know that the bags you have in your closet define your style. The majority of women have bags that overflow their closet, and they rarely use all of them. You have to take a look at them and ask yourself if you need all of them. According to specialists, women need only three basic purses to match their outfits. If you are going to follow this advice, and you get rid of the other ones, you will make a lot of space in your closet, and you can store there your shoes or accessories. In case you do not have bags, or you want to change your entire wardrobe, including these accessories, then you should make sure you invest in the following three models of ladies leather briefcases.

3 basic leather bags every woman should have

You need an oversized tote

According to fashion specialists women need an oversized purse because they have to carry many things daily, and they have to be sure that they fit in their bag. This size of bag is perfect for businesswomen, travelling and mothers with small children. In case you are a short and curvy woman, then you should wear a bag with a long strap, because it will draw attention from your bust area. In case you are tall and slim, then you should make sure that the bottom of the bag hits directly at your waist, it will offer you the impression of a hourglass figure.

Cross body bag is a major trend right now

This type of bag is amazing because it comes in a medium size and it allows you to carry on all the essentials you need, without having to wear a giant purse. If you want to be on trend with this bag you should shorten the stripe, so its top to be three inches below your armpit. In case you have a large bust, you should wear it a few inches lower.

Every woman needs a clutch

Clutches are perfect for formal events. Even if they are small bags, they come in a majority of styles and shapes, and you have to find the one that matches your style and wardrobe. You should make sure that the size of the clutch is proportionate to your body type. Because you want to use this clutch for many years, you should purchase it in a neutral colour as black or nude.

The importance of rosette ribbon wholesalers for rising designers

The importance of rosette ribbon wholesalers for rising designers

Mar 24, 2015

In the hectic world of fashion, forming a start-up company or launching your own collection can be two extremely daunting tasks. Given the fact that there are more and more talented designers out there and frequent opportunities for them to showcase their abilities, the realm of fashion has seen an incredible rise in the number of online shopping platforms and traditional stores selling original pieces of clothing and unique accessories. But if rising or upcoming designers now have where to display their creations, this does not mean that all of them choose to do so. There seems to be something getting in the way of their success and, according to specialists, this goes beyond the natural fear of failure which any young entrepreneur experienced. As a matter of fact, more and more talented individuals are facing a far greater threat, that of not finding the right materials or bespoke items to decorate their clothing with. Surely you have to know how popular the fringe trend is nowadays, but in addition to this, another tendency has been captivating the shoppers from all over the world: the use of ribbons and bows! Hence, the high demand that manufacturers have noticed when it comes to selling their products, a demand which could only be supported by the increasing needs of the fashion industry. There are many ways in which a rosette ribbon provider can help young artists and design graduates, but it is good to know that the same company can also be of great assistance to any fashion fan or person who loves to take on various DIY projects at home.

The importance of rosette ribbon wholesalers for rising designers.jpg

On the one hand, a provider of bespoke ribbons can ensure that any designer has the sufficient amount of embellishments necessary to create a collection and sell it on a large scale. If you are thinking of opening a store, you need to have a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer by your side to supply you with the much needed accessories for gowns, dresses or skirts so finding a professional provider of ribbons and keeping a tight collaboration with this company is always recommendable. Furthermore, designers boast on their capacity to bring forward original and out of the box concepts, which means that they can benefit greatly from placing an order of personalized ribbons with custom designed patterns, prints or textures.

On the other hand, average persons and fan enthusiasts can also benefit from the offers displayed by ribbon wholesalers. Although their domestic needs are not sufficiently large so as to justify a bulk order, these companies also have solutions and delivery options for smaller orders which is always great. This means that anyone with the desire to bring life into an older garment now has the ability to do so. Not to mention the amazing gifts and presents which can be made with the help of personalized ribbons placed strategically on the surface of a gown, jacket, suit or tie. Depending on the message chosen and/or the consistency of the fabric, as well as the size of the ribbons, they can be appropriate for wearing at a wide array of events and various moments of the day.

Ribbons – an accessory for any season

Ribbons – an accessory for any season

Dec 17, 2014

All women love accessories and are interested in always being fashionable. What they do not realize is that sometimes the coolest accessories can come from the simplest things. For instance, ribbons are something that every woman has around the house, but few of them take into account when it comes time to accessorize a new outfit. Whether it is summer and you are looking for something to add to your simple outfit or it is winter and you want something to help you get in the spirit of holidays, ribbons are always an excellent choice, especially when they are bought from stores such as Colour Ribbons UK.

Ribbons - an accessory for any season

During summer, one of the most popular ways of using ribbons is to offer your flip flops or sandals more color. Even your sneakers can be improved if you change your dull laces for a colorful ribbon that will match the rest of your outfit. After all, just because you choose to wear a casual outfit does not mean that you should not do it in style. Ribbons are also great to be used as hair accessories given that there are so many ways to incorporate them successfully. Whether you choose to add some ribbons to your usual hair pins or you find an interesting braid that also incorporates ribbons, you will definitely be able to find many ideas online.

Winter is the time when everyone thinks of show, warmth and spending time with friends and family. Ribbons are greatly used for decorations and for gifts, but that is no reason why you should not use them to accessorize your outfits too. Again, the internet is filled with so many ideas of DIY projects, so you will definitely something that matches your skills and your personal style. You can even create accessories for your friends and offer them as handmade gifts. They will be something different than anyone expected and they will wear the accessories you created for them with pride and joy.

The best part is that you do not even need to look too much for ribbons, since there are so many stores where you can find them. You can start practicing with those you already have around the house and when you have decided on a certain idea, you can start looking for additional materials to complete your little project. With a little patience and determination, you will obtain something that you can be proud of and everyone will appreciate.

To conclude, ribbons are a great accessory no matter which time of the year it is. You can always find something interesting to do with them. Whether you choose to crate something from scratch out of ribbons or you decide to add them to one of your outfits to offer it a fresh look, it will be fun to challenge your creativity and make something unique and fun. Working with ribbons will be a true delight and will enable you to relax and instantly forget about all your problems.

8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have

8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have

Jul 14, 2014

Many people believe that geeks are unfashionable, especially if they watched more than one season of The Big Bang Theory. However, just because you are into tech does not mean you dress like someone from Star Trek. These geek accessories will spice up your look and let the world know that being a nerd is cool:

8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have 8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have Picture

1. Twitter Stocking

The stereotypical image of geeky women being boring and career oriented is about to disappear with these Follow Me Twitter stockings. These are the coolest geek accessories because they are inspired by the popular social networking site Twitter. They also have a twitter birdie tattooed next to the Follow Me sign. The stocking will certainly draw a lot of attention, and people will follow you with their eyes.

2. Pi Necklace

If you are a true geek, you must have this great Pi Necklace with 100 decimals of the nerd number. Yes, we counted them. This RGB Laboratory design will show your geeky side in a fashionable way.

3. Tetris Bracelet

Tetris bracelets are great geek accessories, because they add color to any outfit and look casual and trendy. Although it costs $70 dollars, a little pricey for such an accessory, you simply must add it to your collection.

8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have 8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have Picture

4. Fibonacci Scarf

The Fibonacci scarf is the proof that geek accessories can also be fashionable. This scarf was knitted using the Fibonacci number sequence, a pattern found in nature. But of course, you already know that.

5. Lego Purse

The Lego purse is so chic you don’t have to be a geek to wear it. This little purse is perfect when you don’t want to take a bag with you. Moreover, the building blocks are a nice touch to any outfit.

6. Projector Ring

The projector ring is one of the most interesting geek accessories. Made by jeweler Tamrakar and by Luke Jerram for her fiancé Shelina Nanji, the ring contains photographic portraits inside. When you shine light through it, it projects images of the couple like a miniature projector. In order to make this ring, you will need to dismember a disposable camera and get the lens.

7. 8-Bit Watch

Although the 8-bit watch was designed by a Japanese firm in 2005, it recently became available on the market. You can find it in a black and white version at MOMA, although a completely white version will soon be released. The watch’s design celebrates the old 8-bit graphics.

8. VideoGame Shoes

You don’t have to be a gamer in order to wear these fashionable video game shoes. The most popular models have custom painted video game scenes from Mario, Pacman, Tetris and Zelda. You can even make a pair with your favorite video game and order them online at SceeneShoes Shop.

The Most Interesting Beach Wedding Favors Ideas

The Most Interesting Beach Wedding Favors Ideas

Feb 12, 2014

Nowadays, setting up a wedding and doing everything in order to meet the expectations is a real hell. We all know what it envolves – time, money, money again, and other things that are just a weight on your shoulders. When having someone by our side to help us meet the needs, everything seems to be brighter and shinnier. This is why we are hear today, to help you get the inspiration most wanted in order to get the most beautiful beach wedding favors to choose from! Make sure to stick with us and keep on eye on the following lines to get the best understanding out of this beauties – it is all worth it!

The Most Interesting Beach Wedding Favors Ideas Picture The Most Interesting Beach Wedding Favors Ideas Picture
  • Airplane Luggage Tag Favor

Have you just managed to set up a date when to celebrate your wedding, and wish to take your guests abroad for it? If so, let me tell you that you are a lucky one, as well as the ones that will stay next to you. When planning to held a wedding abroad, especially on the beach, there are some things to take into account. Just think what your guests would be amazed about, if we are talking about those aspects. Now, in the category of the most beautiful beach wedding favors, here we meet the airplae luggage tag favor – such as the ones you can order online. They are exactly the perfect choice, since you want your guests to remember the abroad event the way it was – away from the problems, with an airplace luggage to be set on their brains!

  • Sand and Shell Tealight Holder

Another one from the category of the most beautiful beach wedding favors, here we meet the sand and shell tealight holder. When the sun comes down, the darkness appears even on the beach and some modalities to bring the light back are ought to be found. These beautiful moments will definitely be kept in mind over years if you choose coming up with such wedding favors – not only will it link the memories back to the beach, but also to the people and to the main event – as your wedding and the rest of the guests.

These being said, there are hundreds of beach wedding favors from which to choose – all you need is a little time for you to find the right one, but a wedding beach will definitely take the eyes of your guests!