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What are clients looking for in a hair salon?

What are clients looking for in a hair salon?

Oct 26, 2015

Visiting a hair salon is definitely something any woman has done at least once in her life. Whether you need a new haircut, a special coiffure for a special event or just a professional treatment, you should make an appointment at one of the best Ottawa hair salons. You may think that anyone can dye your hair, since you can do it yourself at home, but very often women leave the salon unpleased with the results. For this reason, it is extremely important to find a place with professional staff and performing equipment. There are only some of the criteria any salon should meet, in order to avoid disappointing its customers. Here are some more things you have to look for, the moment you choose the place where you are having the hair done:

hair salon cropped view of hairstylist drying woman hair. Front view

Friendly staff

Customer service from beginning to end is very important, especially for a business where employees interact constantly with clients. As soon as you step in, you have to be welcomed by a pleasant person who makes your appointment, or an enthusiastic voice, if you call for booking. In addition to this, the stylist who will take care of you should do their best to make you feel comfortable, so that you can enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Affordable prices

It is true that a salon that has the lowest prices on the market is not the best option, but there is no reason for which you should accept paying for overpriced services. Usually, the most popular salons have a certain pricing list, and while the amounts may vary depending on the experience of the stylist or the location of the salon, they are basically the same. Of course, there are also exclusivist establishments where the prices are pretty high, and if you want to pamper yourself from time to time, then you should visit those. These are the ideal choice if you need a sophisticated coiffure, but for a simple haircut, you should go for a traditional salon.

Satisfying results

Even if the hair stylist may not be able to replicate exactly what you wanted in the first place, they should be able to leave you with a satisfying result. They should offer you the most suitable services and advice for your hair type and face shape, although you may ask for something different. Most of the times, the style you see in a picture will not look good on you, and the experienced eye of a professional hairdresser has to notice this.

Things you should know about laser hair removal

Things you should know about laser hair removal

Oct 22, 2015

Laser hair removal is a dream come true for many girls, because it means no more struggles month after month to eliminate unwanted hair. However, the idea of removing unwanted hair permanently seems too good to be true, so most girls do not dare to believe in it just yet. This is only natural, because the other options are truly terrible. Waxing is painful and time consuming, while the period in between waxing sessions when you need to let your hair grow is unfair, because you will need to wear jeans and pants, so you have no means of looking fabulous for a week or two before waxing. Shaving is also time-consuming, because you will need to do it every couple of days or daily, depending on how fast your hair grows.  Laser hair removal Toronto services can solve all these problems, because you will never need to wax or shave in your life after finishing the treatment. It sounds wonderful, because it is wonderful. You will not need to torture yourself every month waxing or plucking your hair out strand by strand, not to mention that you will get rid of that annoying prickling feeling the next day after shaving forever and ever.

XXXThings you should know about laser hair removal

How it works. It is not magic, it’s science!

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to laser hair removal mainly because people do not know how it works and they find it hard to believe that you can get rid of unwanted hair permanently. However, there is nothing magical about hair removal, only the results. The process is simple and it relies on scientific proof. In simple terms, the laser light converts to heat while it passes through the skin and it is absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair also known as melanin. As it reaches the follicle, the heat damages it inhibiting future growth. From the patients’ point of view, the beauty technician or dermatologist will fire a concentrated beam of light at the pigment found in your hair follicles. You will only feel a prickling sensation as the heat permeates the skin and after half an hour or an hour, you are free to go and free of hair.

Stay away from the sun before and after the treatment

Laser hair removal is not dangerous for the skin, but the treatment implies certain risks, if you go tanning just the day before or immediately after getting it. Considering the fact that the laser beam transforms into heat, it is natural that your dermatologist will recommend you to stay away from the sun for a couple of days. Sun is damaging for the skin and numerous skin treatments make the skin even more sensitive to sunrays, including laser treatment. This is why you should get your hair removed before or after the summer. Another thing you should keep in mind is that you do not need to grow your hair before the treatment and waxing is a no-no, because it irritates your skin and you want to be in perfect condition when you permanently remove unwanted hair with laser.

Baby shower decoration ideas that you should try

Baby shower decoration ideas that you should try

Sep 30, 2015

When you are trying to organise a baby shower for a loved one, it is important to keep in mind all the details that will make this occasion as special as it should be. To this extent, having the right decorations will really show your love and commitment to this occasion and make the soon to be mom extremely happy. To this extent, here are a few decorating ideas for a successful baby shower:

Baby shower decoration ideas that you should try

Flower pots willed with candy

This is a lovely idea and it can work for both boys and girls. You just filled the flower pot with some colourful candy and stick a large round one in the top, so that it looks like a blossomed flower. To make the leaves of your sweet plant, you can use pink or blue little ones ribbons and everything will look perfect.

Beautiful pink pencil favors

If your friend is expecting a girl, give each guest a notepad and a pen decorated with a bee and a pink ribbon to write their warm wishes to the baby and the mom. These are very easy to make, as you just need to tie some pink satin bows and glue them to each pencil. This idea is inexpensive and will create a wonderful effect. The guests will have something to remember this baby shower and the mom will be delighted for the great idea that you came up with!

Candies in baby bottles

You can use this idea both as a favour and as a decorating item. Buy some candies and some baby bottles from your local store and tie a satin ribbon around each bottle. Make sure you match the colours with the theme of your party, but that should not be a problem considering the wide variety of ribbons available on the market at the moment.

Themed centrepiece

Create a beautiful centrepiece for the table using a flower pot, baby figurines, candy and colourful ribbons. Just use your imagination and combine these elements using these items. The result will be appreciated by all the guests and your creativity and skills will certainly be praised. If you don’t have any ideas, just make a quick search online and you will have plenty of inspirational centrepieces to choose from.

Baby showers are supposed to be special and fun because they celebrate the birth of a new baby. Make this occasion special for your friends, by making sure all the details are in order and everyone has a lot of fun.

Hunting a simple wedding detail? Sash ribbons is the answer for it

Hunting a simple wedding detail? Sash ribbons is the answer for it

Sep 30, 2015

A wedding means a lot of details that should be taken into account, and when the bride asks to keep it simple, on the whole wedding arrangements, for a wedding planner used to richness it may be hard to make her happy. Sometimes, a simple arrangement it proves to be more difficult to be made than a complex one. The best way to offer a bride the minimalistic look that she wants at her wedding is to visit a specialised sash ribbons UK store and buy beautiful ribbons.

  Hunting a simple wedding detail sash ribbons is the answer for it

Sash ribbons for the ceremony chairs

Sash ribbons can be used at decorating the ceremony chairs at a wedding, offering an elegant touch on the whole appearance of the place. Usually, are used satin ribbons in warm colours, but at the asking of the bride they can be made in various colours, from red to blue or purple. Also, when using this type of decorations for chairs there can be added pearls, natural flowers, or mix them with lace. The sash ribbons can be used as little bows bounded on the side of the chair, or as flowing pieces of fabric with curly accents.

Burlap garlands for weddings

The burlap garland is easy to make and it proves to be a unique item for wedding decorations. It suits perfectly in a simple wedding decorum if the designer keeps it in nude colours like: white, pink, nude, or different shades of blue and grey. This type of garlands can be made from ribbons, and can be decorated with different accessories as lace bows, pearls, crystals or flowers.

Restaurant decorations

If the restaurant provides neutral decorations for a wedding reception, a pop of colour can simply be added with the using of sash ribbons. If everything is white, from the chairs to the flowers a little pop of colour can be added by wrapping a blue or red ribbon. It can be used on the flower arrangements, to cover the stems of the flower if the vessels are clear, or as bows, of different sizes at the chairs, or even as table cloth accessories, by putting a little pearl in the middle of a sash ribbon rose an place it on a side of the table.

Also, sash ribbons can be used to make matching headbands for the little bridesmaids who cannot carry an enormous flower bouquet. These types of headbands are easy to wear by the little ones and if they get bored of wearing them on the head they can easily use them as belts.

How to prevent damaging your hair

How to prevent damaging your hair

Jul 21, 2015

Just as take care of your skin, you should also know that your hair needs special attention in order to look nice and most important – stay healthy. You probably already have a bunch of products for your skin, while your hair only benefits from shampoo and conditioner. Having a beautiful hair is not only an innate trait and you will have to invest some time and effort into achieving this goal. However, in your quest for beautiful hair, all you manage to do is damaging it. The excessive use of cosmetic products and styling devices will end up soaking the health out of your hair, so you should make some changes if you want to avoid this. If you have noticed that it has become dry or it has started to fall, you should know that this is a sign of damage. As a consequence, unless you want to have it cut, you should make sure you avoid causing any damage and change some things in your daily routine.

How to prevent damaging your hair

Stop overheating the hair

It is well known that, during the warm season, the hair becomes drier and harsher, and this is due to the high temperatures. The same thing applies when you use a blow drier or a hair straightener, except that their temperatures are much higher and are directly affecting the hair. Even if you want to get a neat look, try to avoid using these devices, at least during the summer, because the weather conditions (wind, sun, heat) are already causing some damage. This can be repaired with a good conditioner, but in time, the negative effects will remain. If you really need to attend an event and you want to have a special coiffure, make sure you use some thermal protection products.

Start using harmless hair ties

You may not be aware of this, but keeping your hair tied is one of the main reasons of hair loss. This happens because the roots are forced and placed in an unusual position, while the scrunchy is suffocating the hairs, damaging their surface. To this purpose, you should try to let the hair loose as much as possible and replace traditional ties with a fabric that will not force the hair, such as ribbon.

Use natural products

Try to replace the chemical cocktails you normally use with natural, handmade solutions. You can keep the same shampoo, but you can use a natural butter instead of hair oil, such as coconut or almond butter. Remember to use a mask from time to time – blend up some foods you have around the house (eggs, lemon, honey, milk etc), and the results will be impressive.

How a salon manager can overcome job-related issues

How a salon manager can overcome job-related issues

Jul 8, 2015

The job of the hair salon manager is highly undervalued and many people usually think that owning your own beauty salon must be a dream come true. But this is not always the fact and the reality is that properly managing a business takes a lot of time and effort. This is the reason why not just anyone can deal with the challenges of the industry. Thanks to the recent advancements in technology, small business owners are able to run the show a lot easier due to the fact that software that can be found at is an extremely effective organizing tool. However, no application can be a substitute for personal skills and competences. So, what are the general duties of a salon manager?

How a salon manager can overcome job related issues

Catering to the needs of the clients

As it is the case with any business that offers services, the general manager needs to keep a strict client base. Many salon owners have resorted to special apps that instantly display the clients’ appointments and which facilitated the process of keeping track of them so as to be able to prioritize the activities for the day. The app even allows the user to introduce contact details so that the client will be notified in time if the appointment happens to be cancelled.

In addition to this, a good manager will always foster good relationships with the staff and the customers. The manager is the authority of the salon and he is directly responsible for any mistakes committed by the staff. With the aid of the salon software, the manger keeps in permanent contact with the client and constantly promotes the services offered by means of a newsletter and other promotional marketing items so that he creates a real campaign.

Staff management

The tasks of a manger consist of dealing with accounting, meaning inventory and salaries, and supervising the salon personnel. The job includes much more than advertising services and a manager has to be at the same time thorough and do not overlook important details. Not only can salon software help schedule his appointments, but can provide a list of the ordered supplies and those that are no longer on stock.

In addition to this, the manager can also fully process the financial situation of the business in terms of profit and wages. The application is destined to facilitate organizing the staff schedule so that the salon provides the right amount of services to customers. Consequently, they have to acquire both social and organizational skills in order to keep the business going and even to start expanding.

Necessary training

As a general rule, all salon managers work start from the bottom, in other words in the beginning they cut hair together with the rest of the employees. There is no rule that says that they have to be stylists but working in a salon will definitely help get some knowledge on how this type of business works. In addition to the many years of experience, a diploma in business is a valuable asset and more and more university programs include in the curriculum training classes for running specific businesses such as salons.

In conclusion, a good manager has to know the industry inside out and software programs that can be maneuvered from home and even from the mobile phone are tremendously valuable tools in the running of a small business. In today’s technological era no one can run a business anymore without the help of apps and special tools that keep real records of client’s preferences.

Make your wedding memorable with printed ribbons

Make your wedding memorable with printed ribbons

Apr 29, 2015

Every woman wants to have that perfect wedding she has been dreaming of ever since she was a little girl. For this to happen all details must be handled and nothing should be left to chance. From the dress, the venue and the flowers to the decorations that will make the entire atmosphere more festive, there are many details that need to be handled. If you are looking for that special something to make your wedding just perfect and enable your guests to have something special to remember your event, a printed wedding ribbon placed on each table is a great idea. You can attach the ribbon to every napkin on the table and thus obtain a beautiful and yet discreet effect.

Make your wedding memorable with printed ribbons.jpg

Printed ribbons have multiple uses and if you want to use more of them, you can also add them among the flower ornaments or even around the wedding cake. The effect will surely be wonderful and all your guests will observe the beautiful details that were so carefully chosen. Ribbons are also a great way to complete your wedding theme. For instance, for an autumn wedding, you could choose an orange or red ribbon printed with your names and date. You can add these ribbons to your wedding favors and in this way offer something nice to every one of your guests. This is exactly that type of thing that makes a wedding stand out and become something that everyone will remember for a long time with happiness.


When you want to have a certain theme or just make sure all your details are carefully put together, ribbons are the perfect choice you can make. Since they have a relatively low price, this is a great choice for those who are on a tight budget and yet do not have to compromise on the beauty of their wedding. Ribbons are delicate and they will make the entire atmosphere more festive. Since there are so many ribbon designs available in dedicated stores, you should not have any problems in finding one that best matches the idea you had in mind and your budget. Printed wedding ribbons will complete your wedding and make it as beautiful as you envisioned it in the beginning.


To conclude, when it comes to decorating your wedding, ribbons can definitely help you give a special look and perhaps complete a certain theme you had in mind. Whether you would like to have a main color at your wedding or you just want to have perfect wedding favors, the right ribbons will do just that. You will have fun choosing one of the designs available in dedicated stores and personalizing it for your wedding. Any bride wishes to have a perfect event and most of the times, the details make all the difference in the world. Your guests will be delighted by the sweet touches of the wedding and you will certainly have gorgeous memories from your event. This is something that happens once in a lifetime and you should make sure everything is perfect.

Ribbon trends in fashion

Ribbon trends in fashion

Apr 29, 2015

There are certain trends in fashion that never seem to die out. You will never see for example the little black dress going out of fashion. The same rule applies for certain motives in fashion such as the ribbon motive. Ribbons have always been considered a symbol of femininity and charm, not to mention that they make perfect outfit accessories. Place a small ribbon in your hair and your baby doll dress will look even more charming. Besides the obvious uses, there are many other useful applications to an affordable small ribbon than you can imagine. You can use a satin large ribbon to transform an old dress into a beautiful evening gown by placing it around your waist for instance.  It is needless to mention that bows and ribbons have always been used in jewelry making.  The bow motif is preponderant in jewelry trends as much as are ribbons in clothing manufacturing. Everyone from little girls to grown up women seems to embrace the ribbon trend every time it resurfaces. While a couple of years back ribbons were used mainly as part of the clothing, nowadays, ribbons are used mainly to accessorize items.

Ribbon trends in fashion.jpg

The jewelry ribbon trend has emerged as an affordable solution to the expensive gold and silver jewelry. What is more, fashion is all about originality and the fact that women can craft their own jewelry at home helps increase their diversity and allows unique items to emerge. There is no creative limit when it comes to ribbon jewelry making, because of the great variety of ribbons available on the dedicated market, but also because of the many uses you can find to them. You can easily make a necklace and a bracelet by combining ribbons of various sizes and colors with some beads or small silver or gold pendants. What is more, you only need to change the ribbon to reinvent a jewelry item.


Fashion reinvents itself every day. Fashion designers and magazines do not dictate the trends, people do and the fact that certain trends seem more prevalent than others can only mean that people feel a certain fascination towards those things and cannot bear to let them become ephemeral. Ribbons will always be considered cute and feminine accessories, so fashion brings them to light from time to time to remind us exactly what seems to fascinate us so much about them.


The importance of rosette ribbon wholesalers for rising designers

The importance of rosette ribbon wholesalers for rising designers

Mar 24, 2015

In the hectic world of fashion, forming a start-up company or launching your own collection can be two extremely daunting tasks. Given the fact that there are more and more talented designers out there and frequent opportunities for them to showcase their abilities, the realm of fashion has seen an incredible rise in the number of online shopping platforms and traditional stores selling original pieces of clothing and unique accessories. But if rising or upcoming designers now have where to display their creations, this does not mean that all of them choose to do so. There seems to be something getting in the way of their success and, according to specialists, this goes beyond the natural fear of failure which any young entrepreneur experienced. As a matter of fact, more and more talented individuals are facing a far greater threat, that of not finding the right materials or bespoke items to decorate their clothing with. Surely you have to know how popular the fringe trend is nowadays, but in addition to this, another tendency has been captivating the shoppers from all over the world: the use of ribbons and bows! Hence, the high demand that manufacturers have noticed when it comes to selling their products, a demand which could only be supported by the increasing needs of the fashion industry. There are many ways in which a rosette ribbon provider can help young artists and design graduates, but it is good to know that the same company can also be of great assistance to any fashion fan or person who loves to take on various DIY projects at home.

The importance of rosette ribbon wholesalers for rising designers.jpg

On the one hand, a provider of bespoke ribbons can ensure that any designer has the sufficient amount of embellishments necessary to create a collection and sell it on a large scale. If you are thinking of opening a store, you need to have a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer by your side to supply you with the much needed accessories for gowns, dresses or skirts so finding a professional provider of ribbons and keeping a tight collaboration with this company is always recommendable. Furthermore, designers boast on their capacity to bring forward original and out of the box concepts, which means that they can benefit greatly from placing an order of personalized ribbons with custom designed patterns, prints or textures.

On the other hand, average persons and fan enthusiasts can also benefit from the offers displayed by ribbon wholesalers. Although their domestic needs are not sufficiently large so as to justify a bulk order, these companies also have solutions and delivery options for smaller orders which is always great. This means that anyone with the desire to bring life into an older garment now has the ability to do so. Not to mention the amazing gifts and presents which can be made with the help of personalized ribbons placed strategically on the surface of a gown, jacket, suit or tie. Depending on the message chosen and/or the consistency of the fabric, as well as the size of the ribbons, they can be appropriate for wearing at a wide array of events and various moments of the day.

Celebrity Street Style

Celebrity Street Style

Mar 10, 2015

Celebrities always look amazing on the red carpet. Of course, it is effortless for them to listen to their stylist’s advice and throw a designer dress on. However, the celebrity street style is the one that reveals their true nature. Some stars manage to remain fashionable on and off the red carpet, while other struggle to find their style. These are the Hollywood ladies with the best celebrity street style:
Celebrity Street Style Celebrity Street Style Picture

Sarah Jessica Parker

The star of Sex and the City never disappoints will her outfit, even when casually hitting the streets of New York. When she is going to a meeting or walking her son to school, Sarah dresses impeccably. Her celebrity street style includes colorful scarves, usually Louis Vuitton, designer bags and casual jeans. She usually hides behind a pair of sunglasses.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has such an amazing fashion sense that she turned her celebrity street style into a design label, L.A.M.B. The singer’s unique style is No Doubt mesmerizing, original and with a scent of the ‘90s. You can see Gwen on the streets wearing baggy pants, boots and checkered shirts. Depending on the occasion, the star wears high heels or sneakers.

Whitney Port

Whitney Port is another celebrity who tuned her style into a clothing line. When she is not displaying her own collection, you can see Whitey in a mix of feminine florals, blazers, dainty accessories and heels. We especially like her Rebecca Minkoff Linear Stud tote.
Celebrity Street Style Celebrity Street Style Picture

Jessica Alba

Although Jessica Alba looks ultra-glamorous on the red carpet, her celebrity street style is casual and simple. She tales things down a notch with a rock-punk casual look that includes boyfriend jeans, sunglasses and a loose tank. She also likes wearing comfortable flats and floral dresses.

Kate Hudson

Even when she is running a few errands or hanging out with her son, Kate Hudson makes an impression with her effortless, glamorous celebrity street style. Kate usually wears flirty frocks, sandals, short dresses, white tops and vertical stripes.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has always been praised for her alluring style, whether she is on the red carpet or on the streets of New York City. You can see her in boyfriend jeans, donning oxfords, flats, gray sweaters and matching scarves.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is always very feminine, wearing the highest of heels on the red carpet and the most feminine silhouette dresses. However, when it comes to her celebrity street style ,she is laying low. Reese likes to keep things casually cool with her favorite Phillip Lim Page handbag, ballet flats, cute hats and plaid shirts.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry would be absolutely gorgeous even if she was wearing clothes selected by her son Nahla. The actress always puts together a dashing ensemble, but with a perfect body like hers it’s hard not to look good. Halle likes wearing loose dresses, skinny jeans, tank tops, large sunglasses and flats.

If you want to achieve the styles presented above, you must keep in mind a few tricks. For starters, your skin should always be flawless, so wear foundation or use a BB cream before you leave the house. If you don’t have time for sophisticated makeup, choose a pair of oversize sunglasses and you’ll instantly look like a diva. Moreover, your clothes must always be perfectly ironed. If you are not a fan of ironing, we’ll share a little secret with you: you can rid your clothes of wrinkles a lot faster with a fabric steamer. Visit for more information on this matter. Last but not least, remember that a smile is the most beautiful accessory that you can wear. So, tend to the health of your teeth, don’t frown without purpose and keep your head up high.

The manicure – the finishing touch to any look

The manicure – the finishing touch to any look

Mar 5, 2015

When it comes to fashion, there is no limit to originality, because there are so many different aspects of your appearance that work together to create your look. Changing a single thing can either disrupt the harmony or create a new look that has its own charm and this is why you should pay great attention to details when deciding on your look. Before leaving the house you should not only decide on what to wear, you should also think about how to wear it. Adding an accessory or missing out a detail can make or break your whole outfit. A good example in this case is the manicure. It is said that the manicure and sometimes the pedicure acts as the finishing touch to a look. Fashion is indeed in details and matching your nails design with the style of your outfit is definitely something that you should not overlook. However, there is a thin line between nail art that completes a look and the one that disrupts the harmony of your outfit. If you either exaggerate or are too subtle with your choice in nail polish, you will ruin all your chances to adopt a certain fashion style. It is also important to resort to the services of a reputable manicure technician capable of reproducing the design you want. Renowned beauty salons like will ensure that your expectations are met at all costs, but this is not always the case. Imagine preparing an outfit for an important event months in advance only to have everything ruined by a bad manicure.

The manicure - the finishing touch to any look.jpg

Fashion is a celebration of beauty. To ensure that you look great, you need to feel confident and pleased with your choices. There are many women that say that they cannot leave the house without matching their undergarments. They would not feel comfortable and confident if that was not the case even though no one could have dreamed or seen the “mistake”. If you forget to do your manicure, not matter how beautiful and chic your new outfit, you will not be able to wear it with the right attitude. Although not as easily noticeable as your make-up, accessories and hairstyle, your nails should always be well taken care of, because people find a bad manicure disgraceful. On the other hand, a beautiful manicure will bring tribute to your outfit and fashion style.


Manicure is also a secret to looking younger. Age is something that we would like to hide or showcase, depending on the occasion and our choice in clothes and polish can influence the way in which others perceive us. If you wish to wear an outfit no matter what, but you are afraid that it is too girlish or mature for your age, you can tone it down or on the contrary by making a bold or reserved nail polish choice. You can easily charm others by showing dedication. Getting your fingers through your hair is a simple gesture that can uncover the last piece of the puzzle, a matching nail polish, and this simple gesture can stir others’ admiration.

Accessorize your outfit with ribbons and bows

Accessorize your outfit with ribbons and bows

Feb 25, 2015

Accessories are very important for a woman’s attire, and if you want to be fashionable, you should take these into consideration as much as the main pieces of your outfit. Most of the time, less is more, which is why simple materials or adornments are likely to be the best accessories. Whether you think about shoes, necklaces and other jewelleries or scarves, specialists recommend you to maintain a balance and do not exaggerate by mixing too many colours or fabrics. If you have a simple dress and you want to create a romantic look, the best accessories you could use are delicate pearls, ribbons and bows. These are something anybody has around the house, including you, so you should start using them in a wise manner. Accessorizing your outfit with ribbon is one of the easiest things to do, if you know exactly what you want to achieve. Regardless the season, bows are the perfect adornment for your outfit: in summer, they will add some refinement to a simple look, while during winter, they will help you bring a bit of the holidays’ spirit to your garments.

Accessorize your outfit with ribbons and bows

Ribbons can be an excellent accessory for a dress with a simple cut. In case the dress does not have a belt, you can use a narrow piece of ribbon instead. Choose either a complementary colour (if the dress is white, for example, you can choose almost any colour, while for a blue dress, the most suitable option is yellow or orange) or the same palette, in case you already break the monotony with other accessories (such as shoes or a scarf). Whether you choose a simple satin or organza ribbon or an embroidered one, besides brining a bit of complexity to your look, the improvised belt will also highlight your silhouette and make a dress that you have already worn seem brand new. Another good manner of accessorizing your outfit with bows is by placing them on the shoulders. If you have a wavy dress, which simply flows along your body, placing something to draw the attention in the top of the outfit is the perfect choice. This goes for one strap dresses, but also for a boat-shapes collar dress or a simple yet chic V-neck like dress. In case the dress has only one colour, in order to obtain a nice result, match the colour of the bows with your shoes or any other accessories you are wearing. If your dress has a corset, another innovative manner to change the traditional aspect of the attire is by placing a huge ribbon on the lower part of your back, where the corset is closed.


In addition to this, if you are into more masculine looks, you can still add some feminine details to the look you are wearing. If you opt for pants and a shirt, you can soften the final look by adding a nice ribbon instead of a bow tie – even if it is still Tom-boy inspired, it will end up looking romantic and delicate. There are so many ways in which ribbon can enrich your attires, all you have to do is be creative and courageous.

Be fashionable on your wedding day!

Be fashionable on your wedding day!

Jan 22, 2015

One of the biggest wedding myths is the fact that the wedding dress needs to be white and that you need to have a veil. However, this is certainly not true, although most brides like the idea of wearing a big princess like white dress. If you do not feel comfortable wearing the typical wedding dress and you wish to follow your own sense of fashion during one of the most important days of your life, you should not feel pressured into buying the traditional bridal grown and veil. You can easily replace the veil with bow hair clips, a fresh flower or feather hair clips, not to mention that there are plenty of designers that have created beautiful wedding dresses in colors. If a floral print and a big ribbon bow match your personality better than the traditional dress, why not get The Ribbon Room wedding ribbons and change the traditional dress into something that will suit you really. Wearing something you truly like will also make you feel more beautiful and confident on the big day and this is all that matters. Considering the fact that bluish pink and dusty blue with a few design variations are the only available color wedding dresses available in most specialized shops, you should also think about adding color to the white wedding dress with a bold sash, ribbon or bolero.

Be fashionable on your wedding day

There is nothing more fashionable than wearing something that fits your style and makes you feel good in your own skin, so you can take advantage of the exquisite The Ribbon Room wedding ribbons to add a final touch to your simple white dress and make it your own. The effect of a sating color ribbon bow on white veiled materials is magnificent. Without a bold attitude and individuality, fashion would not be possible, so the first rule to becoming a fashionable bride is to stay true to your taste. Instead of going with the trends which come and go every year, you should make sure that no matter how many years pass you will love yourself in the wedding pictures. It is important to buy your dress with consideration not only towards what it is expected from you to wear – a white dress- but also towards your preferences.

If you love to wear bows, you will feel great in something that will mirror that passion. Nobody can say anything about your bow hair clips, ribbon bow sash, bow bracelet and bow brooch. You can even wear sandals with grosgrain ribbon bows to match everything else and nobody will tell you it is too much, because of the confident smile you will inevitably show being in the center of attention and wearing the things you absolutely adore. Staying true to your preferences is probably the best fashion choice for your wedding day. Radiating brides are those that do not make compromises when it comes to their look during the day when the spotlights are on her.

Ribbons – an accessory for any season

Ribbons – an accessory for any season

Dec 17, 2014

All women love accessories and are interested in always being fashionable. What they do not realize is that sometimes the coolest accessories can come from the simplest things. For instance, ribbons are something that every woman has around the house, but few of them take into account when it comes time to accessorize a new outfit. Whether it is summer and you are looking for something to add to your simple outfit or it is winter and you want something to help you get in the spirit of holidays, ribbons are always an excellent choice, especially when they are bought from stores such as Colour Ribbons UK.

Ribbons - an accessory for any season

During summer, one of the most popular ways of using ribbons is to offer your flip flops or sandals more color. Even your sneakers can be improved if you change your dull laces for a colorful ribbon that will match the rest of your outfit. After all, just because you choose to wear a casual outfit does not mean that you should not do it in style. Ribbons are also great to be used as hair accessories given that there are so many ways to incorporate them successfully. Whether you choose to add some ribbons to your usual hair pins or you find an interesting braid that also incorporates ribbons, you will definitely be able to find many ideas online.

Winter is the time when everyone thinks of show, warmth and spending time with friends and family. Ribbons are greatly used for decorations and for gifts, but that is no reason why you should not use them to accessorize your outfits too. Again, the internet is filled with so many ideas of DIY projects, so you will definitely something that matches your skills and your personal style. You can even create accessories for your friends and offer them as handmade gifts. They will be something different than anyone expected and they will wear the accessories you created for them with pride and joy.

The best part is that you do not even need to look too much for ribbons, since there are so many stores where you can find them. You can start practicing with those you already have around the house and when you have decided on a certain idea, you can start looking for additional materials to complete your little project. With a little patience and determination, you will obtain something that you can be proud of and everyone will appreciate.

To conclude, ribbons are a great accessory no matter which time of the year it is. You can always find something interesting to do with them. Whether you choose to crate something from scratch out of ribbons or you decide to add them to one of your outfits to offer it a fresh look, it will be fun to challenge your creativity and make something unique and fun. Working with ribbons will be a true delight and will enable you to relax and instantly forget about all your problems.

How to Deal With Skin Imperfections

How to Deal With Skin Imperfections

Nov 3, 2014

Since our aspect is very important when it comes to making a good impression, people always try to improve their look through clothes and makeup, but there are cases when that is not enough for creating a nice image. There are many skin imperfections that should be treated instead of being covered up with makeup. Here are the main types of skin disorders and the best ways to treat them.

How to Deal With Skin Imperfections Picture How to Deal With Skin Imperfections Picture

Pigmentation disorders

  • If you have an uneven skin tone on your face, you might be suffering from hyperpigmentation, which is not a serious heath problem, but it can affect your aspect and your social life. This harmless medical condition leads to the appearance of dark areas of skin on the face, as a result of pigment overproduction. Furthermore, it is described as brown spots on the skin, and it can be treated easily when using the right type of creams.
  • Skin blemishes are not dangerous, but they can really spoil your aspect. They are the consequences of oil-clogged pores, dust, impurities and stress. Take note that you shouldn’t confuse psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea with skin blemishes, as these are more serious medical conditions that need to be treated after consulting a dermatologist.
  • Sun spots and freckles are usually caused by overexposure to the sun’s UV rays and thermal radiation, which affects the melanin production process, leading to irregular pigmentation.

How to even skin tone on the face?

  • Chemical peels

Although they can improve one’s appearance, chemical peels can seriously damage the skin. This type of treatment involves applying a chemical solution to the face to cause a dead skin layer that will eventually peel off, reducing irregular pigmentation and imperfections.

  • Skin lightening creams

A skin whitening cream contains ingredients that can stop the melanin production, and reduce skin discoloration. Furthermore, a skin lightening cream can be used to remove freckles, sun spots, liver spots, and to cure pigmentation disorders, but it can also be used by people with a naturally dark complexion who want to whiten their skin. Unlike other harsh solutions for removing unattractive skin spots, a skin lightening cream can even skin tone without causing awful side effects.

How to remove skin tags?

Although skin tags are not very dangerous, they can lower one’s self-esteem, so removing them should be a priority when it comes to achieving a nice image. Among many home remedies, we can find oregano and tea tree oil, lemon juice, and garlic paste, but these solutions require lots of time to show results, so the tag removal process might take a while. Therefore, we advise you to inform yourself about the benefits of using a skin tag removal cream, and the properties that this type of product has. Skin tag removal creams have the capacity to improve skin health and to help you get rid of tags by drying them out. So, they can turn out to be very effective for dealing with these skin imperfections. However, some of them can damage the skin so make sure to do some research before using a certain cream.

London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Oct 21, 2014

London Fashion Week is a clothing trade show held twice a year, in September and February. Along with the Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, it is one of the Big Four fashion events. London is a fashion Mecca where the latest trends are displayed in street windows. Gurus and creative designers have taken over the city, showing their funky street wear.
London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 Picture

The London Fashion Week is an environment where models provide their body as a canvas for famous designers to parade their latest seasonal collection. Nevertheless, new designers are not as welcomed on the catwalk. In the last years, young graduates have been showcased to alternative fashion shows and their name has remained unknown. However, this makes sure that the clothes presented are high-quality and innovative.

The latest Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 brings a lot of bling and shiny effects achieved with futuristic metallic materials, mirrored effects and crystal embellishments. The London Fashion Week was flashy, and designers gave the irridescent outfits a feminine touch with sugary hues and fluid shapes. Another popular trend was the pink hue. Temperley, Preen, Burberry, Emilia Wickstead, J. JS Lee used it everywhere, from the palest shade to an intense fuchsia. But pink was not the only star at the London Fashion Week: a yellow zingy hue made an appearance on more catwalks that we can remember. Roksanda Illincic presented some wide skirts and an oversized scuba jacket that got everyone talking.
London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 Picture

Floral patterns and monochrome is still in. The artists decorated their jogging pants and sporty bomber jackets with floral embroideries, luxurious textures and prints. Erdem was inspired by Eton’s school uniforms for his black-and-white palette, oversized cadet jackets, shrunken seersucker blazers and duchesse silk rugby shirts. Many were wrapped in a tulle or a-quiver with feathers. Flat shoes were also present on the catwalks, form famous designers, including J.W. Anderson and Roksanda, Simone Rocha and Giles.

There were many roomy at the top clothes present at the London Fashion Week, definitely something you do not want to wear when you need to blend into the background. Models were dressed in big puffy strapless dresses and puffy skirts decorated with lots of chains, belts and buckles. Some might say these accessories are necessary when you are wearing a tent, so they can emphasize your silhouette. Bomber jackets and Bermuda shorts are set to continue for another summer. The London designers also opted for frayed edges that provide a relaxing mood. Christopher Kane’s frayed tinsel tops and Topshop Unique’s rough edged boucle suit were simply amazing.

Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks

Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks

Sep 24, 2014

One of the most frustrating task for an Asian woman is to apply eye makeup. No matter how meticulously we pile it one, when we open our eyes it is like it was never there. We have the monolid to blame for this, one one the most common complaints among Asian women. It is probably one of the main reason many turn to blepharoplasty, a double eyelid surgery. This is the second most requested cosmetic surgery. If you top this with straight eyelashes and stubbornly sparse, you have the reason why many women give up on applying makeup. However, if you pick up the right foundation, use an eyeliner properly and some eyelash extensions, you can avoid complicated and costly surgical procedures. These are the best Asian makeup tips and tricks you can use:
Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Pictures

Achieve that perfect skin complexion

Beauty experts recommend a yellow-based foundation for an Asian makeup, because it blends with the skin. After experimenting with countless foundations over the years, many women discovered that yellow-toned foundations look the most natural on Asian skin.

Make your eyes stand out

The best way to enhance your natural eye shape and make your eyes stand out is with a simple eyeliner. The trick is to line up the upper lids, but leave the bottom lashes without a line. However, if you want to line the bottom lashes, make sure you trace a softer line, smudged a bit with your finger. Is is especially important to never line the inner rim of the eye, due tot he fact that it will make your eyes look smaller. Another Asian makeup tip is to make the line visible when the eyes are open. If it isn’t, try making it thicker. If you want to make your eyes stand out without using too much makeup, you should look for the best eyelash growth serum and use it regularly. The best eyelash growth serum should enrich your lashes in just a few weeks.
Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Pictures

Play with shadows

When you apply eyeshadow, layer and blend several shades up to the crease. However, avoid creating a crease by drawing in a darker line, because you risk look fake. Many Asian women look very good when they brush deep jewel colors across the eyelids. Try using greens, purples and blues. Experiment with colors until you find one that works best for you. Another great Asian makeup trick is to use the layering technique when you apply eyeshadow. This involves starting with a light base color, then a medium color on the lid and a deeper color build onto it. Blend the shades so the makeup doesn’t look rough.

Make your eyelashes longer

No mater ethnicity, eye color or the face shape, every woman wants to have longer, lusher eyelashes. Moreover, Asian women look astonishing with long lashes that complement their eyes. You can achieve longer eyelashes with some curlers and great mascara. If your eyelash curler is not effective, try blasting hot air on it for 3 seconds. Finish with several coats of mascara. Another great trick you can use is applying false eyelashes. This method is simple and cheap. However, professional eyelash extensions have received a lot of critics, so it is better to use it as a last resort.

The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style

The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style

Sep 2, 2014

Alexa Chung is a model, television presenter and contributing editor at Vogue Magazine. She was born on 5 November 1983 in Privett, Hampshire, and is of Chinese and English descent. The Alexa Chung fashion style has gained international popularity because it is original and distinctive. She is a regular model for Harper’s Bazar, Vogur and Elle, so she is often seen in the first row at fashion shows.
The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style Picture

The New York Times praised the Alexa Chung fashion style and proclaimed her is the Kate Moss of her generation, while Anna Wintour declared she is a phenomenon. Karl Lagerfield described her as a beautiful and clever modern girl. In 2010, Alexa Chung won the British Style Award, on behalf of the British Fashion Council, which is presented to an individual who embodies the spirit of British fashion and is a creative hub for fashion. She also won the British Style Award voted by the public in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Few small screen stars have affected the fashion industry as much as Alexa Chung has. Alexa’s trademark style was visible from her first job in 2006 on Channel 4’s Popworld . Her status and television career continued to grow, influencing people from all over the world. The Alexa Chung fashion style was described as ripping off Jane Birkin. We can notice the influence on Brisitsh fashion, from pinafores to the Alexa Mulberry satchel. Here are her most influential looks:

Brogues and loafers

Alexa Chung managed to make flats seem young and fresh again on the red carpet, while other celebrities were displaying high-heels. Her great taste for androgynous shoes, from manly brogues to big loafers caught on even before the kitten hill made a comeback.
The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style Picture


The pinafores are ones of the most popular Alexa Chung fashion items. The pinafore has moved from the school ground to hipster uniform of choice thanks to her. Denim or navy cord, make sure you wear them layered over a blouse or a Breton t-shirt.

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

The adorable Charlotte Olympia kitty flats have been spotted on Chung and soon after on Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Moreover, many imitations of the black velvet kitten slippers are now available on the market.

The Alexa

Besides having one of the world’s most enviable wardrobes, Alexa Chung also has a Mulberry bag named after her. After seeing Alexa carrying a classic men’s briefcare, Mulberry’s Creative Director Emma Hill decided to create a bag in her honor. The Alexa bag became so popular, Mulberry’s profits quadrupled in a recession.

As you can see, Alexa is a true fashion icon. Like most celebrities, she is always ahead of time and we can always count on her for useful fashion advice. If you want to discover fashion tips from more celebrities, visit On this website you will also find rundowns of the latest designer collections and useful fashion advice.

Nail Piercing in 5 Steps

Nail Piercing in 5 Steps

Aug 12, 2014

Adding a little charm to your nails is not hard if you know how to do it properly. Nail piercing is a great way to add a little style and personality to any outfit. Finger piercing is considered a risk due to the fact that you move your hands every day, so most piercing shops won’t do it. Although it is harder to protect your hands than it is to protect your eyebrow or year, if your work doesn’t involve handling complicated machines, the risk is almost nonexistent. Before you get started, you must make sure your nails are in excellent condition. If you prep them one month before, they will be split and crack free. By following these easy steps you will learn how to pierce your nails at home pain-free:

Nail Piercing in 5 Steps Nail Piercing in 5 Steps Picture

Step 1 – Prepare your nails

On order for your nail piercing to be successful, you must prepare your nails one month before. Cut them short and file them in one direction with an emery board (not a metal nail file) until they have the shape you desire. Massage cuticle oil onto your nails twice a day, starting at the first knuckle back from your fingertip. This will help your nails grow long ans strong. Approximately two weeks before the piercing, apply a strengthening nail enamel.

Step 2 – Find a needle

Nail piercing must be done with a needle-like tool that is thick enough. You can use a stainless steel blackhead remover that has a needle at one end and a loop at the other end. Because you will be putting a hole through your fingernail, you must wait for it to grow long enough so that the needle can pass through without touching your skin, as it will be hot.

Step 3 – Paint your nails

One day before piercing, massage cuticle oil again and leave it on for the night. Paint your nails with the strengthener and with your favorite nail polish. You can also apply nail polish after the nail piercing, although you might get some on your charm.

Nail Piercing in 5 Steps Nail Piercing in 5 Steps Picture

Step 4 – Pierce the nail

Firmly hold the needle with a pair of pliers above an open flame until it is glowing red. Pick a spot that is in the center of the nail and make sure it hangs over your finger. It will also need to be 1 mm away from the edge, so the nail won’t crack. Place the tip of the needle underside of the nail and press it until it goes right through. You can go through it again from the top with a thicker instrument, if the O-ring does not fit. If your nails aren’t very thick, you can try piercing them with a needle while your hand is submerged into warm water.

Step 5 – Insert an O-ring

After you completely pierced through the nail, insert an O-ring into the hole and connect it to the charm. Use the pliers to tightly press the O ring together until it is completely closed. It is best if you use a charm with smooth edges so it won’t get caught in things.

Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps

Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps

Jul 24, 2014

The 80’s are back in a big way, with oversized clothes, big, bushy, well kept eyebrows and colorful makeup. Take a look at some magazine covers from that time, and you will see just how trends come and go. If you are a child of the 80s and love the flashy, punky look that dominated the century, there is no need to hide anymore. Take a look at this 80s makeup tutorial that will help you get started:
Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Picture

Step 1 – Prepare

Gather your tools and if necessary, take a quick trip to the store to pick up some bright, inexpensive eyeshadow. Before applying makeup, clean your face with warm water and a mild cleanser. Apply foundation and concealer to cover under-eye circles and blemished. The 80s makeup is all about a matte, perfect face. However, do not cake it on the pimples because that will only make them look bigger. If you have oily skin, brush on powder. Natural looking eyebrows were very popular thanks to Madonna and supermodel Brooke Shields, so you can leave them as they are.

Step 2 – Line your eyes

The eyeliner is an important part of the 80s makeup. Use a precise eyeliner brush and apply black gel liner on the entire eye. Start at the outer corner of the eyes and brush inwards as you approach the inner corner, so the line will naturally thin. Next, create some contrast with a frosted blue eye shadow along the top and lower lash line and use it to smudge the gel liner.

Step 3 – Curl your eyelashes

Gently grip your lashes with the curler and hold it for a few seconds. You can even apply false lashes and pinch them together with your natural lashes if they are not very long. Apply mascara starting from the inside of your eye and brush it upwards. Go to the outside of your eye and brush up again. Do not put more on once it has dried, because it will give you a clumpy look.
Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Picture

Step 4 – Put on eyeshadow

The 80s makeup cannot be complete without the signature strong, saturated colors brushed around your eyes. You can choose any combination to create an hombre effect, including electric blue, purple, yellow, greens and fuchsia. Start by applying a color base around the entire eye and blend all the way up to the brow bone. We will choose blue and pink eye shadow colors. Use a standard crease brush to apply the pink eye shadow on the crease, starting at the inner corner and sweeping back and forth like a windshield wiper. Add some matte bright blue eyeshadow to the inner corner of you bottom lash line and work the brush outwards and across the frosted blue.

Step 5 – Apply blush

Now that the eyes look incredible, it is time to define your cheek bones with a bold pink color. Apply it directly under the cheekbone and blend to perfection with a clean powder brush. You can highlight the cheekbones even better with a touch on shimmer on the high points.

Step 6 – Put on some lipstick

Before you apply any color, prepare your lips with a primer so the color will hold without feathering. Use a bright pink lip liner and finish with a long lasting bright lip gloss. Glossy pink, bold red and coral shades are perfect for an 80s makeup.

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