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8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have

8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have

Jul 14, 2014

Many people believe that geeks are unfashionable, especially if they watched more than one season of The Big Bang Theory. However, just because you are into tech does not mean you dress like someone from Star Trek. These geek accessories will spice up your look and let the world know that being a nerd is cool:

8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have 8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have Picture

1. Twitter Stocking

The stereotypical image of geeky women being boring and career oriented is about to disappear with these Follow Me Twitter stockings. These are the coolest geek accessories because they are inspired by the popular social networking site Twitter. They also have a twitter birdie tattooed next to the Follow Me sign. The stocking will certainly draw a lot of attention, and people will follow you with their eyes.

2. Pi Necklace

If you are a true geek, you must have this great Pi Necklace with 100 decimals of the nerd number. Yes, we counted them. This RGB Laboratory design will show your geeky side in a fashionable way.

3. Tetris Bracelet

Tetris bracelets are great geek accessories, because they add color to any outfit and look casual and trendy. Although it costs $70 dollars, a little pricey for such an accessory, you simply must add it to your collection.

8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have 8 Fashionable Geek Accessories You Must Have Picture

4. Fibonacci Scarf

The Fibonacci scarf is the proof that geek accessories can also be fashionable. This scarf was knitted using the Fibonacci number sequence, a pattern found in nature. But of course, you already know that.

5. Lego Purse

The Lego purse is so chic you don’t have to be a geek to wear it. This little purse is perfect when you don’t want to take a bag with you. Moreover, the building blocks are a nice touch to any outfit.

6. Projector Ring

The projector ring is one of the most interesting geek accessories. Made by jeweler Tamrakar and by Luke Jerram for her fiancé Shelina Nanji, the ring contains photographic portraits inside. When you shine light through it, it projects images of the couple like a miniature projector. In order to make this ring, you will need to dismember a disposable camera and get the lens.

7. 8-Bit Watch

Although the 8-bit watch was designed by a Japanese firm in 2005, it recently became available on the market. You can find it in a black and white version at MOMA, although a completely white version will soon be released. The watch’s design celebrates the old 8-bit graphics.

8. VideoGame Shoes

You don’t have to be a gamer in order to wear these fashionable video game shoes. The most popular models have custom painted video game scenes from Mario, Pacman, Tetris and Zelda. You can even make a pair with your favorite video game and order them online at SceeneShoes Shop.

Tips for Beautiful Nails

Tips for Beautiful Nails

Jul 13, 2014

Our nails are an important part of the body, and just like a terrific skin regimen or a new haircut, healthy and well taken care of hands are essential for a neat appearance. Besides being a great fashion accessory that can work as an asset in the business and social world, out nails do a lot of things for us, and during daily activities, they wear and tear. These tips for beautiful nails from dermatologists and specialists will get you on the road to a beautiful, well groomed manicure.
Tips for Beautiful Nails Tips for Beautiful Nails Picture

1. Leave your cuticles alone

Dermatologists advise that if we want to have beautiful nails, we must not cut or manipulate the cuticles. Cuticles are a natural barrier to fungus and bacteria, and if you breach it, the protection is lost. This will result in red, ragged and swollen cuticles or a nasty infection that can lead to permanent damage. Pushing them back can also cause problems.

2. Reduce the use of nail hardeners

Nail hardeners can actually do more damage than good, due to the fact that these products are not clinically studied. Unless your nails are very weak and fragile, a nail hardener won’t benefit you. Healthy, beautiful nails are flexible, so adding something will make them more brittle.

3. Moisturize

Although there is no medical data showing that moisturizing the nail bed will make them grow faster, dermatologists recommend regularly applying oil around the cuticles. This will make your nails look better and protect them from breaking. The oil will moisturize the entire nail and reduce the incident of cracking, splitting and chipping.

4. Take biotin supplements

Supplements of biotin, a member of the vitamin B family, can prevent breaking and splitting by increasing nail thickness. If you want to have beautiful nails, 2.5 milligrams daily will show a significant improvement. However, taking Gelatin or soaking in it will not increase your nail strength. There is little evidence to support nail products or supplements containing fluoride, calcium or yeast, the first one actually posing a threat to your health.

5. File your nails correctly

Avoid filing in back-and-forth motion and only go in one direction to prevent breaking. If you have long nails, choose a rectangular shape, and if they are thinner and shorter, choose a round shape. Another important aspect is to choose a proper emery board instead of a metal nail file that tends to split your nails.

6. Limit professional manicures

A study by Stern and colleagues at Mt. Sinai revealed that those who have frequent manicures are more likely to suffer from brittle, dry nails, due to exposure to chemicals and harsh ingredients. If you always want to have beautiful nails, you must also avoid nail extensions which can lead to fungal or bacterial infections. If you must wear them, opt just for nail tips extensions and take your own tools to the manicure.

How to do Arabic Makeup

How to do Arabic Makeup

May 18, 2014

If you want to make a statement with a bold makeup, then the beautiful color, smoldering kohl liner and crisp feline shape of the Arabic makeup is what you’re looking for. This mysterious look woks with many styles and cam be tweaked to please any taste.

How to do Arabic Makeup How to do Arabic Makeup Picture

The key to the Arabic makeup is clean lines. You must use the power of a sharp angled brush if you want to achieve this daring yet classic makeup. If you edges get messy, cover it up with some concealer. If you’ve never done a similar makeup before, try to put on the eye makeup first, so you don’t ruin your lines with fall-out. Another great tip is to apply translucent powered under your eyes so it will capture any fall-out from the dark eye shadow. In order to create a more modern look, add some vibrant colors, and if you want to keep it soft, use gray or neutral shadows and eliminate the false lashes. Instead of fake eyelashes, you can also use a lash curler. Here is how you do a beautiful Arabic makeup:

How to do Arabic Makeup How to do Arabic Makeup Picture

Step 1 – Add some color to your complexion

The Arabic makeup works well with a slightly dusky complexion, so if your skin is fair, use a good bronzer to achieve this. If you are using a bronzer, make sure you add a dark foundation on your neck so you don’t create a contrast. If you have blemishes or an uneven skin tone, use foundation before you apply any makeup. You can cover any fine lines with a concealer, just make sure you don’t cake too much. Although your complexion must be flawless, it shouldn’t draw any attention from the eyes. In Arabic makeup, the eyes are the centerpiece.

Step 2 – Apply eye shadow

Before you apply the eye shadow, use an eyelid primer so that it is applies smoothly and stays on for longer. Choose a deep shades such as orange and red, just don’t overdo it or you will end up looking like a clown. You can also blend two different shades and do an ombre Arabic makeup with a shimmering base.

How to do Arabic Makeup How to do Arabic Makeup Picture

Step 3 – Line your eyes

Arab women use suruma, a back powder that makes their eyes look bigger. However, if you don’t have it, just use a black eye liner pencil to line your water line and your upper lashline. Next, hold a tissue right at the corner of your eye and trace a straight line with the eye liner. Do the same under your lower lash line and flick up at the corner of the eye on the edge. Apply eye face eye lashes and a general amount of mascara.

Step 4 – Apply lipstick

To finish your Arabic makeup, put on some red, brown or plum lipstick that goes with your eye makeup. If your eye shadow is very intense, choose muted colors and a matte look.

Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial

Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial

May 3, 2014

Halloween costume ideas are very diverse. Ultimately, they are all amazing as they highlight our creativity and our inner children. If you are preparing for Halloween, you should visit, an amazing website where you will find a lot of cool costumes. However, if you plan on making your own costume, then why not choose a fairy costume? Whether you want a fairy makeup for Halloween or a themed party, this tutorial will teach you how to achieve a good and a bad appearance. The twisted fairy has a distressed purple eye and pale skin, while the good fairy is pretty in pink and glitter. Just follow these steps and prepare to be inspired:

Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial Picture

Step 1- Apply foundation

White makeup can cake up, so it is better to use a pale foundation and highlight it with a white powder. Choose a lighter-than-usual shade of concealer or foundation and apply it with a blending sponge in press-and-roll motions. For the dark fairy, apply lots of white powder with a powder brush around the edges of the face and all the way down to the neck.

Step 2 – Apply the base color

After applying the foundation and concealer, for the good fairy makeup sweep a frosty light pink shadow on your lids, starting form the lash line to your brows. Add some more in the inner corners of your eyes. For the dark fairy, apply fuchsia shade to the eyelids, all the way over the brows. The color should go beyond the eyes.

Step 3 – Apply color on the bottom

For the good fairy, add a little bit on the bottom and then come along the bottom lash line. Just slightly drag it across without making the line too thick. For the dark fairy, apply the fuchsia shade under your lower eyelid and all the way to the cheekbones. Then apply black eye shadow on eyelids and around the lash line.

Step 4 – Create a fairy effect

The good fairy must glow and look feminine. Paint glitter adhesive over the eye shadow on your lids and press pink or pale white glitter on top of the adhesive with a flat brush. Use the same pink eyeshadow on the apples of your cheeks and connect your eye makeup to the blush. Finish the look by mixing pink and white glitter and sprinkling it all over your face. For the dark fairy makeup, create purple fleck around the eyes with a highly pigmented gel eyeliner. Mess up an old brush and you have around the house so you make the spots more organic.

Step 5 – Apply eyeliner and fake lashes

For the good fairy makeup, apply a thin payer of eyeliner along the top lash line and create a swirl in the corner. You can draw as many twirls as you want and create a pattern. For both the good and dark fairy, apply black mascara and then glue on a set of full strip lashes. Wait 60 seconds for the glue to dry and then apply the top lashes. Then do the same for the bottom lashes. The fake eyelashes must be long an thick to achieve a fairy gaze effect. Fake eyelashes look spectacular and you may want to find yourself wanting to integrate them in other makeups as well. However, be wary as they can damage your eyelashes in the long run. Instead of extensions, you should opt for a longer lasting result by reading some eyelash growth product reviews and finding a serum that can naturally elongate and thicken your lashes. You can find a lot of helpful reviews on When researching eyelash growth product reviews, avoid the products which contain glaucoma medication and require prescription as those serums can be dangerous.

Step 6 – Put some lipstick on

For the good fairy, slick on a bright pink lipstick and then press bright pink glitter over it with a flat brush. For the dark fairy makeup, dab some concealer and opalescent pigment on your lips.

Sexy Short Haircuts for Round Faces

Sexy Short Haircuts for Round Faces

Apr 11, 2014

Women with a round face shape face more challenges when trying to find the perfect hairstyle. They must pay attention to overall length, bangs or fringe, face framing and many other details to see what works with their face and what doesn’t. If you are looking for a major change, these short haircuts for round faces might be exactly what you need. Short haircuts are great for this face types, because they incorporate lengths and angles that help offset wider looking cheeks and elongate the face. Take a look at these sexy haircuts:
Sexy Short Haircuts for Round Faces Sexy Short Haircuts for Round Faces Picture

Hollywood star

This is one of the best haircuts for round faces that can make you look like you came out of the pages of a magazine. Ask your stylist to do deeply parted side swept bangs and short layers tucked into the head in the back and longer around the face. A honey blonde color with a subtle highlighting will give you a little more dimension. To style it, blow dry using a large round brush. Make sure you apply heat protection on damp hair. Use your flat iron to smooth over the top layers. If you don’t own a flat iron, you should buy one as soon as possible as this styling tool is essential for many modern hairstyles. Once you have straightened your hair, finish with some hold spray. This haircut is best for fine to thick hair with little texture. Also, it may require regular visits to the stylist so that your roots don’t grow too much.
Sexy Short Haircuts for Round Faces Sexy Short Haircuts for Round Faces Picture

Short and sweet

This is one of the recommended haircuts for round faces due to the fact that there is not a lot to this style, making it perfect for wider looking cheeks. A semi-shaggy cut with deep side swept bangs and a soft blonde color is simple because one thing does not overpower the other. To style it, blow dry your hair using a large round brush or your fingers, giving it lots of volume. If necessary, use the flat iron to smooth it and some pomade and wax to hold it. Short and sweet works great for medium to thick density hair with little natural texture.
Sexy Short Haircuts for Round Faces Sexy Short Haircuts for Round Faces Picture

Cheeky ginger

A ginger sexy bob is perfect for a round face, because the flippy layers around the face draw attention from the jaw line and the side swept bangs frame the eyes. Moreover, ginger is also a very trendy hair color this year. On, you can discover more hair color ideas that can highlight a bob hairstyle or any other type of medium length haircut. You can also choose a chin length bob with a short fringe and sweep it to the side after it grows longer. To style it, blow dry with a round brush and apply heat protection spray while it is still damp. Flip some layers out with your flat iron, so they counterbalance the roundness of your face. Smooth the rest and finish with a medium hold pomade or hairspray. The ginger bob is great for medium to thicker hair without any natural texture. Make sure you go to a pro so you achieve the perfect red color.

What Causes Vertical or Horizontal Ridges on Nails?

What Causes Vertical or Horizontal Ridges on Nails?

Mar 22, 2014

Vertical or horizontal ridges on nails are tiny raised lines that run up and down the length of the nail or across the nail. Vertical or horizontal, ridges can develop due to underlying medical conditions, trauma or aging. Many people notice that their vertical ridges accentuate as they age, and it is a normal process. Longitudinal ridges and brittle nails are describes by a medial term, onychorrhexis. They can appear because of aging or accompany certain chronic diseases.
What Causes Vertical or Horizontal Ridges on Nails? What Causes Vertical or Horizontal Ridges on Nails? Picture

Unlike longitudinal ridges, Beau’s lines are horizontal lines that transverse depressions and may be confused with nail ridging. They are associated with many conditions such as infections, malnutrition, a previous injury, certain medication and metabolic problems. If you suspect this type of nail ridge, seek advice from a doctor. However, if your ridges are vertical, meaning they run from up and down, there is probably nothing to be concerned about. They are just a normal part of aging.

Ridges on nails do not necessarily mean that you are missing something in your diet. A common cause is lack of moisture from your body’s natural oil. Applying olive oil, nail oil or vitamin E oil can help prevent nail ridges. Moreover, it will also benefit your cuticles and make them less visible. Because many people don’t like how ridges on nails look, they buff them out. However, you must be careful not to file for too long or press too hard, because it can cause trauma to the nail bed and nail. The ridge is the thinnest spot on the nail, so buffing can split and exacerbate it.
What Causes Vertical or Horizontal Ridges on Nails? What Causes Vertical or Horizontal Ridges on Nails? Picture

If you are not able to buff them completely, you can apply a special nail polish for ridges. Usually it is white and you will see the word ridge written on the bottle. You can use this special polish as a base coat or just leave it like this. However, not all ridges on nails are normal. If you notice the following, don’t try to cover them up and consult a doctor:

  • Bleeding around the nails
  • Thinning or thickening of the nails
  • Changes in nail color
  • Separation of the nail from the surrounding skin
  • Redness, swelling or pain
  • Changes in nail shape, such as curled nails

Tips for healthy nails

Trim and file your nails regularly. Trim your nails straight across with clippers or a sharp manicure scissors. Then round the tips in a curve and file them in the same direction. It may be easier to do this after you take a bath and the nails are softer.

Keep your fingers clean and dry. In order to prevent fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms from growing under your nails, keep them clean and dry at all times. When you are cleaning, washing dishes and using chemicals, wear cotton-lined rubber gloves.

Moisturize. Either you use hand lotion or cuticle oil, make sure you rub it on your cuticles and fingernails.

Protect your nails. To prevent your nails from getting damaged, don’t use them as a tool to pole, pry or pick something.

Don’t bite your nails, hangnails or cuticles. If you bite your nails, hangnails or cuticles, you could damage the nail bed and allow fungi or bacteria to enter.

Short Haircuts with Bangs

Short Haircuts with Bangs

Feb 27, 2014

Short haircuts with bangs, and super short haircuts above the ear are one of the most stylish and easy to manage hairstyles for a woman. Even if many women believe that short haircuts are not feminine, they look amazing and can freshen up a boring haircut. Moreover, short haircuts with bangs can take 5 years off your face and hide a large forehead. Before you make a decision, take a look at these great haircuts and discuss the most suitable one with your hairdresser:

Short Haircuts with Bangs Short Haircuts with Bangs Picture

Ruby Red Bob

The bob is one of the best short haircuts with bangs, because it perfectly frames your face. Ask your stylist to do some red lowlights throughout the hair and put the focus on bringing out your eyes. This means that they will be more concentrated around your face and in the bangs. To style it, apply a roof lifter on damp hair and a smoothing serum at the ends. Blow dry in sections with a small paddle brush for the bottom part and as you dry pull the hair from side to side. Finish with some polishing cream and a lightweight hairspray. This haircut is suitable for any face shape, but it works best on normal to fine hair.

Short Haircuts with Bangs Short Haircuts with Bangs Picture

Peek-A-Boo Bangs

Peek-a-boo short haircuts with bangs are perfect for oval and round face shapes. Either you have thin, fine or thick air, this hairstyle will add movement. The cut out fringe, blunt edges and coppery hue will definitely get all the attention. Ask your stylist to cut the bangs at an angle, going from short to long. Start right above your brow and gradually make them longer until you reach the other side. To style it, apply some straightening gel on damp hair and blow dry with a medium paddle brush. Dry the bangs while you brush them forwards. To achieve a glossy look, straighten the hair with a flat iron and apply a lightweight pomade for definition.
Pixie cut

The pixie cut is definitely a bold fashion statement. Pixie short haircuts with bangs began with Audrey Hepburn, the iconic actress. Decades ago, she managed to change the meaning of the word feminine and since then, countless celebrities have made this style even more popular. The pixie can frame any face shape, because it has countless variations. Moreover, it is suitable for thick and thin hair. If you have an oval shape, choose a super short pixie with same length bangs. If you have a heart shaped face, add height so your face doesn’t seem shorter, and keep the bangs short and the hair flat on the sides. For round faces, some layered sections at the crown will make your face look longer. Anyone with a diamond or oblong face shape should keep the bangs long and flat.

Top Electric Shaver Reviews

Top Electric Shaver Reviews

Feb 24, 2014

Taking care of your aspect is essential if you want to have success in all your daily activities. Everyone knows how important looks are, and how they can help you achieve all your daily goals. So, no matter if you are heading towards an interview, or you are about to meet with the love of your life, you must focus on looking neat and elegant. Although fashionable clothes and trendy accessories play an important role in creating a great image, achieving a clean and polished aspect is also important. So, you must focus on looking tidy every time you make an appearance. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention to as many top electric shaver reviews as possible, and choose a device that can satisfy all your grooming needs.

We live in an era where technology advances very fast, which means that new tools are created constantly for your requirements. Older men find it particularly difficult to keep up with all of these innovations. If your father is still shaving with an old razor,  you should consider getting him an electric shaver as a gift. These products make for some of the best fathers day gifts, but make sure to pick a model suitable for him. No matter which product you choose, make sure that it features all the characteristics that can turn it into a top electric shaver.

Top Electric Shaver Reviews Picture Top Electric Shaver Reviews Picture

How to choose the best electric razor?

Whether you are looking for the best fathers day gifts or you want to buy a shaver for yourself, you must learn the difference between a foil shaver and a rotary shaver. Rotary electric shavers are highly recommended for those who want to eliminate longer and thicker hairs, and to access the curved areas of their face easier. So, they are perfect for removing hair from your chin, and your jawline. On the other hand, if you have fine and short facial hair, you must direct your attention towards foil shavers. They integrate blades that are displayed in a linear shape, and they use up and down movements, but the best part is that they function great in conjunction with a beard trimmer. So, these types of machines can help you achieve a trendy look by giving you the possibility to style your beard by the latest tendencies.

Electric razor characteristics to consider

A top electric shaver must feature a great cutting performance, so you must focus on finding a device that can run at least 10,000 revolutions per minute. Based on the fact that most men shave while showering, we advise you to opt for a machine that comes with a wet/dry option. Furthermore, if you want to eliminate maintenance inconveniences, you should buy a product that features an Auto Cleaning & Charging System, because that way you won’t have to worry about hygiene issues, nor battery power. When you view site pages that feature electric shaver reviews, don’t just go for the most expensive products. There are a lot of affordable shavers that offer very decent performances.

Best Short Hairstyles for Long Faces

Best Short Hairstyles for Long Faces

Feb 19, 2014

If you want to go short, change your current short hairstyle or are curious about the best short cut for you, you have come to the right place. In this article we will discuss about the best short hairstyles for long faces and how to style them. Furthermore, if you think that short hair is boring or boyish, we are here to prove you wrong. With the proper inspiration, even simple haircuts can be turned into the best prom hairstyles. So if you have a long face shape and you want to change your look, you might want to consider the following hairstyles.
Best Short Hairstyles for Long Faces Best Short Hairstyles for Long Faces Picture

A-Line Bob

The a-line bob is one of the best hairstyles for long faces, because it is just the right size. Avoid super short hairstyles for long faces as much as possible and instead try a triangle graduation or a pixie with some thick side-swept bangs. The triangle graduation is also known as the A-line bob due tot the fact that it is shorter in the back and longer in the front. To style it, apply some hair spray on damp hair and blow dry the shorter hairs under the occipital bone from side to side, so the graduation will lay better. In order to create volume, use a large round brush to elevate sections of hair on the sides of the head. Finish with some serum for shine.

Flip out layers

Flipping out layers of hair is a great idea for girls with an oblong face because it adds width to the look. The best type of hair for this cut is fine to medium. To style it, apply some mousse of spray to clean, damp hair. Next, blow dry and flip the ends out with a medium round brush. Finish the look with some serum for shine.

Asymmetrical cut

This is one of the best hairstyles for long faces, due to the fact that it gives a narrow face the apparent of more width. For this chic and modern cut, tell the stylist to cut one side or your hair short and the other longer. To style it, apply some spray wax on damp hair and use a large round brush to elevate sections of the hair while you blow dry. Make sure you don’t include the hair on the top of your head. Blow dry the rest without any elevation, and use a flat iron to smooth sections on the top of the head. Finish with a product for texture. If you’re interested in very short hairstyles, you can try one of the many variations that can be done on the asymmetrical cut; while not all short haircuts suit all kinds of people, the asymmetrical haircut can be adapted to your features.
Best Short Hairstyles for Long Faces Best Short Hairstyles for Long Faces Picture

Curls with fringe

Curls widest by the cheekbones give a narrow face the illusion of being more oval, while a dramatic swooped fringe covers the forehead and shortens the face. The angle on the fringe must be more horizontal than vertical, and the volume must be on the sides, not the top of the head so it won;t make the face look even longer. To style it, apply a heat protection spray and curls sections of hair away from the face with a medium barrel iron. Set the hair with a flexible hold spray. Any short hairstyles for long faces look great with curls. As far as short natural hairstyles go, this is one of the most appropriate, but also most popular haircuts for women with long faces, because it frames and shortens them.

Pixie for long faces

Although a regular pixie cut looks best on oval, heart shaped, square and round faces, if you have a long face it is better to opt for bangs with long tresses. Consider the pixie haircut, without the extreme cropped part. Some side-swept bangs will create the illusion of a shorter face. To style it, add some leave-in conditioner on damp hair and a little heat spray. Blow dry the hair forward with a flat brush or your fingers.

We hope that you will find these hairstyles inspirational and that they will motivate you to change your look. We like these hairstyles very much because they are easy to style. They work with casual looks but with a the right inspiration they can even turn in some of the best prom hairstyles. All you need is the right inspiration and some quality styling products. Visit if you want to find more ideas for styling your hair in a classy yet youthful manner.

The Most Interesting Beach Wedding Favors Ideas

The Most Interesting Beach Wedding Favors Ideas

Feb 12, 2014

Nowadays, setting up a wedding and doing everything in order to meet the expectations is a real hell. We all know what it envolves – time, money, money again, and other things that are just a weight on your shoulders. When having someone by our side to help us meet the needs, everything seems to be brighter and shinnier. This is why we are hear today, to help you get the inspiration most wanted in order to get the most beautiful beach wedding favors to choose from! Make sure to stick with us and keep on eye on the following lines to get the best understanding out of this beauties – it is all worth it!

The Most Interesting Beach Wedding Favors Ideas Picture The Most Interesting Beach Wedding Favors Ideas Picture
  • Airplane Luggage Tag Favor

Have you just managed to set up a date when to celebrate your wedding, and wish to take your guests abroad for it? If so, let me tell you that you are a lucky one, as well as the ones that will stay next to you. When planning to held a wedding abroad, especially on the beach, there are some things to take into account. Just think what your guests would be amazed about, if we are talking about those aspects. Now, in the category of the most beautiful beach wedding favors, here we meet the airplae luggage tag favor – such as the ones you can order online. They are exactly the perfect choice, since you want your guests to remember the abroad event the way it was – away from the problems, with an airplace luggage to be set on their brains!

  • Sand and Shell Tealight Holder

Another one from the category of the most beautiful beach wedding favors, here we meet the sand and shell tealight holder. When the sun comes down, the darkness appears even on the beach and some modalities to bring the light back are ought to be found. These beautiful moments will definitely be kept in mind over years if you choose coming up with such wedding favors – not only will it link the memories back to the beach, but also to the people and to the main event – as your wedding and the rest of the guests.

These being said, there are hundreds of beach wedding favors from which to choose – all you need is a little time for you to find the right one, but a wedding beach will definitely take the eyes of your guests!

The Best and the Easiest Wedding Updo Hairstyles

The Best and the Easiest Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Jan 18, 2014

These days, knowing how to get comfortable on any occasion is an important part of enjoying yourself. When attending a wedding, whether it is yours or not, feeling the soft breeze of the wind on your neck can be the most pleasant feeling; that is because weddings can get crowded, and, in summer especially, it is difficult to avoid sweating or feeling clustered.. Still, as women, we can easily find the best ways to do so! In short, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following best and the easiest wedding updo hairstyles to try on your own!

The Best and the Easiest Wedding Updo Hairstyles Picture The Best and the Easiest Wedding Updo Hairstyles Picture
  • Pretty ponytail

Believe it or not, it is the most used wedding updo hairstyles – it is both easy and efficient on any occasion! Such a beautiful hairstyle, if styled correctly, comes with a beautiful and flawless effect on any face structure. In addition, a lot of the celebrity stars have managed to wear it once in a while – so it is definitely a yes! If paired with a pretty and fresh flower in your hair, the result ought to leave him breathless!

  • Wavy chignon

Pretty yet exquisite, the wavy chignon can be found amongst the most beautiful and easiest wedding updo hairstyles. It lets the neck clear and free, giving the guests and your significant other a chance to admire your beauty, elegance and delicacy. There is simply no rason why such a beautiful hairstyle should NOT be worn at least for a simple wedding, whether your own or another’s. In addition, let me tell you a secret – you can do it yourself! Just watch a video, get a hair sponge and voila – the result ought to leave the rest of the guests breathless! You can go, if you want, for some wavy curls that will turn your appearance into a beautiful one!

  • Messy bun

When at a wedding, the messy bun is definitely the easiest wedding updo hairstyle to choose. At some point during the event, your hair will start to get messy and your make-up will not be the flawless creation you have previously worked for. Still, believe it or not, the messy bun will resist and whether or not it will be moved from its place, it will still be messy. So you will not have to worry, since the result will not be far from the one you have come with!

Perfect French Nails in 4 Steps

Perfect French Nails in 4 Steps

Jan 13, 2014

If you want perfect French nails without spending half of your day’s pay in some fancy saloon, you are in the right place. This tutorial will teach you how to achieve professional-looking nails any time you want, for only the cost of pink and white nail polish. The French manicure has become the most popular trend in all countries, even in America. Either you choose to pick up a French nails kit at your local supply store, or buy some nail polish, you will score a salon-worthy mani. Just follow these 4 easy steps:

Perfect French Nails in 4 Steps Perfect French Nails in 4 Steps Picture

Step 1 – Prepare your nails

Trim your nail the desired length, but remember that when it comes to French nails, the longer the better. Next, decide what shape to give them, square or round, and grab a nail file. It is important to rub the file in one direction, so your nails won’t split. Clean the nail dust and go over them with some polish remover to make sure they are clean. Soak your hands in a warm bowl of soapy water to soften your cuticles. Let them soak for 5 minutes for a home spa experience. Gently push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick. Buff the top of your nail and massage cuticle oil on each finger.

Step 2 – Apply base coat

Before you apply the nail polish, apply a base coat that will protect and strengthen your nails. Let them dry for a couple of minutes and apply another coat if you have very thin nails.

Step 3 – Paint the tips

Once they are fully dry, place the French nails guides on them to achieve the perfect white tip. However, if you do not have any, improvise. You can use masking tape as a stencil. Trip the tape to follow the curve of your fingernail tips and push it all the way down so the polish won’t soak under it. Paint the tips white and don’t take the tape off until the polish is completely dry. If you have steady hands, you can do it without any tape. Just turn the brush and paint the tips white as if you were creating an upside down smiley. Let the nail polish dry for a few minutes, or cure for 45 second if you are using gel.

Step 4 – Apply the pink nail polish

After the white tips are completely dry, remove the tape and use a nail polish remover pen or a Q-tip to touch up and shape the area. Apply the pink nail polish and let it dry for a few minutes. Add a top coat to protect the look of your new French nails and make them last longer.

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Nov 27, 2013

A smoldering cat eye makeup will certainly bring some drama to an ordinary day and make you look more mysterious. The liner will improve and enhance your natural eye shape, especially if you have downturned eyes. By leaving the bottom lash line untouched, your cat eyes will get all the attention. This tutorial will teach you how to add intensity and edge for a modern makeup. In order to achieve an instant lift, follow these easy steps:
Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial Picture

Step 1- Create a base

Apply your regular foundation and make sure you add some on your eyelids. Do your typical smoky eye shadow look, but fit it with the cat eye makeup. If you have dark brown eyes and darker skin, choose a black eye shadow. Natural light brown and dark green are perfect for green eyes, while purples and browns highlight hazel eyes. If you are blending two colors, start with the lightest shade as a base and apply medium matte shadow from the lash line to the crease. The color must be deeper near the corner of your eye and fade out.

Step 2 – Choose a liner

If you try to draw a line across your lids with a dried up eyeliner, you will probably mess it up. Choose a liner that will easily glide over your lash line. The best choice is a liquid formula, and it is also the thickest. You can also get an extra creamy pencil or an angled brush and a cream liner, if you have a steady hand and good makeup skills.

Step 3 – Choose a shape

In order to figure out a shape for your cat eye makeup, follow the natural curve of your eyes. Start by drawing a test line, and if you have downturned eyes, fake it a little: instead of following the curve of your top lid, draw an extension of your bottom lid upwards.

Step 4 – Apply your liner

Start with the pencil or brush resting on your lashes in the inner corner and draw it across, making the line thicker as you go. Once you reach the end of your lashes, stop and draw the tail in the opposite direction, starting from the tip. Connect the two lines and if you want, add more layers to create a mysterious cat eye makeup. If you look into the mirror with your eyes open, you will easily draw even lines on both sides. Just remember that it is easier to add more eyeliner than to remove it. However, if you need to erase a part, dip a Q-tip in makeup remover and gently rub it on your skin.

Step 5 – Apply mascara

This is the final touch to your bold cat eye makeup. Exaggerate it with some mascara, and don’t be afraid to add a few extra coats. You can even use a full strip of false lashed if you are getting ready for a party. If you are looking for a daytime makeup, one coat will be enough.

Best Wedding Hair Ideas

Best Wedding Hair Ideas

Nov 18, 2013

If you can already hear the bells ringing, it means that the big day is approaching! We all know that hair is the woman’s crowing glory, and how a bride’s hair is done will definitely say it all. She will be the center of attention and her look must be perfect in all aspects. Weather you are the bride, a guest or the maid of honor, these great wedding hair ideas will surely bring out your inner celebrity.
Best Wedding Hair Ideas Best Wedding Hair Ideas Picture

Grace Kelly tiara-topped braided chignon

Inspired by Grace Kelly, a tiara-topped braided chignon inspires a polished elegance. In order to pull off this appearance in the twenty-first century, match it with a soft, natural makeup. For a more elegant and contemporary look, keep it as clean and sleek as possible. A fuller style will make the tiara look more prom queen like. For a maximum impact, follow the shape of the headpiece when you sculpt the hair and make sure the end meets right at the middle of the bun. This stands as good inspiration for women short haircuts, because Grace Kelly is mostly known with her short to medium haircuts; moreover, when you add a tiara to your hairstyle, you don’t have to overdo it with the hair, so it won’t matter as much if your chignon isn’t identical to hers. A lot of women short haircuts can be adapted, with hair extensions or not, to look like this famous apparition.

Best Wedding Hair Ideas Best Wedding Hair Ideas Picture

Floral halo

Fresh flowers add romance and softness to a wedding outfit. A floral crown paired with waves or a messy updo imparts a bohemian vibe that is just right for a laid-back wedding. In order to keep the crown in place, lightly backcomb the top of the hair and tease it so the bobby pins will grip to something with more texture.

Romantic spiraled updo

The spiraled updo has a romantic feel and looks perfect if paired with a minimal gown.  This is one of the best wedding hair ideas for brides who have a simple and modern wedding dress, because it adds something delicate and angelic. In order to achieve this hairstyle, start a French braid at the center of the head and spiral it around and around, adding sections from the outer side of the plait.

Classic ponytail

A ponytail is one of the best wedding hair ideas for no-fuss brides who still want to look elegant, because it is a simple way to style the hair. Moreover, it is comfortable and allows you to move freely. Place a the pony high up at the crown of your head and softly curl the tail to give it a bounce. You can also do a side ponytail that will hold on for the entire day.

Braided crown

Best Wedding Hair Ideas Best Wedding Hair Ideas Picture

For a dose of softness and femininity, choose a braided crown instead of a tiara. This is a perfect wedding hair idea for a bride who wants a natural-looking updo.Moreover, the braided crown makes you look like a princess. To create it, detangle and flat iron your hair, so you will be able to easily grab sections of the hair. Braid the hair under, not over, so the circlet will sit on top of the head and not into it. Keep the strands neat and your hands close to the head for the sharpest result, than use your fingers to slightly deconstruct the style.

Best Prom Hair Ideas

Best Prom Hair Ideas

Oct 28, 2013

The big day is approaching and finding the perfect idea for your prom hair is a major priority. These great prom hair ideas will help you look perfect for prom night whatever your vibe is, buns, waives, curls, braids or twists. However, if you are doing your hair at a salon, remember to book a month in advance so that your stylist will be available.

Best Prom Hair Ideas Best Prom Hair Ideas Picture

Silky Curls

In order to achieve a silky curls prom hair, was your hair and apply a texturizing product. Blow dry on a low speed and preferably with a diffuser so that you will have even more texture. Sweep your hair to one side with a small bad of styling wax on your fingertips and leave it loose. Separate a three inch section on the same side just above your ear, roll it up into a twist and secure it with a bobby pin. Gently brush the rest of the hair with a bristle brush and if needed use a curling iron. Long prom hairstyles are always the best, because they look more innocent and endearing; however, if you want to curl it a bit, practice at home to make sure they turn out okay and to test how long they resist.

Soft tease

The soft tease is a great prom hair idea because it is elegant and romantic. To get the look, make a deep side sectioning of your bangs and brush them to one side. Back-comb the hair at your crown to achieve a lift and pat the top layer down. Bring all your hair to one side behind your ear and secure it with a vertical line of bobby pins from the nape up. Roll it back inwards against the bobby pins until you create a twist and lock it in place with U-shapes pins. Finish with a strong hairspray and a shine spray. You don’t have to despair however if your hair is short, there are lots of cool short haircuts for women that can be styled more elegantly as well, or in different ways anyway, to suit various occasions.

Roman ponytail

This prom hair idea is perfect if you have a long dress on one shoulder. Comb the hair back into a ponytail at the crown of your hair and smooth any bumps with a fine-tooth comb. Put some pomade on the tips of your fingers and lightly run them over your hair to maximize shine. For the next step, you will need to tie a metallic silk cord around the base of your pony tails, leaven even long pieces on each side. Crisscross them down the length of your ponytail ans wrap them tightly when you get to the end and knot the cord.

Best Prom Hair Ideas Best Prom Hair Ideas Picture

Ballerina bun

The ballerina bun is a classy yet simple prom hair idea. In order to achieve a sensual ballerina look, pull your hair up into a tight pony and select a long piece of hair. Twist the rest of the hair into a bun an wrap it with the piece of hair. Secure it with bobby pins and smooth it with hairspray.

Sleek ponytail

In order to get this look, you will need to get your hair super shiny and smooth with a flat iron. Make sure you spray heat protectant before. Gather the hair into a low pony and take a one inch section from the bottom. Use it to cover the elastic and secure it with bobby pins. Add an accessory that’s a different color than your hair. If you’ve already opted for some nice short haircuts for women, you can always make up a ponytail out of hair extensions; by choosing the right nuance, your hairstyle will look natural and splendid, and everyone will admire it. Having nice short haircuts shouldn’t discourage you from trying more complex hairstyles, especially when it’s for a special occasion.

Bejeweled Braid

Rub some gel between your palms and run them through your hair. Secure a low ponytail and tie a beaded string or ribbon around the base. Braid your hair and weave the ribbon in one of the three sections. Frame your face with a few curls. If you cannot find a ribbon, use a necklace.

Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Oct 27, 2013

October is here, that means that Halloween is around the corner and people are starting to prepare and plan their outfit. A scary Halloween makeup is a great solution because you don’t need a costume, all it takes to make an incredible mask just with some basic products. Any mask you imagine, you can make using different colors and art on your face. With a little patience, preparation and some trials at home you can repeat these pictures or upgrade the designs. If you haven’t chosen a costume or mask yet, these great ideas will inspire you. Moreover, these ideas are also great for people who can’t find costumes in local shops. Plus size halloween costumes 2015 can be very hard to find, but they can be made at home and will look very authentic if they are completed with a quality makeup.
Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Picture

Vampire face

When in doubt, always go with the scary vampire Halloween makeup that is suitable for both women and men. To look like a creepy blood-sucker, paint your face with a white foundation and add a lot of black eyeliner around your eyes. Some purple and black eyeshadow will make you look like you haven’t slept in a century. Use the eyeliner to draw sharp, black eyebrows and a widow’s peak. Put one some red lipstick and use red nail polish to drip fake blood from the edges of your mouth. Don’t forget to buy fangs from a costume store.

Skeleton face

This Halloween makeup will certainly scare the trick-or-treaters. Paint your face white with face paint or foundation. Use a black eyeliner and black eyeshadow to paint around your eyes, mouth and nose. Draw spooky looking nostrils above your own and white teeth on your black mouth. You can even extend the mouth on your cheeks for a more realistic look.
Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Picture

Frankenstein Face

Although it takes a mad scientist to create Frankenstein, anyone can get the look with a simple Halloween makeup. First spray-paint our hair black and use a lot of gel to slick it down. The spray-paint is not expensive and you can easily wash it out. Paint your face green with some face paint and add a long scar and stitch mark on your forehead and face. You can use a black eyeliner for the scars and some blue and yellow eye shadow.

Witch face

In order to achieve a wicked witch Halloween makeup, you will need to paint your face and neck green. Use a black or dark green eyeliner to add V-Shaped lined around your mouth in the middle of your forehead that make you look all wrinkly. The wart is the final touch. Draw a bid black dot on the tip of your nose and glue a few strands of hair from a paintbrush on it with fake eyelash glue. You can easily remove it after the party with soap and warm water. A pointy hat, black lipstick and black nail polish will finish your look.

The makeup is very important for a successful Halloween look and it is particularly important for people who can’t easily find costumes. For example, it can be quite cumbersome to find plus size Halloween costumes 2015. Nevertheless, with a great makeup and some old clothes, anyone can look amazing on Halloween.

How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style

How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style

Oct 23, 2013

Vanessa Anne Hudgens is best known for her role as Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical series. She has also appeared in many television series and films for the Disney Channel. However, Vanessa is not only know for her acting, but for her impeccable fashion sense. People admire the Vanessa Hudgens style as much as they admire her acting skills. She has a really casual, bohemian look that seems to come natural, without any effort.
How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style Picture


If you want to get an idea of a variety of her style, do an online search or pick up some magazines. There are also a lot of celebrity fashion blogs that feature numerous of her style tricks. Make sure you save your favorite pictures and even print close ups that show her makeup. In order to achieve the Vanessa Hudgens style, you don’t have to spend thousand of dollars. You can copy her look if you shop at bargain stores where you will certainly find something similar to what she wears. Moreover, Vanessa does not spend her entire day on the red carpet and her street wear is actually the trademark. However, you must remember that what looks good on a brunette with dark skin and eyes may not look good on a blonde. If you have light skin tones, wear the same outfit in a different color.

How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style Picture


In order to be as trendy as Venssa Hudgens, you need to research some celebrity fashion blogs and see if you can copy her outfits with similar clothes and accessories that you own. Vanessa loves long necklaces, bangles, big earrings and black dresses. If you want to borrow the Vanessa Hudgens style, aim for a bohemian chic outfit with earthly colors. If you are getting ready for a party, try wearing something amazing such as a red, long dress with high heels. She also likes wearing tight skinny jeans in every color and long black leggings. As for summer fashion trends, Hudgens is also inspired by the bohemian, slightly hippie, slightly hipster styles, so you have to realize she isn’t always fashionable either. She likes both floral imprint dresses, but black dresses as well, like we mentioned. Her summer fashion trends are always quite unpredictable however, so one always wonders what she’ll come up with next. Thus, she is a great example for young girls in that she tries to create her own style as well, not just follow whatever is popular.However, you must keep in mind the fact that often the photos are retouched and she has a professional stylist. Don’t get discouraged if you can;t duplicate the Vanessa Hudgens style exactly. Just use some of her techniques and add them to your look.


Vanessa’s hair is shiny, silky and healthy, so make sure you take care of your locks. If you have lighter hair, you can dye it professionally to achieve a dark chocolate hue. If you want a more Gabriella look, get a shoulder length hairstyle. If not, grow your hair considerably long so you can look more like Vanessa. Sweep your bangs to the side of your face by combing either the right or left side of your hair to the opposite side.

How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style Picture


The makeup is an important part of the Vanessa Hudgens style. It isn’t necessary to have brown eyes or to get dark brown contacts, you can recreate the look with your real eye color and some makeup. In an interview, Vanessa said that on a regular day she uses foundation, red lipstick and mascara. Because she has very long eyelashes, you will need a good quality mascara. On the red carpet, Vanessa wears a charcoal eyeshadow. Choose some dark grays for the crease of your eye and gradually get a darker shade. However, don’t exaggerate with a black eyeshadow.

Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween

Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween

Oct 21, 2013

Halloween costumes can be found anywhere, even online. Most of the costumes are quite expensive, but on certain websites, you can find great costumes at affordable prices. Nevertheless, the authenticity of a costume is given by the small details, details which can’t really be bought. For example, when it comes to women’s costumes, it is all about the hair. In what follows, we will present you with some great Halloween hairstyle ideas which will help you stand out on this spooky night.
Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween Picture

1. Medusa hair

This funny hair idea will add an intimidating reptilian slither to your look. In order to create the squirming braids that remind us of Medusa, the reptilian-haired girl, you will need 3 hair extensions, rubber snakes and bobby pins. Start by braiding the extensions and if you have long hair, separate it into three pony tails and braid them in. If you have short hair, pin up the ends. Proceed by wrapping the braids into a bun. Now it is the time to weave in the rubber snakes. Secure the snakes by threading a needle through their underside and around a bobby pin. This hairstyle works both with brunette hair color ideas as well as with lighter hair colors.

2. Spiderweb Hairstyle

The spiderweb is one of most interesting Halloween ideas. Moreover, it is not difficult to do and it makes a great craft for children. Start by making a circle with two braids around the heard. For the spider web, you can use white pipe cleaner and for the cobwebs cotton balls of string. After the web is ready, position it on the head and tuck the excess pipe cleaner under the braids so they poke out. You can trim the ends or bend them inwards for a better hold. Just be careful not to cut any hair, unless you want to look funny even after Halloween. The final step is to add a spider to the web. You can opt for a big creepy spider or a smaller, more discrete one. Just attach it to the web and your funny hair is ready.
Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween Picture

3. Merida straw curls

Merida is the newest Disney Princess, coronated last year. Her funny hair makes Merida an unique character, very popular among children and adults. You can replicate her hairstyle by using an easy no-heat curling method and some temporary spray-in hair color. This technique is similar to that of paper bag curls or rag curls. Start by selecting small sections of damp hair and rolling them tightly around a straw. Tie the straw into a knot so it will hold up. You can also use very small bendy rollers that cost only a couple of dollars. Wrap a silk scarf around the head and sleep on them, or just keep them on for a few hours. After you untie the straws, separate them with your fingers to your liking, but make sure you don’t brush the hair. To achieve the intense red color, use a mix of orange and red temporary spray found in party supply stores or local beauty supply stores. They hold up all day and wash up easily.

As you can see, there are countless ides that can help you look great on Halloween. Most of these hairstyles work both with brunette hair color ideas as well as with blonde or brown hair colors. The hairstyles presented above are rather simple but they will be a challenge if you don’t have any hairstyling skills. Furthermore, you will need some quality products in order for the hairstyle to be perfect all day. If you want to discover the best hairstyling tips, you should visit This website is a great source of inspiration for women who like to change their hairstyles on a regular basis. Furthermore, it has a lot of tips on how to style your hair. Armed with a great idea and the best hairstyling tips, you will definitely achieve a stunning Halloween look.

How to Do Zebra Nails at Home

How to Do Zebra Nails at Home

Oct 21, 2013

Zebra nails can add a unique twist to any style and outfit. If you are one of those who always wanted to try them but didn’t want to spend so much money at the saloon, there’s good news: you can do the popular zebra nails in the comfort of your home. Although the zebra pattern looks rather sophisticated, the animal print are actually very simple nail designs to do, especially if you follow the right steps. To achieve this look, you must first prepare your nails by cutting, shaping and even buffing, if you have any uneven ridges. The zebra design can be done on both short and long nails and it is easiest on a square shape with rounded edges. You can choose any color combination you like, although black and white is traditional. After you decide what color you want, follow these easy steps:

How to Do Zebra Nails at Home How to Do Zebra Nails at Home Picture

Step 1 – Gather supplies

To achieve the exotic zebra nails, you will need nail polish remover, base coat, q-tips, colored nail polish, acrylic paint and a detailed nail art brush. It is important to have a good brush, so make sure you pick out a very thin brush, perfect for such details.

Step 2 – Apply base coat

In order to protect you nails from damage and help the manicure last longer, apply a quality base coat. Before you do, remove any existing nail polish. This step is very important, because the colored nail polish can stain your nails and cause them to peel and chip. The base coat will also help additional coats stick better to the nails. Before you proceed, wait for the coat to dry completely.

How to Do Zebra Nails at Home How to Do Zebra Nails at Home Picture

Step 3 – Apply base color

The base color for your zebra nails can be a simple white or a neon pink. You can even use glitter polish if you are getting ready for a party. Paint the base color and let it dry for at least 5 minutes. If the color isn’t pure, you can apply 2 coats. If you get a little polish on the edges it’s alright, because you are going to fix that later.

Step 4 – Paint the stripes

The best way to paint the zebra nails is by starting with a sequence. This also keep the design uninterrupted. Dip the brush in the paint and turn your nails sideways. Draw a curved shaped V or a Z and continue with the same motion until the nail is finished. You can also paint vertical stripes or irregular stripes, starting from one side of your nail then from the other side. No matter what type of stripes you choose, your zebra nails are going to be astonishing.

Step 5 – Finish with a glossy top

In order to keep your nails intact for a longer period of time, finish with two coats of glossy top. You can even add glitter between the stripes for more radiant zebra nails. As you can see, the zebra nails are very easy to do. So get ready to let go of  the classic, simple nail designs and try something a little more sophisticated.

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