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Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps

The 80’s are back in a big way, with oversized clothes, big, bushy, well kept eyebrows and colorful makeup. Take a look at some magazine covers from that time, and you will see just how trends come and go. If you are a child of the 80s and love the flashy, punky look that dominated the century, there is no need to hide anymore. Take a look at this 80s makeup tutorial that will help you get started:
Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Picture

Step 1 – Prepare

Gather your tools and if necessary, take a quick trip to the store to pick up some bright, inexpensive eyeshadow. Before applying makeup, clean your face with warm water and a mild cleanser. Apply foundation and concealer to cover under-eye circles and blemished. The 80s makeup is all about a matte, perfect face. However, do not cake it on the pimples because that will only make them look bigger. If you have oily skin, brush on powder. Natural looking eyebrows were very popular thanks to Madonna and supermodel Brooke Shields, so you can leave them as they are.

Step 2 – Line your eyes

The eyeliner is an important part of the 80s makeup. Use a precise eyeliner brush and apply black gel liner on the entire eye. Start at the outer corner of the eyes and brush inwards as you approach the inner corner, so the line will naturally thin. Next, create some contrast with a frosted blue eye shadow along the top and lower lash line and use it to smudge the gel liner.

Step 3 – Curl your eyelashes

Gently grip your lashes with the curler and hold it for a few seconds. You can even apply false lashes and pinch them together with your natural lashes if they are not very long. Apply mascara starting from the inside of your eye and brush it upwards. Go to the outside of your eye and brush up again. Do not put more on once it has dried, because it will give you a clumpy look.
Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Picture

Step 4 – Put on eyeshadow

The 80s makeup cannot be complete without the signature strong, saturated colors brushed around your eyes. You can choose any combination to create an hombre effect, including electric blue, purple, yellow, greens and fuchsia. Start by applying a color base around the entire eye and blend all the way up to the brow bone. We will choose blue and pink eye shadow colors. Use a standard crease brush to apply the pink eye shadow on the crease, starting at the inner corner and sweeping back and forth like a windshield wiper. Add some matte bright blue eyeshadow to the inner corner of you bottom lash line and work the brush outwards and across the frosted blue.

Step 5 – Apply blush

Now that the eyes look incredible, it is time to define your cheek bones with a bold pink color. Apply it directly under the cheekbone and blend to perfection with a clean powder brush. You can highlight the cheekbones even better with a touch on shimmer on the high points.

Step 6 – Put on some lipstick

Before you apply any color, prepare your lips with a primer so the color will hold without feathering. Use a bright pink lip liner and finish with a long lasting bright lip gloss. Glossy pink, bold red and coral shades are perfect for an 80s makeup.