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Be fashionable on your wedding day!

One of the biggest wedding myths is the fact that the wedding dress needs to be white and that you need to have a veil. However, this is certainly not true, although most brides like the idea of wearing a big princess like white dress. If you do not feel comfortable wearing the typical wedding dress and you wish to follow your own sense of fashion during one of the most important days of your life, you should not feel pressured into buying the traditional bridal grown and veil. You can easily replace the veil with bow hair clips, a fresh flower or feather hair clips, not to mention that there are plenty of designers that have created beautiful wedding dresses in colors. If a floral print and a big ribbon bow match your personality better than the traditional dress, why not get The Ribbon Room wedding ribbons and change the traditional dress into something that will suit you really. Wearing something you truly like will also make you feel more beautiful and confident on the big day and this is all that matters. Considering the fact that bluish pink and dusty blue with a few design variations are the only available color wedding dresses available in most specialized shops, you should also think about adding color to the white wedding dress with a bold sash, ribbon or bolero.

Be fashionable on your wedding day

There is nothing more fashionable than wearing something that fits your style and makes you feel good in your own skin, so you can take advantage of the exquisite The Ribbon Room wedding ribbons to add a final touch to your simple white dress and make it your own. The effect of a sating color ribbon bow on white veiled materials is magnificent. Without a bold attitude and individuality, fashion would not be possible, so the first rule to becoming a fashionable bride is to stay true to your taste. Instead of going with the trends which come and go every year, you should make sure that no matter how many years pass you will love yourself in the wedding pictures. It is important to buy your dress with consideration not only towards what it is expected from you to wear – a white dress- but also towards your preferences.

If you love to wear bows, you will feel great in something that will mirror that passion. Nobody can say anything about your bow hair clips, ribbon bow sash, bow bracelet and bow brooch. You can even wear sandals with grosgrain ribbon bows to match everything else and nobody will tell you it is too much, because of the confident smile you will inevitably show being in the center of attention and wearing the things you absolutely adore. Staying true to your preferences is probably the best fashion choice for your wedding day. Radiating brides are those that do not make compromises when it comes to their look during the day when the spotlights are on her.