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Beauty myths women should stop believing

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of myths in the beauty industry and most of us tend to still believe those. Both young women and those who have passed their first youth still plan their beauty rituals based on those and actually might risk damaging their appearance by doing so. From myths regarding women’s skin to hair and nails, we have them all below.

Beauty myths women should stop believing

You’ll outgrow your acne

Many still believe that once you grow, your acne will disappear. This is far from being true, although many of us wish to. Acne can also reappear, so if you had it as a teenager, you shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of another episode, as a professor at a notorious cosmetology school is claiming. In fact, acne can be triggered by so many factors, only a specialist will be able to guide you in treating it. In the case of adult women, acne can occur between 20 and 30 years old, and it is usually triggered by hormonal imbalances. This has nothing to do with your personal hygiene, but it can also be triggered by the use of certain beauty products. Silicone in makeup bases and foundations is to be avoided, and you should certainly turn your attention to dermato-cosmetic products to include in your daily rituals. Some great brands are Avene, Bioderma, The Ordinary and La Roche Possay. These are popular brands amongst females with skincare conditions, but also in males, since they can also be affected by severe skin issues, mainly acne.

Lip balm will only dry your lips

While certain products of this kind will surely make your lips drier, the thing is, not all of those do it. Search for lip balms with natural ingredients such as beeswax, and natural oils. The specialists at a popular cosmetology beauty course claim that artificial moisturisers are to make the sensitive skin on your lips drier. But on the other hand, people who have never used chopstick also have dry lips. The important thing is paying attention to the products’ ingredients. A good advice is to search for bio products, as they only use ingredients from certified sources and these are almost entirely natural.

Shaving your body hair will make it grow thicker

How many of us were reluctant when it came to shaving the hair on our bodies? How many of us still think that shaving it will only make it grow thicker and harder to remove? Well, this is nothing but a myth, the length and thickness of your hair follicles being given by genetics. However, it is true that when you use a razor blade to shave the hair on your legs, the blunt cut at the surface will make it look darker, thus thicker. This is why beauty experts always recommend waxing instead of shaving. But remain calm, the hair follicles on your delicate body will still be the same.

These are three enormous myths every woman should stop believing. Educate yourself and become more beautiful than you have even been!


Read this before you get your lips tattooed

Read this before you get your lips tattooed

Aug 14, 2017

Since the day, Cara Delevingne decided to promote natural brows and Kylie Jenner opted for fuller lips, the fuller-the-better- trend started, and it is here to stay. People are looking nowadays for procedures and products that can offer them the same plumped-up look. Everyone knows that Kylie Jenner managed to achieve her look with the help of injections, but there are also other trends you can try, if you are afraid of injections. Have you heard about lip tattoos? If you are looking for a change, then you should make sure you get in touch with a professional as Nicole Zysk, because in this way you are sure that you will have a successful procedure. Here are some things you should know if you decide to have your lips tattooed.


Lip tattoo enhances your lips

The majority of people have the misconception that a lip tattoo will create fullness, well you should know that it actually enhances the beauty of your lips. This procedure has the role to define your lips and it will not create puffiness or volume. It will give you the appearance of a full lip. The process implies the aesthetician to outline the border of your lip, and in this way, they will offer you the appearance of a fuller lip. It is everything about illusion.

The tattoo will not go around your lips as traditional lip-liner

The aesthetician will do an outline on the border of your lips, but they will do more than that, to help you achieve a natural look. They will also shade the colour down into the middle of your lips with the help of a circular motion, and in this way, they will create a blended look. The interior part of your lips will have no colour.

You can take a colour close to your natural lip colour

If you do not want to be obvious that you have done a lip procedure, then you should know that if you opt for a natural colour, then you would have to come to the aesthetician office more often, because you will need frequent touch-ups. If you like, your natural lip colour and you just want a hint more, then you will have to come for touch-ups every year, to refresh the colour. It is recommended to tattoo your lips with one or two shades brighter or darker than your natural skin tone.

The healing process will take more than a week

It is advisable to schedule your procedure before the weekend, because there will be needed a few days for the dryness and swelling to die down. The first week after the procedure, the lips will look very chapped and dry. The colour will look lighter during the first week, but as the lips will heal, the shade will come back. The truest colour will appear after two weeks, so you should be patient. The aesthetician may recommend you taking medication if you are prone to cold sores, because they can ruin the procedure and make the healing period more difficult for you to deal with.


Rhinoplasty surgeries – Still hot or not?

Rhinoplasty surgeries – Still hot or not?

Jun 29, 2017

Nothing seems to be forbidden when it comes to beauty. And nothing seems to stop a woman to get that perfect look they crave. And sincerely, the same rule applies to males as well. Suffering from a deformed nose might cause many to experience increased levels of anxiety and low levels of self-worth and self-esteem. While women have the opportunity of using makeup to reshape their noses, men face many prejudices in this way. Nevertheless, it’s more comfortable to have a perfect nose and skip an extra step in the morning. This means you must find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in London and proceed with a cosmetic intervention of this type. However, with the self-acceptance speech taking place recently, many wonder if it’s still hot to have a nose job. Below we have some answers.


1. Speeches don’t matter so much

Yes, many claim that you should be happy with yourself and love yourself just as you are. However, in many cases, this is not possible. Maybe your nose looked great but an accident and a bad recovery period made it crooked. In this case, it is hard to accept an image that doesn’t correspond with the one you and others are used to. And this causes in many cases increased levels of anxiousness and bad self-esteem. No one should live with an aesthetic complex and no one should feel pressured not to change their appearance because of what the media tells us. Do everything possible to becoming happier, more confident and body-positive, even if this means having a nose job.

2. It’s a matter of convenience

While there is the option of including an extra step in your daily makeup routine for reshaping your nose, this is not by any chance an ideal situation. This means that you will spend an unnecessary amount of time daily on something that can be easily corrected at this Centre for Surgery in London, for instance. Not to mention the case of males. They, unfortunately, don’t have the option of countering their faces, because of some societal unspoken rules.  It’s by far more convenient to have a plastic surgery to current the issues that are bothering you. Of course, you might have to spend quite some time in a recovery period, but in the end it’s worth the wait.

3. Nose jobs offer plenty of health benefits equally

Yes, having a nose job also offers numerous health benefits, starting with an improved airflow, and continuing with less recurring nose infections and inflammations. Especially if you have a deformed nose due to an accident, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t get a rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty interventions are designed to help people regain the trust they have in themselves, by helping then to get the perfect nose they want. These surgeries help people become happier, more confident and have a better image of themselves, while they also offer plenty of health benefits.



Cellulite – one of the biggest woman’s nightmares

Cellulite – one of the biggest woman’s nightmares

Nov 27, 2016

Being a woman is not an easy thing to do, especially nowadays when the beauty standards are very high and superficiality is the main word which describes the modern society that you live in. Therefore, there is no wonder that women invest a significant part of their budget in beauty treatments and cosmetics. Just take a look at women from Canada! They are amazing, due to the fact that they take care of their body and skin.

Due to this thing, cellulite, which is considered one of the biggest problems, is easily removed thanks to modern procedures which are very popular now in beauty salon and centres. But in order to understand better how things really work, we made a list with some of the most important methods of Toronto cellulite removal procedures.

Cellulite-one of the biggest womans nightmares

Easy steps of getting rid of cellulite

  • Asking for help!

There are a lot of women who prefer fighting alone with cellulite and who think that going to a beauty salon or center can be an expensive experience. But this is not true. They just have to think that they invest in their body, a thing that can help their soul too. Feeling beautiful is something that makes you have a better opinion about yourself and also determines you walking down the street with more confidence. Nowadays, there are modern procedures which have the role to easily remove cellulite. Moreover, this does not mean that they have to involve surgical or invasive methods. For example, radio frequency energy is a good option in this case.

  • Doing sport!

According to studies, there are two types of physical activities that are highly recommended for those who want to get rid of cellulite. One of them is swimming. Actually, experts say that swimming can help people to model their entire body and it is also an activity which is recommended for health.

  • Taking care of your diet!

The food that you consume can highly influence the way your body looks like. Therefore, you have to be careful why types of food you decide to put in your shopping cart. Try to introduce more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and drink as much water as possible. Doctors say that when you get up from bed early in the morning, you should drink a glass of warm water with lemon.

Some mistakes women do when they fight against cellulite

  • They underestimate it and think that cellulite can go away, without doing anything
  • They forget to combine the three steps that we have mentioned above
  • They choose surgical methods which can leave them some marks on the skin
  • They do not know how to find the best beauty studios in Canada
  • They pay too much money for some treatments that usually do not work
  • They forget that prevention is the most important when it comes to the beauty of their bodies
  • They believe in the “miraculous” effect of some body lotions which have not been tested before by specialists
  • They give up before even trying to get rid of cellulite

Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

Jun 30, 2016

Laser hair removal is a modern method people from all around the world use in order to get rid of unwanted hairs on their body. The first specialised machine was registered during the mid 1990s, but it has evolved ever since, providing both men and women the possibility to replace painful waxing with this high tech alternative. While some have already tried it, others are still reluctant, even if there are plenty of dedicated clinics worldwide. Here are some of the most popular questions asked by those who are still indecisive about the procedure:

Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

Are there more types of laser hair removal?

While in the beginning, there was only one type of laser hair removal devices, which were slow and somehow painful, the technology has come a long way ever since. Nowadays, there are several options available for those who want to try the procedure, so rest assured you will find something suitable for you. The first method was Ruby laser, used for patients with fair skin and recommended for smaller areas. The Alexandrite Laser is probably the fastest type of treatment and delivers excellent results on extended parts of the body (such as the legs or arms). Intense pulsed light, also known as IPL hair removal Brisbane, is also popular and efficient, although it is mostly used for treating skin pigmentation issues. It is slightly different from laser, even if both work on the same pattern. Other procedures are diode and YAG laser, but while the first one is recommended for fair skin, the second is more versatile, being used for all skin types.

Who can take advantage of the procedure?

Basically, anyone can take advantage of laser hair removal, but you must know that the results may vary depending on multiple criteria. No therapist can guarantee you flawless outcomes – what they can actually do is evaluate your situation and tell you how successful the procedure will be in your situation. Normally, people with white skin and dark thick hairs are the ideal candidates, as the contract enables the laser ray to identify the follicle and destroy it. However, people olive tones may also get satisfactory results. Before the first session, make sure you discuss all the relevant details with an expert, so that you start with the right expectations in mind.

Is it painful?

A lot of people avoid laser hair removal since they think it is similar to waxing or tweezing. This means they fear that it will hurt, which could not be more wrong. Compared to other hair removal procedures, the one involving a specialised lamp with laser rays is by far the less painful one. Of course, no body will tell you that you are not going to feel absolutely anything. During the sessions, you will feel a thin pitch, similar to a mosquito bite – completely bearable. As time goes by and the roots become thinner, the intensity of the pitch will also diminish, so there is nothing to worry about as far as pain is concerned.


Choose to look flawless

Choose to look flawless

Oct 29, 2015

As a woman, a flawless makeup is the goal you are looking to achieve every day through your beauty routine. Achieving that sharp cat eye or the perfectly contoured face can seem sometimes impossible. Creating the makeup of your expectations seems unreachable no matter how many makeup tutorials you watch. Finding one of the best Ottawa makeup artists may bring you the guidance you need for your daily makeup routine as well as the solution for the perfect special event makeup.

Choose to look flawless

Be your own makeup artist

Even though you must have proper skills and talent to achieve a movie star inspired makeup look, you can still learn how to do a basic flawless daily makeup. If you are tired of constantly failing to create a good lip contour, or you do not know what colors to use for the makeup of your eyes, then it is time for you to think about following some makeup lessons. Why not get the results you want each and every morning? You can take your passion a step further and gain some proper makeup skills. A professional makeup artist can teach you everything you need to know about this domain and the trends you should follow. You will be able to discover what type of makeup suits you best and what products should you use. You will develop the right aptitudes in no time; you will be able to create an impeccable makeup for yourself. You will lean a variety of techniques, and what tools and products you need to use for every step of your makeup routine. If you are passionate about this area and want to reach that perfect look every time you go out, then think no more, and follow some makeup lessons.

Steal the spotlight

If you have an important event coming up, and you want to look stunning from head to toe, then you should give special attention to your makeup also. When you are not confident enough in your makeup skills, then you should resort to the help of a makeup artist. A professional will give you that picture perfect makeup that will bring envy to all your girlfriends. The entire look you are going for will be ruined, if the makeup is not done correctly or the wrong colors will be used. A professional will know exactly what type of makeup is right for your dress, eye shape and eye color. Therefore, if you are planning on stealing the spotlight you should book yourself an appointment to a good makeup artist.

What are clients looking for in a hair salon?

What are clients looking for in a hair salon?

Oct 26, 2015

Visiting a hair salon is definitely something any woman has done at least once in her life. Whether you need a new haircut, a special coiffure for a special event or just a professional treatment, you should make an appointment at one of the best Ottawa hair salons. You may think that anyone can dye your hair, since you can do it yourself at home, but very often women leave the salon unpleased with the results. For this reason, it is extremely important to find a place with professional staff and performing equipment. There are only some of the criteria any salon should meet, in order to avoid disappointing its customers. Here are some more things you have to look for, the moment you choose the place where you are having the hair done:

hair salon cropped view of hairstylist drying woman hair. Front view

Friendly staff

Customer service from beginning to end is very important, especially for a business where employees interact constantly with clients. As soon as you step in, you have to be welcomed by a pleasant person who makes your appointment, or an enthusiastic voice, if you call for booking. In addition to this, the stylist who will take care of you should do their best to make you feel comfortable, so that you can enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Affordable prices

It is true that a salon that has the lowest prices on the market is not the best option, but there is no reason for which you should accept paying for overpriced services. Usually, the most popular salons have a certain pricing list, and while the amounts may vary depending on the experience of the stylist or the location of the salon, they are basically the same. Of course, there are also exclusivist establishments where the prices are pretty high, and if you want to pamper yourself from time to time, then you should visit those. These are the ideal choice if you need a sophisticated coiffure, but for a simple haircut, you should go for a traditional salon.

Satisfying results

Even if the hair stylist may not be able to replicate exactly what you wanted in the first place, they should be able to leave you with a satisfying result. They should offer you the most suitable services and advice for your hair type and face shape, although you may ask for something different. Most of the times, the style you see in a picture will not look good on you, and the experienced eye of a professional hairdresser has to notice this.

Things you should know about laser hair removal

Things you should know about laser hair removal

Oct 22, 2015

Laser hair removal is a dream come true for many girls, because it means no more struggles month after month to eliminate unwanted hair. However, the idea of removing unwanted hair permanently seems too good to be true, so most girls do not dare to believe in it just yet. This is only natural, because the other options are truly terrible. Waxing is painful and time consuming, while the period in between waxing sessions when you need to let your hair grow is unfair, because you will need to wear jeans and pants, so you have no means of looking fabulous for a week or two before waxing. Shaving is also time-consuming, because you will need to do it every couple of days or daily, depending on how fast your hair grows.  Laser hair removal Toronto services can solve all these problems, because you will never need to wax or shave in your life after finishing the treatment. It sounds wonderful, because it is wonderful. You will not need to torture yourself every month waxing or plucking your hair out strand by strand, not to mention that you will get rid of that annoying prickling feeling the next day after shaving forever and ever.

XXXThings you should know about laser hair removal

How it works. It is not magic, it’s science!

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to laser hair removal mainly because people do not know how it works and they find it hard to believe that you can get rid of unwanted hair permanently. However, there is nothing magical about hair removal, only the results. The process is simple and it relies on scientific proof. In simple terms, the laser light converts to heat while it passes through the skin and it is absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair also known as melanin. As it reaches the follicle, the heat damages it inhibiting future growth. From the patients’ point of view, the beauty technician or dermatologist will fire a concentrated beam of light at the pigment found in your hair follicles. You will only feel a prickling sensation as the heat permeates the skin and after half an hour or an hour, you are free to go and free of hair.

Stay away from the sun before and after the treatment

Laser hair removal is not dangerous for the skin, but the treatment implies certain risks, if you go tanning just the day before or immediately after getting it. Considering the fact that the laser beam transforms into heat, it is natural that your dermatologist will recommend you to stay away from the sun for a couple of days. Sun is damaging for the skin and numerous skin treatments make the skin even more sensitive to sunrays, including laser treatment. This is why you should get your hair removed before or after the summer. Another thing you should keep in mind is that you do not need to grow your hair before the treatment and waxing is a no-no, because it irritates your skin and you want to be in perfect condition when you permanently remove unwanted hair with laser.

The manicure – the finishing touch to any look

The manicure – the finishing touch to any look

Mar 5, 2015

When it comes to fashion, there is no limit to originality, because there are so many different aspects of your appearance that work together to create your look. Changing a single thing can either disrupt the harmony or create a new look that has its own charm and this is why you should pay great attention to details when deciding on your look. Before leaving the house you should not only decide on what to wear, you should also think about how to wear it. Adding an accessory or missing out a detail can make or break your whole outfit. A good example in this case is the manicure. It is said that the manicure and sometimes the pedicure acts as the finishing touch to a look. Fashion is indeed in details and matching your nails design with the style of your outfit is definitely something that you should not overlook. However, there is a thin line between nail art that completes a look and the one that disrupts the harmony of your outfit. If you either exaggerate or are too subtle with your choice in nail polish, you will ruin all your chances to adopt a certain fashion style. It is also important to resort to the services of a reputable manicure technician capable of reproducing the design you want. Renowned beauty salons like will ensure that your expectations are met at all costs, but this is not always the case. Imagine preparing an outfit for an important event months in advance only to have everything ruined by a bad manicure.

The manicure - the finishing touch to any look.jpg

Fashion is a celebration of beauty. To ensure that you look great, you need to feel confident and pleased with your choices. There are many women that say that they cannot leave the house without matching their undergarments. They would not feel comfortable and confident if that was not the case even though no one could have dreamed or seen the “mistake”. If you forget to do your manicure, not matter how beautiful and chic your new outfit, you will not be able to wear it with the right attitude. Although not as easily noticeable as your make-up, accessories and hairstyle, your nails should always be well taken care of, because people find a bad manicure disgraceful. On the other hand, a beautiful manicure will bring tribute to your outfit and fashion style.


Manicure is also a secret to looking younger. Age is something that we would like to hide or showcase, depending on the occasion and our choice in clothes and polish can influence the way in which others perceive us. If you wish to wear an outfit no matter what, but you are afraid that it is too girlish or mature for your age, you can tone it down or on the contrary by making a bold or reserved nail polish choice. You can easily charm others by showing dedication. Getting your fingers through your hair is a simple gesture that can uncover the last piece of the puzzle, a matching nail polish, and this simple gesture can stir others’ admiration.

Accessorize your outfit with ribbons and bows

Accessorize your outfit with ribbons and bows

Feb 25, 2015

Accessories are very important for a woman’s attire, and if you want to be fashionable, you should take these into consideration as much as the main pieces of your outfit. Most of the time, less is more, which is why simple materials or adornments are likely to be the best accessories. Whether you think about shoes, necklaces and other jewelleries or scarves, specialists recommend you to maintain a balance and do not exaggerate by mixing too many colours or fabrics. If you have a simple dress and you want to create a romantic look, the best accessories you could use are delicate pearls, ribbons and bows. These are something anybody has around the house, including you, so you should start using them in a wise manner. Accessorizing your outfit with ribbon is one of the easiest things to do, if you know exactly what you want to achieve. Regardless the season, bows are the perfect adornment for your outfit: in summer, they will add some refinement to a simple look, while during winter, they will help you bring a bit of the holidays’ spirit to your garments.

Accessorize your outfit with ribbons and bows

Ribbons can be an excellent accessory for a dress with a simple cut. In case the dress does not have a belt, you can use a narrow piece of ribbon instead. Choose either a complementary colour (if the dress is white, for example, you can choose almost any colour, while for a blue dress, the most suitable option is yellow or orange) or the same palette, in case you already break the monotony with other accessories (such as shoes or a scarf). Whether you choose a simple satin or organza ribbon or an embroidered one, besides brining a bit of complexity to your look, the improvised belt will also highlight your silhouette and make a dress that you have already worn seem brand new. Another good manner of accessorizing your outfit with bows is by placing them on the shoulders. If you have a wavy dress, which simply flows along your body, placing something to draw the attention in the top of the outfit is the perfect choice. This goes for one strap dresses, but also for a boat-shapes collar dress or a simple yet chic V-neck like dress. In case the dress has only one colour, in order to obtain a nice result, match the colour of the bows with your shoes or any other accessories you are wearing. If your dress has a corset, another innovative manner to change the traditional aspect of the attire is by placing a huge ribbon on the lower part of your back, where the corset is closed.


In addition to this, if you are into more masculine looks, you can still add some feminine details to the look you are wearing. If you opt for pants and a shirt, you can soften the final look by adding a nice ribbon instead of a bow tie – even if it is still Tom-boy inspired, it will end up looking romantic and delicate. There are so many ways in which ribbon can enrich your attires, all you have to do is be creative and courageous.

Be fashionable on your wedding day!

Be fashionable on your wedding day!

Jan 22, 2015

One of the biggest wedding myths is the fact that the wedding dress needs to be white and that you need to have a veil. However, this is certainly not true, although most brides like the idea of wearing a big princess like white dress. If you do not feel comfortable wearing the typical wedding dress and you wish to follow your own sense of fashion during one of the most important days of your life, you should not feel pressured into buying the traditional bridal grown and veil. You can easily replace the veil with bow hair clips, a fresh flower or feather hair clips, not to mention that there are plenty of designers that have created beautiful wedding dresses in colors. If a floral print and a big ribbon bow match your personality better than the traditional dress, why not get The Ribbon Room wedding ribbons and change the traditional dress into something that will suit you really. Wearing something you truly like will also make you feel more beautiful and confident on the big day and this is all that matters. Considering the fact that bluish pink and dusty blue with a few design variations are the only available color wedding dresses available in most specialized shops, you should also think about adding color to the white wedding dress with a bold sash, ribbon or bolero.

Be fashionable on your wedding day

There is nothing more fashionable than wearing something that fits your style and makes you feel good in your own skin, so you can take advantage of the exquisite The Ribbon Room wedding ribbons to add a final touch to your simple white dress and make it your own. The effect of a sating color ribbon bow on white veiled materials is magnificent. Without a bold attitude and individuality, fashion would not be possible, so the first rule to becoming a fashionable bride is to stay true to your taste. Instead of going with the trends which come and go every year, you should make sure that no matter how many years pass you will love yourself in the wedding pictures. It is important to buy your dress with consideration not only towards what it is expected from you to wear – a white dress- but also towards your preferences.

If you love to wear bows, you will feel great in something that will mirror that passion. Nobody can say anything about your bow hair clips, ribbon bow sash, bow bracelet and bow brooch. You can even wear sandals with grosgrain ribbon bows to match everything else and nobody will tell you it is too much, because of the confident smile you will inevitably show being in the center of attention and wearing the things you absolutely adore. Staying true to your preferences is probably the best fashion choice for your wedding day. Radiating brides are those that do not make compromises when it comes to their look during the day when the spotlights are on her.

How to Deal With Skin Imperfections

How to Deal With Skin Imperfections

Nov 3, 2014

Since our aspect is very important when it comes to making a good impression, people always try to improve their look through clothes and makeup, but there are cases when that is not enough for creating a nice image. There are many skin imperfections that should be treated instead of being covered up with makeup. Here are the main types of skin disorders and the best ways to treat them.

How to Deal With Skin Imperfections Picture How to Deal With Skin Imperfections Picture

Pigmentation disorders

  • If you have an uneven skin tone on your face, you might be suffering from hyperpigmentation, which is not a serious heath problem, but it can affect your aspect and your social life. This harmless medical condition leads to the appearance of dark areas of skin on the face, as a result of pigment overproduction. Furthermore, it is described as brown spots on the skin, and it can be treated easily when using the right type of creams.
  • Skin blemishes are not dangerous, but they can really spoil your aspect. They are the consequences of oil-clogged pores, dust, impurities and stress. Take note that you shouldn’t confuse psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea with skin blemishes, as these are more serious medical conditions that need to be treated after consulting a dermatologist.
  • Sun spots and freckles are usually caused by overexposure to the sun’s UV rays and thermal radiation, which affects the melanin production process, leading to irregular pigmentation.

How to even skin tone on the face?

  • Chemical peels

Although they can improve one’s appearance, chemical peels can seriously damage the skin. This type of treatment involves applying a chemical solution to the face to cause a dead skin layer that will eventually peel off, reducing irregular pigmentation and imperfections.

  • Skin lightening creams

A skin whitening cream contains ingredients that can stop the melanin production, and reduce skin discoloration. Furthermore, a skin lightening cream can be used to remove freckles, sun spots, liver spots, and to cure pigmentation disorders, but it can also be used by people with a naturally dark complexion who want to whiten their skin. Unlike other harsh solutions for removing unattractive skin spots, a skin lightening cream can even skin tone without causing awful side effects.

How to remove skin tags?

Although skin tags are not very dangerous, they can lower one’s self-esteem, so removing them should be a priority when it comes to achieving a nice image. Among many home remedies, we can find oregano and tea tree oil, lemon juice, and garlic paste, but these solutions require lots of time to show results, so the tag removal process might take a while. Therefore, we advise you to inform yourself about the benefits of using a skin tag removal cream, and the properties that this type of product has. Skin tag removal creams have the capacity to improve skin health and to help you get rid of tags by drying them out. So, they can turn out to be very effective for dealing with these skin imperfections. However, some of them can damage the skin so make sure to do some research before using a certain cream.

Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks

Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks

Sep 24, 2014

One of the most frustrating task for an Asian woman is to apply eye makeup. No matter how meticulously we pile it one, when we open our eyes it is like it was never there. We have the monolid to blame for this, one one the most common complaints among Asian women. It is probably one of the main reason many turn to blepharoplasty, a double eyelid surgery. This is the second most requested cosmetic surgery. If you top this with straight eyelashes and stubbornly sparse, you have the reason why many women give up on applying makeup. However, if you pick up the right foundation, use an eyeliner properly and some eyelash extensions, you can avoid complicated and costly surgical procedures. These are the best Asian makeup tips and tricks you can use:
Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Pictures

Achieve that perfect skin complexion

Beauty experts recommend a yellow-based foundation for an Asian makeup, because it blends with the skin. After experimenting with countless foundations over the years, many women discovered that yellow-toned foundations look the most natural on Asian skin.

Make your eyes stand out

The best way to enhance your natural eye shape and make your eyes stand out is with a simple eyeliner. The trick is to line up the upper lids, but leave the bottom lashes without a line. However, if you want to line the bottom lashes, make sure you trace a softer line, smudged a bit with your finger. Is is especially important to never line the inner rim of the eye, due tot he fact that it will make your eyes look smaller. Another Asian makeup tip is to make the line visible when the eyes are open. If it isn’t, try making it thicker. If you want to make your eyes stand out without using too much makeup, you should look for the best eyelash growth serum and use it regularly. The best eyelash growth serum should enrich your lashes in just a few weeks.
Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Asian Makeup Tips and Tricks Pictures

Play with shadows

When you apply eyeshadow, layer and blend several shades up to the crease. However, avoid creating a crease by drawing in a darker line, because you risk look fake. Many Asian women look very good when they brush deep jewel colors across the eyelids. Try using greens, purples and blues. Experiment with colors until you find one that works best for you. Another great Asian makeup trick is to use the layering technique when you apply eyeshadow. This involves starting with a light base color, then a medium color on the lid and a deeper color build onto it. Blend the shades so the makeup doesn’t look rough.

Make your eyelashes longer

No mater ethnicity, eye color or the face shape, every woman wants to have longer, lusher eyelashes. Moreover, Asian women look astonishing with long lashes that complement their eyes. You can achieve longer eyelashes with some curlers and great mascara. If your eyelash curler is not effective, try blasting hot air on it for 3 seconds. Finish with several coats of mascara. Another great trick you can use is applying false eyelashes. This method is simple and cheap. However, professional eyelash extensions have received a lot of critics, so it is better to use it as a last resort.

Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps

Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps

Jul 24, 2014

The 80’s are back in a big way, with oversized clothes, big, bushy, well kept eyebrows and colorful makeup. Take a look at some magazine covers from that time, and you will see just how trends come and go. If you are a child of the 80s and love the flashy, punky look that dominated the century, there is no need to hide anymore. Take a look at this 80s makeup tutorial that will help you get started:
Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Picture

Step 1 – Prepare

Gather your tools and if necessary, take a quick trip to the store to pick up some bright, inexpensive eyeshadow. Before applying makeup, clean your face with warm water and a mild cleanser. Apply foundation and concealer to cover under-eye circles and blemished. The 80s makeup is all about a matte, perfect face. However, do not cake it on the pimples because that will only make them look bigger. If you have oily skin, brush on powder. Natural looking eyebrows were very popular thanks to Madonna and supermodel Brooke Shields, so you can leave them as they are.

Step 2 – Line your eyes

The eyeliner is an important part of the 80s makeup. Use a precise eyeliner brush and apply black gel liner on the entire eye. Start at the outer corner of the eyes and brush inwards as you approach the inner corner, so the line will naturally thin. Next, create some contrast with a frosted blue eye shadow along the top and lower lash line and use it to smudge the gel liner.

Step 3 – Curl your eyelashes

Gently grip your lashes with the curler and hold it for a few seconds. You can even apply false lashes and pinch them together with your natural lashes if they are not very long. Apply mascara starting from the inside of your eye and brush it upwards. Go to the outside of your eye and brush up again. Do not put more on once it has dried, because it will give you a clumpy look.
Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Back to the 80s Makeup in 6 Steps Picture

Step 4 – Put on eyeshadow

The 80s makeup cannot be complete without the signature strong, saturated colors brushed around your eyes. You can choose any combination to create an hombre effect, including electric blue, purple, yellow, greens and fuchsia. Start by applying a color base around the entire eye and blend all the way up to the brow bone. We will choose blue and pink eye shadow colors. Use a standard crease brush to apply the pink eye shadow on the crease, starting at the inner corner and sweeping back and forth like a windshield wiper. Add some matte bright blue eyeshadow to the inner corner of you bottom lash line and work the brush outwards and across the frosted blue.

Step 5 – Apply blush

Now that the eyes look incredible, it is time to define your cheek bones with a bold pink color. Apply it directly under the cheekbone and blend to perfection with a clean powder brush. You can highlight the cheekbones even better with a touch on shimmer on the high points.

Step 6 – Put on some lipstick

Before you apply any color, prepare your lips with a primer so the color will hold without feathering. Use a bright pink lip liner and finish with a long lasting bright lip gloss. Glossy pink, bold red and coral shades are perfect for an 80s makeup.

How to do Arabic Makeup

How to do Arabic Makeup

May 18, 2014

If you want to make a statement with a bold makeup, then the beautiful color, smoldering kohl liner and crisp feline shape of the Arabic makeup is what you’re looking for. This mysterious look woks with many styles and cam be tweaked to please any taste.

How to do Arabic Makeup How to do Arabic Makeup Picture

The key to the Arabic makeup is clean lines. You must use the power of a sharp angled brush if you want to achieve this daring yet classic makeup. If you edges get messy, cover it up with some concealer. If you’ve never done a similar makeup before, try to put on the eye makeup first, so you don’t ruin your lines with fall-out. Another great tip is to apply translucent powered under your eyes so it will capture any fall-out from the dark eye shadow. In order to create a more modern look, add some vibrant colors, and if you want to keep it soft, use gray or neutral shadows and eliminate the false lashes. Instead of fake eyelashes, you can also use a lash curler. Here is how you do a beautiful Arabic makeup:

How to do Arabic Makeup How to do Arabic Makeup Picture

Step 1 – Add some color to your complexion

The Arabic makeup works well with a slightly dusky complexion, so if your skin is fair, use a good bronzer to achieve this. If you are using a bronzer, make sure you add a dark foundation on your neck so you don’t create a contrast. If you have blemishes or an uneven skin tone, use foundation before you apply any makeup. You can cover any fine lines with a concealer, just make sure you don’t cake too much. Although your complexion must be flawless, it shouldn’t draw any attention from the eyes. In Arabic makeup, the eyes are the centerpiece.

Step 2 – Apply eye shadow

Before you apply the eye shadow, use an eyelid primer so that it is applies smoothly and stays on for longer. Choose a deep shades such as orange and red, just don’t overdo it or you will end up looking like a clown. You can also blend two different shades and do an ombre Arabic makeup with a shimmering base.

How to do Arabic Makeup How to do Arabic Makeup Picture

Step 3 – Line your eyes

Arab women use suruma, a back powder that makes their eyes look bigger. However, if you don’t have it, just use a black eye liner pencil to line your water line and your upper lashline. Next, hold a tissue right at the corner of your eye and trace a straight line with the eye liner. Do the same under your lower lash line and flick up at the corner of the eye on the edge. Apply eye face eye lashes and a general amount of mascara.

Step 4 – Apply lipstick

To finish your Arabic makeup, put on some red, brown or plum lipstick that goes with your eye makeup. If your eye shadow is very intense, choose muted colors and a matte look.

Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial

Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial

May 3, 2014

Halloween costume ideas are very diverse. Ultimately, they are all amazing as they highlight our creativity and our inner children. If you are preparing for Halloween, you should visit, an amazing website where you will find a lot of cool costumes. However, if you plan on making your own costume, then why not choose a fairy costume? Whether you want a fairy makeup for Halloween or a themed party, this tutorial will teach you how to achieve a good and a bad appearance. The twisted fairy has a distressed purple eye and pale skin, while the good fairy is pretty in pink and glitter. Just follow these steps and prepare to be inspired:

Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial Good and Dark Fairy Makeup Tutorial Picture

Step 1- Apply foundation

White makeup can cake up, so it is better to use a pale foundation and highlight it with a white powder. Choose a lighter-than-usual shade of concealer or foundation and apply it with a blending sponge in press-and-roll motions. For the dark fairy, apply lots of white powder with a powder brush around the edges of the face and all the way down to the neck.

Step 2 – Apply the base color

After applying the foundation and concealer, for the good fairy makeup sweep a frosty light pink shadow on your lids, starting form the lash line to your brows. Add some more in the inner corners of your eyes. For the dark fairy, apply fuchsia shade to the eyelids, all the way over the brows. The color should go beyond the eyes.

Step 3 – Apply color on the bottom

For the good fairy, add a little bit on the bottom and then come along the bottom lash line. Just slightly drag it across without making the line too thick. For the dark fairy, apply the fuchsia shade under your lower eyelid and all the way to the cheekbones. Then apply black eye shadow on eyelids and around the lash line.

Step 4 – Create a fairy effect

The good fairy must glow and look feminine. Paint glitter adhesive over the eye shadow on your lids and press pink or pale white glitter on top of the adhesive with a flat brush. Use the same pink eyeshadow on the apples of your cheeks and connect your eye makeup to the blush. Finish the look by mixing pink and white glitter and sprinkling it all over your face. For the dark fairy makeup, create purple fleck around the eyes with a highly pigmented gel eyeliner. Mess up an old brush and you have around the house so you make the spots more organic.

Step 5 – Apply eyeliner and fake lashes

For the good fairy makeup, apply a thin payer of eyeliner along the top lash line and create a swirl in the corner. You can draw as many twirls as you want and create a pattern. For both the good and dark fairy, apply black mascara and then glue on a set of full strip lashes. Wait 60 seconds for the glue to dry and then apply the top lashes. Then do the same for the bottom lashes. The fake eyelashes must be long an thick to achieve a fairy gaze effect. Fake eyelashes look spectacular and you may want to find yourself wanting to integrate them in other makeups as well. However, be wary as they can damage your eyelashes in the long run. Instead of extensions, you should opt for a longer lasting result by reading some eyelash growth product reviews and finding a serum that can naturally elongate and thicken your lashes. You can find a lot of helpful reviews on When researching eyelash growth product reviews, avoid the products which contain glaucoma medication and require prescription as those serums can be dangerous.

Step 6 – Put some lipstick on

For the good fairy, slick on a bright pink lipstick and then press bright pink glitter over it with a flat brush. For the dark fairy makeup, dab some concealer and opalescent pigment on your lips.

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Nov 27, 2013

A smoldering cat eye makeup will certainly bring some drama to an ordinary day and make you look more mysterious. The liner will improve and enhance your natural eye shape, especially if you have downturned eyes. By leaving the bottom lash line untouched, your cat eyes will get all the attention. This tutorial will teach you how to add intensity and edge for a modern makeup. In order to achieve an instant lift, follow these easy steps:
Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial Picture

Step 1- Create a base

Apply your regular foundation and make sure you add some on your eyelids. Do your typical smoky eye shadow look, but fit it with the cat eye makeup. If you have dark brown eyes and darker skin, choose a black eye shadow. Natural light brown and dark green are perfect for green eyes, while purples and browns highlight hazel eyes. If you are blending two colors, start with the lightest shade as a base and apply medium matte shadow from the lash line to the crease. The color must be deeper near the corner of your eye and fade out.

Step 2 – Choose a liner

If you try to draw a line across your lids with a dried up eyeliner, you will probably mess it up. Choose a liner that will easily glide over your lash line. The best choice is a liquid formula, and it is also the thickest. You can also get an extra creamy pencil or an angled brush and a cream liner, if you have a steady hand and good makeup skills.

Step 3 – Choose a shape

In order to figure out a shape for your cat eye makeup, follow the natural curve of your eyes. Start by drawing a test line, and if you have downturned eyes, fake it a little: instead of following the curve of your top lid, draw an extension of your bottom lid upwards.

Step 4 – Apply your liner

Start with the pencil or brush resting on your lashes in the inner corner and draw it across, making the line thicker as you go. Once you reach the end of your lashes, stop and draw the tail in the opposite direction, starting from the tip. Connect the two lines and if you want, add more layers to create a mysterious cat eye makeup. If you look into the mirror with your eyes open, you will easily draw even lines on both sides. Just remember that it is easier to add more eyeliner than to remove it. However, if you need to erase a part, dip a Q-tip in makeup remover and gently rub it on your skin.

Step 5 – Apply mascara

This is the final touch to your bold cat eye makeup. Exaggerate it with some mascara, and don’t be afraid to add a few extra coats. You can even use a full strip of false lashed if you are getting ready for a party. If you are looking for a daytime makeup, one coat will be enough.

Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Oct 27, 2013

October is here, that means that Halloween is around the corner and people are starting to prepare and plan their outfit. A scary Halloween makeup is a great solution because you don’t need a costume, all it takes to make an incredible mask just with some basic products. Any mask you imagine, you can make using different colors and art on your face. With a little patience, preparation and some trials at home you can repeat these pictures or upgrade the designs. If you haven’t chosen a costume or mask yet, these great ideas will inspire you. Moreover, these ideas are also great for people who can’t find costumes in local shops. Plus size halloween costumes 2015 can be very hard to find, but they can be made at home and will look very authentic if they are completed with a quality makeup.
Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Picture

Vampire face

When in doubt, always go with the scary vampire Halloween makeup that is suitable for both women and men. To look like a creepy blood-sucker, paint your face with a white foundation and add a lot of black eyeliner around your eyes. Some purple and black eyeshadow will make you look like you haven’t slept in a century. Use the eyeliner to draw sharp, black eyebrows and a widow’s peak. Put one some red lipstick and use red nail polish to drip fake blood from the edges of your mouth. Don’t forget to buy fangs from a costume store.

Skeleton face

This Halloween makeup will certainly scare the trick-or-treaters. Paint your face white with face paint or foundation. Use a black eyeliner and black eyeshadow to paint around your eyes, mouth and nose. Draw spooky looking nostrils above your own and white teeth on your black mouth. You can even extend the mouth on your cheeks for a more realistic look.
Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Picture

Frankenstein Face

Although it takes a mad scientist to create Frankenstein, anyone can get the look with a simple Halloween makeup. First spray-paint our hair black and use a lot of gel to slick it down. The spray-paint is not expensive and you can easily wash it out. Paint your face green with some face paint and add a long scar and stitch mark on your forehead and face. You can use a black eyeliner for the scars and some blue and yellow eye shadow.

Witch face

In order to achieve a wicked witch Halloween makeup, you will need to paint your face and neck green. Use a black or dark green eyeliner to add V-Shaped lined around your mouth in the middle of your forehead that make you look all wrinkly. The wart is the final touch. Draw a bid black dot on the tip of your nose and glue a few strands of hair from a paintbrush on it with fake eyelash glue. You can easily remove it after the party with soap and warm water. A pointy hat, black lipstick and black nail polish will finish your look.

The makeup is very important for a successful Halloween look and it is particularly important for people who can’t easily find costumes. For example, it can be quite cumbersome to find plus size Halloween costumes 2015. Nevertheless, with a great makeup and some old clothes, anyone can look amazing on Halloween.