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Beauty myths women should stop believing

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of myths in the beauty industry and most of us tend to still believe those. Both young women and those who have passed their first youth still plan their beauty rituals based on those and actually might risk damaging their appearance by doing so. From myths regarding women’s skin to hair and nails, we have them all below.

Beauty myths women should stop believing

You’ll outgrow your acne

Many still believe that once you grow, your acne will disappear. This is far from being true, although many of us wish to. Acne can also reappear, so if you had it as a teenager, you shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of another episode, as a professor at a notorious cosmetology school is claiming. In fact, acne can be triggered by so many factors, only a specialist will be able to guide you in treating it. In the case of adult women, acne can occur between 20 and 30 years old, and it is usually triggered by hormonal imbalances. This has nothing to do with your personal hygiene, but it can also be triggered by the use of certain beauty products. Silicone in makeup bases and foundations is to be avoided, and you should certainly turn your attention to dermato-cosmetic products to include in your daily rituals. Some great brands are Avene, Bioderma, The Ordinary and La Roche Possay. These are popular brands amongst females with skincare conditions, but also in males, since they can also be affected by severe skin issues, mainly acne.

Lip balm will only dry your lips

While certain products of this kind will surely make your lips drier, the thing is, not all of those do it. Search for lip balms with natural ingredients such as beeswax, and natural oils. The specialists at a popular cosmetology beauty course claim that artificial moisturisers are to make the sensitive skin on your lips drier. But on the other hand, people who have never used chopstick also have dry lips. The important thing is paying attention to the products’ ingredients. A good advice is to search for bio products, as they only use ingredients from certified sources and these are almost entirely natural.

Shaving your body hair will make it grow thicker

How many of us were reluctant when it came to shaving the hair on our bodies? How many of us still think that shaving it will only make it grow thicker and harder to remove? Well, this is nothing but a myth, the length and thickness of your hair follicles being given by genetics. However, it is true that when you use a razor blade to shave the hair on your legs, the blunt cut at the surface will make it look darker, thus thicker. This is why beauty experts always recommend waxing instead of shaving. But remain calm, the hair follicles on your delicate body will still be the same.

These are three enormous myths every woman should stop believing. Educate yourself and become more beautiful than you have even been!