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Fighting Against Drug Abuse-Apparel Brands That Promotes Sobriety

Fighting Against Drug Abuse-Apparel Brands That Promotes Sobriety

Oct 27, 2018

Drug use is commonplace in the fashion industry and many of the brands out there do not seem to be interested in curtailing the trend; it may surprise you that many of them even subtly encourage the use of drugs by their designers, stylists, and models.  You can contact Holistic treatment centers for drug abuse and they can use their professional expertise to heal you.

Drug use may be rampant in the fashion industry, but not all fashion brands promote drug use. In fact, some brands take it upon themselves to campaign against drug use. Some of these brands will be discussed below.

Fighting Against Drug Abuse

Party Sober

Party Sober may be a fashion brand, but it is more about the lifestyle than the clothing. The society has glorified alcohol and Party Sober is bent on changing that unhelpful perspective. Alcohol commercials will only show you where peeps are drinking vodka and beer at bars among friends as if it’s all cool. Unfortunately, they will never show you how those individuals behave when they get drunk or show them when they cry themselves to sleep, only to wake up feeling depressed and guilty. Sober Drunk is bent on exemplifying a better life for their brand associates and the general public.

New Lyfe Clothing

The main intention of this fashion brand is to break the stigma of addiction and alcoholism.  The fashion organization is of the opinion that it is a clothing line of fighters. They want the world to see alcoholism as a poor life-choice that it truly is. They also want people to see it as a weakness. The fashion brand believes in independence, confidence and building strength in individuals. They believe in helping people to overcome the weakness and wrong choice of alcoholism.  The modest messages being preached by the fashion brand makes their productions to look cute and fashionable.    

Sober is Sexy

The intention of the fashion brand speaks for itself already.  This clothing is perfect for you if you or someone you know has alcoholism issue. They do not keep the proceeds from this fashion line; rather, they send the money to addiction recovery centers to help those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction.


There are many other fashion brands fighting against drug use but those mentioned above are the few that space will permit.  If you are finding it difficult to shake free from the shackles of drug abuse, you can go for Drug abuse treatments at The Holistic Sanctuary. They have the expertise to help you out of the unwanted situation.       

Myths about male supermodels – Take Andrei Birleanu’s example

Myths about male supermodels – Take Andrei Birleanu’s example

Jan 4, 2017

If you are one of those who want to become a male supermodel, allow us to congratulate you for this decision. But if you are in the other category of those who believe the popular myths about male models, here they are some things that can make you change your mind.

Myths about male supermodels - Take Andrei Birleanus example

#1. Myth: Being a supermodel – is not a thing for men!

There are many persons who believe that the modelling industry is more suitable for women than for men. But this is not true. There are many persons, both men and women, who managed to become successful in this domain, thanks to their hard work. A good example in this case is Andre Birleanu, a man who managed to transform his dream into reality. Even if he was admitted in John Jay Criminal Justice Academy, he decided to say yes to a modelling career. Now he is famous for his collaboration with Dolce Gabbana, Hamilton Watches, M TV and so on.

#2. Myth: If you decide to become a supermodel, you will have to quit your job or to give up your studies.

This is just a myth, due to the fact that there are many male supermodels who still want to finish their studies or who still prefer working. It is true that they have a very busy schedule, but our advice is to consider modelling as a second alternative. Think about Andre Birleanu. As we have told you already, he was in John Jay Criminal Justice Academy when he was discovered by Boss Models. On the other hand, if you study, you will prove everyone that you are not just a man with a good looking body.

#3. Myth: Becoming a model is just a matter of luck!

This is not true. You do not have to wait for someone to discover you by chance. You can become famous if you work a lot. But, in order to do that, you should look for the help of a modelling agency. Go to castings and if they find you suitable, they will help you build your career. Also, you should take care of your body. This is a domain where books are judged by their covers. Therefore, do not forget to go to gym and to eat as healthy as possible. And remember that even small details such as clothes, hair or nails are important.

#4. Myth: Male supermodels are not reliable for a relationship!

This is another popular myth which is related to the fact that male supermodels are always surrounded by beautiful women. Also, their job implies traveling a lot, but this does not mean that they do not have the right to be regarded as trust-worthy persons who can build a family and take care of it.


Celebrity Street Style

Celebrity Street Style

Mar 10, 2015

Celebrities always look amazing on the red carpet. Of course, it is effortless for them to listen to their stylist’s advice and throw a designer dress on. However, the celebrity street style is the one that reveals their true nature. Some stars manage to remain fashionable on and off the red carpet, while other struggle to find their style. These are the Hollywood ladies with the best celebrity street style:
Celebrity Street Style Celebrity Street Style Picture

Sarah Jessica Parker

The star of Sex and the City never disappoints will her outfit, even when casually hitting the streets of New York. When she is going to a meeting or walking her son to school, Sarah dresses impeccably. Her celebrity street style includes colorful scarves, usually Louis Vuitton, designer bags and casual jeans. She usually hides behind a pair of sunglasses.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has such an amazing fashion sense that she turned her celebrity street style into a design label, L.A.M.B. The singer’s unique style is No Doubt mesmerizing, original and with a scent of the ‘90s. You can see Gwen on the streets wearing baggy pants, boots and checkered shirts. Depending on the occasion, the star wears high heels or sneakers.

Whitney Port

Whitney Port is another celebrity who tuned her style into a clothing line. When she is not displaying her own collection, you can see Whitey in a mix of feminine florals, blazers, dainty accessories and heels. We especially like her Rebecca Minkoff Linear Stud tote.
Celebrity Street Style Celebrity Street Style Picture

Jessica Alba

Although Jessica Alba looks ultra-glamorous on the red carpet, her celebrity street style is casual and simple. She tales things down a notch with a rock-punk casual look that includes boyfriend jeans, sunglasses and a loose tank. She also likes wearing comfortable flats and floral dresses.

Kate Hudson

Even when she is running a few errands or hanging out with her son, Kate Hudson makes an impression with her effortless, glamorous celebrity street style. Kate usually wears flirty frocks, sandals, short dresses, white tops and vertical stripes.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has always been praised for her alluring style, whether she is on the red carpet or on the streets of New York City. You can see her in boyfriend jeans, donning oxfords, flats, gray sweaters and matching scarves.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is always very feminine, wearing the highest of heels on the red carpet and the most feminine silhouette dresses. However, when it comes to her celebrity street style ,she is laying low. Reese likes to keep things casually cool with her favorite Phillip Lim Page handbag, ballet flats, cute hats and plaid shirts.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry would be absolutely gorgeous even if she was wearing clothes selected by her son Nahla. The actress always puts together a dashing ensemble, but with a perfect body like hers it’s hard not to look good. Halle likes wearing loose dresses, skinny jeans, tank tops, large sunglasses and flats.

If you want to achieve the styles presented above, you must keep in mind a few tricks. For starters, your skin should always be flawless, so wear foundation or use a BB cream before you leave the house. If you don’t have time for sophisticated makeup, choose a pair of oversize sunglasses and you’ll instantly look like a diva. Moreover, your clothes must always be perfectly ironed. If you are not a fan of ironing, we’ll share a little secret with you: you can rid your clothes of wrinkles a lot faster with a fabric steamer. Visit for more information on this matter. Last but not least, remember that a smile is the most beautiful accessory that you can wear. So, tend to the health of your teeth, don’t frown without purpose and keep your head up high.

The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style

The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style

Sep 2, 2014

Alexa Chung is a model, television presenter and contributing editor at Vogue Magazine. She was born on 5 November 1983 in Privett, Hampshire, and is of Chinese and English descent. The Alexa Chung fashion style has gained international popularity because it is original and distinctive. She is a regular model for Harper’s Bazar, Vogur and Elle, so she is often seen in the first row at fashion shows.
The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style Picture

The New York Times praised the Alexa Chung fashion style and proclaimed her is the Kate Moss of her generation, while Anna Wintour declared she is a phenomenon. Karl Lagerfield described her as a beautiful and clever modern girl. In 2010, Alexa Chung won the British Style Award, on behalf of the British Fashion Council, which is presented to an individual who embodies the spirit of British fashion and is a creative hub for fashion. She also won the British Style Award voted by the public in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Few small screen stars have affected the fashion industry as much as Alexa Chung has. Alexa’s trademark style was visible from her first job in 2006 on Channel 4’s Popworld . Her status and television career continued to grow, influencing people from all over the world. The Alexa Chung fashion style was described as ripping off Jane Birkin. We can notice the influence on Brisitsh fashion, from pinafores to the Alexa Mulberry satchel. Here are her most influential looks:

Brogues and loafers

Alexa Chung managed to make flats seem young and fresh again on the red carpet, while other celebrities were displaying high-heels. Her great taste for androgynous shoes, from manly brogues to big loafers caught on even before the kitten hill made a comeback.
The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style The Famous Alexa Chung Fashion Style Picture


The pinafores are ones of the most popular Alexa Chung fashion items. The pinafore has moved from the school ground to hipster uniform of choice thanks to her. Denim or navy cord, make sure you wear them layered over a blouse or a Breton t-shirt.

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

The adorable Charlotte Olympia kitty flats have been spotted on Chung and soon after on Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Moreover, many imitations of the black velvet kitten slippers are now available on the market.

The Alexa

Besides having one of the world’s most enviable wardrobes, Alexa Chung also has a Mulberry bag named after her. After seeing Alexa carrying a classic men’s briefcare, Mulberry’s Creative Director Emma Hill decided to create a bag in her honor. The Alexa bag became so popular, Mulberry’s profits quadrupled in a recession.

As you can see, Alexa is a true fashion icon. Like most celebrities, she is always ahead of time and we can always count on her for useful fashion advice. If you want to discover fashion tips from more celebrities, visit On this website you will also find rundowns of the latest designer collections and useful fashion advice.

How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style

How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style

Oct 23, 2013

Vanessa Anne Hudgens is best known for her role as Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical series. She has also appeared in many television series and films for the Disney Channel. However, Vanessa is not only know for her acting, but for her impeccable fashion sense. People admire the Vanessa Hudgens style as much as they admire her acting skills. She has a really casual, bohemian look that seems to come natural, without any effort.
How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style Picture


If you want to get an idea of a variety of her style, do an online search or pick up some magazines. There are also a lot of celebrity fashion blogs that feature numerous of her style tricks. Make sure you save your favorite pictures and even print close ups that show her makeup. In order to achieve the Vanessa Hudgens style, you don’t have to spend thousand of dollars. You can copy her look if you shop at bargain stores where you will certainly find something similar to what she wears. Moreover, Vanessa does not spend her entire day on the red carpet and her street wear is actually the trademark. However, you must remember that what looks good on a brunette with dark skin and eyes may not look good on a blonde. If you have light skin tones, wear the same outfit in a different color.

How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style Picture


In order to be as trendy as Venssa Hudgens, you need to research some celebrity fashion blogs and see if you can copy her outfits with similar clothes and accessories that you own. Vanessa loves long necklaces, bangles, big earrings and black dresses. If you want to borrow the Vanessa Hudgens style, aim for a bohemian chic outfit with earthly colors. If you are getting ready for a party, try wearing something amazing such as a red, long dress with high heels. She also likes wearing tight skinny jeans in every color and long black leggings. As for summer fashion trends, Hudgens is also inspired by the bohemian, slightly hippie, slightly hipster styles, so you have to realize she isn’t always fashionable either. She likes both floral imprint dresses, but black dresses as well, like we mentioned. Her summer fashion trends are always quite unpredictable however, so one always wonders what she’ll come up with next. Thus, she is a great example for young girls in that she tries to create her own style as well, not just follow whatever is popular.However, you must keep in mind the fact that often the photos are retouched and she has a professional stylist. Don’t get discouraged if you can;t duplicate the Vanessa Hudgens style exactly. Just use some of her techniques and add them to your look.


Vanessa’s hair is shiny, silky and healthy, so make sure you take care of your locks. If you have lighter hair, you can dye it professionally to achieve a dark chocolate hue. If you want a more Gabriella look, get a shoulder length hairstyle. If not, grow your hair considerably long so you can look more like Vanessa. Sweep your bangs to the side of your face by combing either the right or left side of your hair to the opposite side.

How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style How to Achieve the Vanessa Hudgens Style Picture


The makeup is an important part of the Vanessa Hudgens style. It isn’t necessary to have brown eyes or to get dark brown contacts, you can recreate the look with your real eye color and some makeup. In an interview, Vanessa said that on a regular day she uses foundation, red lipstick and mascara. Because she has very long eyelashes, you will need a good quality mascara. On the red carpet, Vanessa wears a charcoal eyeshadow. Choose some dark grays for the crease of your eye and gradually get a darker shade. However, don’t exaggerate with a black eyeshadow.