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Ribbon – your uncommon fashion accessory

Ribbon – your uncommon fashion accessory

Oct 31, 2018

If you love fashion and you are attentive with or appearance, you probably want to try out new things from time to time. Keeping your style fresh and interesting isn’t always that easy, considering the clothes and accessories you have access to on the market are usually mass-produced. In order to maintain your outfits a bit more original and out of the ordinary, you need to be creative. An accessory that is extremely versatile and can be included in various outfit combos is ribbon. Although not designed for fashion purposes, ribbon can in fact be used to upgrade an attire and here are a few great ways how:

Ribbon - your uncommon fashion accessory

Accentuate your waist with ribbon

If you are wearing an oversized tee or a dress that perhaps needs a belt, what you could do is use grosgrain ribbon instead. This will give a more unique twist to your ensemble and will accentuate your waste in a beautiful manner. If you want to obtain a more romantic appearance, you could choose wedding ribbons UK for this fashion trick.

Ribbon collar

A dull shirt can be transformed into an eye-catching fashion element by adding a ribbon collar to it. Choose a pattern and colour that goes well with your clothes and tie a large, flow bow around your shirt’s collar.

Ribbon broche

Create the effect of a broche by pining a small ribbon bow on the left or right side of your blouse. A Small pink bow on a white blouse will have an appealing visual effect on your entire look. Ribbon can be a perfect broche replacement.

Replace handbag handles with ribbon straps

Handbags are always a must when it comes to complete fashion looks, but often, you might get ul of the ones you have around, and always buying new ones is of course not an option. You can give any handbag an entirely new appearance, and match it better with your outfit of the day by replacing its handles with pieces of ribbon. You’ll love the results.  

When it comes to fashion, you don’t have to stick to some rigid rules and make only safe choices, sometimes, the best ensembles come from inspired, original choices. Considering the importance of good accessorizing for an impeccable appearance, your options in this department as essential, and ribbon, while not a common choice, can actually make your outfits seem more interesting and authentic. Dare to try out these ideas and you might make out of this decorative element a preferred fashion accessory.

How to incorporate thigh-high boots in your winter outfits

Undoubtedly, over the knee or thigh high boots completely transform an outfit by adding a serious dash of glamour and sex appeal. They represent the ideal choice when going out for the night or deliberately trying to stand out from the crowd and captivate everyone’s attention. Thus, the next question becomes inevitable: how can you wear these provocative yet trendy pieces in a way that embraces their powerful impact on the eye while still maintaining a classy and fashionable look, especially during winter? Well, one thing is for sure. They protect you from the cold temperature outside and you also have the possibility to choose between a sheer variety of models, colors, materials and prints, depending on your preferences. In addition, you can go in store and purchase them whenever you find the time or you can visit multiple websites like and place an order in any moment of the day or night. Going back to how to incorporate over the knee boots in your winter outfits… the truth is that your creativity plays an important role.

How to incorporate thigh-high boots in your winter outfits

Aspects to consider when buying thigh-high boots

Including a pair of thigh-high boots in your outfits is quite risky because if you do not combine clothing articles and colors strategically, you might exude a cheap vibe and you definitely want to avoid that. For this reason, you should stick to neutral shades including black and brown. Moreover, these statement pieces require a decent financial investment so you should buy simple models that go with the majority of clothes in your closet to make sure that you will be able to wear them every time you wish. In terms of material, you should avoid patent or anything striking, unless you intend to preserve them for a special occasion. Instead, you should opt for soft suede and rich leather. Apart from the material and color, you also have to keep in mind the heel height. Flat boots or those with a small heel are obviously more suitable for everyday use while high heel practically scream attention, thus being perfect for special occasions.

Winter outfits ideas with over the knee boots

For a casual look, you have many options available when it comes to building outfits and including thigh-high boots, which have the power to flatter anyone. For instance, you can put together a pair of jeans with a skinny cut, a blouse or warm sweater and a bomber jacket. Obviously, you need to go with a pair of simple black boots with a mid height heel. On the other hand, you can make a bolder combination, namely a black sweatshirt dress with a large hood and bright-colored royal blue boots. Pick an oversized shapeless sweatshirt dress with a sporty look because the over the knee boots represent the focal point here. For a girlie outfit, mix something delicate, like a flowing dress with something though, more precisely leather boots. The length of the dress is very important when combining it with high boots so pay close attention. Moreover, taking into account the cold season, you should add a coat to the outfit.

Creating the most impressive wedding outfit

Creating the most impressive wedding outfit

Apr 25, 2017

It is recommended to pay more attention to little details when it comes to creating your wedding outfit. It is normal to feel stressed if you are the groom, so try to calm down because everything will be perfect if you will be patient. It is extremely important to choose a wedding suit that will help you feel very comfortable all the time. Unfortunately, many grooms forget this aspect and they make a mistake when choosing their outfit. Don’t worry, because there are many wedding suit hire Leicester agencies. You just need to choose one that will help you impress not just your wife, but also your guests. If you don’t like the idea of spending a fortune on your clothes, you should better consider hiring your wedding suit because you will find stunning models at attractive prices. The choice is yours, but make sure that you will think twice because it can be very uncomfortable to regret after a while.

Creating the most impressive wedding outfit

The accessories play a significant role

It is recommended to choose your wedding suit together with your wife because you must look very well together, meaning that you have to choose the same style. However, the next step is choosing the accessories because they are always playing a significant role. Everybody knows that accessories have the capacity to change your look, but be very careful because it is very easy to destroy an outfit with some wrong accessories. This is the main reason why it is recommended to choose some classic ones because they will always look good. For example, you shouldn’t wear a hat if you will have a fancy wedding suit because you will create a very complicated outfit. When selecting the tie, things are easier because you have two possibilities: classic one colour tie vs. colourful or printed tie. If your suit is very simple, you can add a printed tie because it will complete your look in a very sophisticated manner.

Wedding boutonniere

You must know that the wedding boutonniere is a very sophisticated accessory and this is the main reason why you need to make sure that it will fit with your whole look. You can decide to have a classic boutonniere made from flowers, or you can pick an unconventional one. More and more people prefer the second option nowadays because they like to be different. For example, if your wedding theme is marine, you can create a boutonniere made from shells, but make sure that it will look good on your wedding suit.



Guide to select the right abaya colour

Guide to select the right abaya colour

Apr 10, 2017

Every woman needs an abaya in a color that complements her skin tone. Countless times women do not wear the right outfit because they are too busy to choose the right color for their abayas. Closed abayas are seen as clothing items that add women elegance and grace, so if you want to impress with your outfit, then you should carefully choose it. The fashion trends have changed the concept of abaya, so now you have the possibility to select from a wide variety of colors and models when it comes to this piece of clothing. If you look inside the fashion market, you will see that the majority of online stores offer on sale abayas in simple designs and models embedded with different embellishments.

Guide to select the right abaya colour

Abayas for light skin

If you have light skin, then you will have to think if your skin has yellow or pink undertones, because these features will help you decide upon the color of the clothing items. Generally, you should choose black and white abayas because they highlight your skin tones well. You should avoid colors as taupes, beiges and camels, because they do not complement your skin tone. Bright and bold hues will look amazing on your skin so do not be afraid to choose them.

What to choose if you have medium skin tone

In case you are a lady who has medium skin tone then you should go with neutral tones as taupe, ivory, sand, beige, camel, olive green or light blush. Camel complements medium tone skin perfectly, so you should try at least a couple of outfits in this shade. When it comes to jewelries, you can select ones that come in royal purple, emerald, ruby red, cobalt or bright pink. You should avoid wearing pastels.

Dark skin tones and abayas

Dark skin tone is the most versatile one when it comes to choosing the abayas colors. You only have to avoid wearing mocha or brown, because they do not blend with your skin tone. You can work with any solid color, so you can even try bright colors and muted blue. You can play with the colors of the abayas. During the summer season, you can try beiges, pastels, muted colors or yellows. If you talk about the cold season, then you can try magentas, mauves, and grey tones. There are so many colours you can choose form, because you are a lucky winner with your dark skin tone.

How to Preserve the Colour of Your Clothes

How to Preserve the Colour of Your Clothes

Dec 20, 2016

The only thing worse than not being able to have the garments you want is actually having the clothes of your dreams, only to then ruin them with a poor laundry choice. Naturally, it is the kind of thing we all swear we’ll never do, but is nevertheless something basically every single one of us is guilty of from time to time. And according to the experts in women’s latest fashion shoes and clothing, the real misfortune of clothes fading before their time is that in basically every case, it all could have been easily avoided.

Of course, the last thing most people are responsive to is something of a lecture in how to wash their garments – chances are they have been doing it for quite a long time. Nonetheless, when it comes to preserving colourful clothes, it’s a good idea to revisit from time to time a few common sense tips and guidelines to live by.

So in the interests of keeping your proudest clothes for as long as possible, here is a short overview of the most crucial tips for making it happen:

How to Preserve the Colour of Your Clothes

1 – Read the Label Carefully

First up, it is of critical importance to understand the fact that labels on clothes aren’t simply there just for the sake of it. Where there is a care label present, this is basically your blueprint for making sure your garments stay as fantastic as they are now for as long as possible. If the label says to do something, do it. And if it states to most categorically not do something…well, you can most likely figure out the rest.

2 – Group Properly

If you have the habit of separating your laundry into two groups – as in white garments and coloured, you are at least half way there. Nonetheless, it is perfectly common for people to entirely ignore the actual types of colours they’re washing together, failing to understand the fact that pale blues and bright reds do not necessarily make the best of bedfellows…at least when it comes to the washing machine. If you want to preserve the colours of your clothes, try grouping similar colours together and avoid mixing washes.

3 – Wash Clothes Inside Out

This is one of the most crucial tips when it comes to avoiding a huge variety of unfortunate kinds of damage – any piece of clothing that can be washed inside out should be washed inside out. It is important to understand that when your clothes are flying around in the washing machine, the process is not exactly very gentle to the fabric exterior. Therefore, it just makes sense to protect the garment’s outside by turning it inside out before putting it in the machine.

4 – Try Being Frugal

Remember that if the clothes you want to wash are not free to move around in the washing machine, they won’t be washed and rinsed properly. Not only can over-packing a washing machine lead to damaged clothes simply by overcrowding, but there is every chance some items will be doused in detergent and softener which won’t be rinsed out properly, resulting in unnecessary damage. And naturally, all the clothes won’t end up washed at all.

5 – Be Careful with Drying

If you use a tumble dryer, you may want to remember that there’s in fact such a thing as drying your garments too much. When it comes to bright colours in particular, leaving garments in the dryer for too long or drying them at a setting too high could result in damage and fading. If you do not have a dryer with a timer, you will need to stay close to it and keep checking things.

6 – Wash with Cold Water

Washing garments in colder water isn’t only great for the environment, but it will also save you a fortune and can help keep the brightness and boldness of your coloured clothes. Even a minor switch as going from 40º C to 30º C could add up to a huge difference to say the least.

7 – Buy Quality Clothes

Last up, while it might be a little bit late for this specific tip in some cases, one of the best ways of preserving colourful clothing is to focus in buying quality garments in the first place. Everything from the dying techniques to the quality of the material used throughout the manufacturing process will contribute to your clothes’ longevity and how well they stand up to the rigour of everyday life.



How to: Organise your organza bags

How to: Organise your organza bags

Oct 3, 2016

People spend over the years more money on crafting materials than they do on jewellery. The truth is that this shopping behaviour is not easy to manage taking into account that the results are more than spectacular. If you are in the habit of doing crafts, you will need to store them. What you should do is buy a large amount of cheap organza bags so that you will have enough for the future. Equally important is to store your pouches in an organised manner. If you do not know where you should start, this article will help you figure out what to do. You will never again forget about your things or have to deal with missing ones.

How to organise your organza bags

Sort out all organza bags by size

The first thing you should take into consideration is size. You cannot take your pouches and chunk them into a box. Not only will you make a mess, but also the items are likely to get caught as if in a net. To make things easier, you should put each bag on a flat surface, preferably the floor. What you need to do next is to arrange them according to size. This way you will immediately find the largest ones that are taking up all the space.

Colour-code your organza bags

It is largely believed that it is smarter to organise by colour. Similar to clothing, it is quicker and more efficient to find organza bags by colour. If you are dealing with more than two colours, it is best to be consistent. To be more precise, you should group together your beautiful small pockets light to dark. This way, they will look prettier and you can effortlessly find what you are looking for when in a rush. The point is that everything should be stored in a fashionable manner.

Use a box of some kind

When it comes to storing your organza bags, you will need to make sure that they are not exposed to the air. What you need is a plastic container, which ideal regardless of whether your organza bags carry crafts or jewellery. It is important to get one that can keep your possession safe during transportation. Place the pouches with the thin side up so as to be able to get your hands on whatever you need fast. One of the great benefits of using a plastic container is the fact that you have a good look of all your organza bags.

5 Refreshing Lularock Autumn Looks For 2016

5 Refreshing Lularock Autumn Looks For 2016

Sep 6, 2016

Autumn- the season of harvest, fallen leaves and spice lattes. Walk down the streets and listen to the soft whispers of the trees as they shed leaves as offerings to the Earth. Let the cool winds pinch your cheeks playfully as you lose yourself in the rhythm of spring in these marvelous Lularock autumn looks of 2016:

5 Refreshing Lularock Autumn Looks For 2016 Picture 5 Refreshing Lularock Autumn Looks For 2016 Picture

Sugar Cookie Skirt by Sretsis

A sugar cookie skirt by Sretsis  in golden ginger is the perfect skirt for autumn with it’s warm hues and delicately patterned designs. When paired with a plain knitted top and elegant accessories, the sugar cookie skirt offers a mischievous yet decidedly feminine and sweet allure. Perfect for long autumn walks in the park and leisurely trips to the nearest cafe.

Martedi by Vivetta

Sleek, elegant and playful can be summarized with the signature Martedi dress by Vivetta. This dress is ideal for wearers who know just how to make a statement! With it’s playful scallop detailing and the eccentric ‘hands’ collar, the Martedi dress is a piece that reflects vintage fashion with a delightful twist. With the martedi dress by Vivetta, it’s a guarantee to be turning heads wherever you go. Pair this dress with classical vintage shoes and bows for a complete look.

Amen Shorts by Alice McCall

The Amen shorts in striped copper are a fun and sensual combination for the confident personalities. With it’s luxurious and fun shimmer and flattering high-waist cut, the Amen shorts are an exceptionally spicy combination when paired with dark tops and heels. Fashionable, sexy and fun- being a triple threat is exactly that easy.

Poppins Dress (Lips) by Manoush

Effortlessly chic, stylish and comfortable, this silk twill dress is perfect for the bohemian inspired goddess in you. With it’s gathered skirt pleats and silk material, the poppins dress allows room for movement for the freedom loving. Conservative yet unique, this dress is ideal for those who enjoy just a bit of flair in their everyday life.

Potters Skirt by Karen Walker

For the classical soul in you, the Potters skirt by Karen Walker is the perfect skirt for the season. With it’s full length patched mesh and the delicate flare from the waist, the Potters skirt creates a classic silhouette of poise and elegance. Protect yourself from the chilly weather while still maintaining an appearance of grace this Autumn with the Potters skirt. You can pair this skirt up with heels and a traditional red lipped look for an added effect.
These are some of the recommended pieces from Lularock this season. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to your heart’s contents and create the ideal Autumn look for yourself. To learn more of what the talented designers have to offer, you can pay their website a visit. Immerse yourself in the wonderful harmony of art and fashion today!


Casual style tips for men who want to look fashionable

Casual style tips for men who want to look fashionable

Jun 28, 2016

When it comes to men’s fashion, comfort has always been an important aspect. Nowadays, you can wear comfy outfits while still having a fashionable appearance. With the right clothing combinations, you can manage to have a perfectly stylish casual look. When you are buying clothing items or footwear, it is extremely important to choose the right brands, such as 10 Deep, that are known for the quality of their items and their fashion design as well. If you are not properly aware of how you should dress to achieve that perfect look, here are some casual style tips that might help you out:

Casual style tips for men who want to look fashionable

Choose jeans that suit you

One of the biggest mistake men tend to do is wearing jeans that are not suitable for their body shape. In order to look impeccable is it necessary to choose jeans properly, ones that look good on you. You should avoid baggy jeans, but opt for a more simple design, a straight dark-blue pair of jeans that fit you are the perfect choice to make. With the right pair of pants or jeans in this situation, you can wear any t-shirt you have in your closet, and you will look impeccable.

Wear sneakers with a more exclusive design

Sneakers are probably the number one choice of men, when it comes to footwear. Although they might not be suitable for a formal outfit, for your day to day looks, sneakers are the perfect choice. However, you should step out of you comfort zone, and start buying more exclusive designs that stand out of the ordinary. Do not opt for the traditional black, or white sneakers, but dare to wear bolder colors, such as metallic gold, red or yellow. If you add the right pair of sneakers to an all-black outfit, for example, you will manage to stand out from the crowd and have a stylish and fashionable look.

Do not be afraid to accessorize

Most men avoid wearing accessories, either they do not like them or do not know what to choose. You should know that accessories can give any outfit a touch of originality and style. With a designer backpack bag or a colorful belt, you will manage to give an exclusive vibe to any dull outfit you would want to wear. From sunglasses to bags and even socks, accessorizing is extremely important for any casual style, especially if you want to look your best, regardless of day or occasion. These few simple tips can help you create the perfect casual style.

Although not most men are interested in keeping up with the latest fashion trends, they still desire to be a stylish appearance. If you want to look sharp and create a comfortable yet fashionable style for yourself, then follow these few steps and you will certainly look your best anywhere you go. Start looking online for a clothing store that can provide you with the purchase opportunities you desire, and pick out the items that suit your personal style best.

Ribbons in fashion – how did things evolve?

Ribbons in fashion – how did things evolve?

Feb 24, 2016

Fashion is one of the most dynamic fields: trends change at least twice a year and season after season everybody is trying to renew their wardrobe in accordance to these. Although there have been plenty of changes over the years, there are certain elements that always seem to come back to public attention. Whether you are thinking about a certain fabric or a piece of garment, fashion is circular and at some point, these will become stylish again. Ribbons, for instance, are an item that has always been present in this industry, from the most ancient times until today. In spite of often being considered a mere accessory, this incredible material has proven its versatility, being used for several clothing products.

Ribbons in fashion - how did things evolve

The beginning of ribbons

Even if this may be hard to believe now, you should know that ribbons played an important role in the evolution of fashion. Ages ago, women from all around the world used this fabric to express their social statue and wellness. For this reason, not everyone had access to this accessory. In Europe, the material became famous around the eighteenth century. Initially, women used the narrow straps to tie their hair, decorate braids and buns or replace headbands. After a while, ribbons became so popular that everyone has at least one in their attire.

The apogee of ribbons

In spite of being used for some time, the apogee of ribbons was touched during the Victorian times. Regardless the dimensions, textures, forms or colour, they were a real statement that could not lack from a woman’s outfit. The impressive Victorian hat, adorned with large ribbons and bows, has remained a remarkable accessory even after all this time. Another peak point of this material was achieved when the headband was the min hair accessory used not only by school girls, but from women of all ages.

Ribbons today

It is true that today’s fashion is no longer dominated by ribbons, but they are still an extremely popular accessory. You can buy discount ribbons and use them as a delicate headband, a beautiful feminine belt or even as a hair tie. One element that seems to be the star of runways at the moment is the bow blouse – most famous designers have included this garment in their collections, transforming it into a must have of our times. As you can see, ribbons will never go out of style, which proves the above mentioned statement: fashion really is a dynamic yet circular domain.

Using T-shirt printing to achieve a fashion look

Using T-shirt printing to achieve a fashion look

Jan 25, 2016

Although fashion changes every season, T-Shirt designs have a slightly different rhythm. Unlike other pieces of clothes like dresses or coats, they do not receive the same attention. The reason for this is that T-shirts are seen as complementary pieces of clothing and not as ones that highlight an outfit. But even if they do not receive the attention that they deserve, these blouses are still popular among fashion consumers. The truth is that these simple apparels can be transformed into real stylish pieces thanks to live garment printing. If you are determined to stay ahead of the trend, then T-shirts printing is the solution for you. The process takes less than 10 minutes, you can consider it fast forward fashion.

Using Tshirt printing to create a fashion look

How famous brands take advantage of printing techniques

You have probably noticed the iconic flying tiger that Kenzo displays on an array of clothing. In order to create women’s wear, the fashion house relies solely on screen printing. This technique implies picking up every detail of the design, including the elements that are distorted. More importantly, the process of reproduction allows the user to use more colors and make a unique illustration. Another example is the British brand Superdry that prints using traditional screen printing to create colorful designs. There are countless other examples of designers that use T-shirt designs and the process of reproduction to make a fashion statement. And so can you.

Standing out thanks to T-shirt printing services

If you are a follower of fashion, then you already know how hard it can be to create an individual style. A graphic tee will certainly make you stand out and it only takes a couple of minutes to design one. What you should do is look for a company that lets you create your own designs online. Companies that offer these kinds of services use an approach that is likely to appeal to you. More precisely, you can customize your design in any way that you want because you are provided the possibility of changing color hues and the background. The only thing left for you to do is have the company adorn the blouses with your innovative designs.

How to style the T-shirt

Instead of following the example of other people that totally dismiss the graphic tee, you should wear it and make it look fashionable. In order to do so, it is always a good idea to add some outwear. A denim jacket or a tuxedo will make your tee stylish, but make sure not to cover up the logo. Women in particular should consider wearing a stack of bracelets or some funky earrings. Finally, a pair of unexpected shoes can add interest to the outfit.

The point is that graphic tees are not necessarily complementary pieces of clothing, but rather ones that make the difference. Now specialist processes are no longer reserved for large companies, but to everyday customers as well. So, if you are interested in creating fashionable designs, there are many companies out there willing to lend you a helping hand.

Second hand store owners: invest in right clothing for children

Second hand store owners: invest in right clothing for children

Dec 12, 2015

Running a second hand store is a handful as there are all sorts of decisions you should be making, from the supplier you will be using from the type of clothing pieces you will be presenting in your store. Speaking of the last aspect, when having to choose the right clothing pieces for your clients, you need to consider several facts, at least as clothing for children is concerned. For adults, there is an entirely different set of rules.

Second hand store owners- invest in right clothing for children

Practical clothing pieces

Mothers are always in need of little items that are practical, these being absolutely necessary for all children and should be part of their wardrobe. So, try to bring haine second hand pentru copii like turtlenecks, baby body suits, pants and t-shirts in your store. You will see that these will instantly be purchased by clients. Mothers know how important it is to have diverse clothing pieces of this kind, which is really why you will never run out of clients when it comes to this particular segment of your store.

Choose happy, cheerful designs

When having to select clothing for children, you would be wise to concern yourself with colors. Strong, cheerful colors will most certainly attract clients. Parents love to see their children dressed up in cute looking clothes that also have a lovely design. In terms of design, you could choose anything from funny looking insects to great messages that are written all over the clothing pieces. You will notice that when it comes to clothing for children, your options come in a large number. Therefore, finding cute looking items will not prove to be problem in any way.

Great fabrics

Here is an important suggestion, one you should consider attentively as it will help you increase the level of your profit. When it comes to kids’ clothing, parents look at fabrics attentively. As you can imagine what they are mostly concerned about is buying items that are made 100% out of cotton. So, you would be wise to focus on bringing forward products that are indeed made of great, high quality fabrics like cotton or wool. When having clothing pieces made from these fabrics, you will see that your public will appreciate it and your profit levels will increase substantially.

Hopefully, these three facts have been of some help to you, at least in terms of picking out the right clothing pieces for children that obviously suit your needs.

Baby shower decoration ideas that you should try

Baby shower decoration ideas that you should try

Sep 30, 2015

When you are trying to organise a baby shower for a loved one, it is important to keep in mind all the details that will make this occasion as special as it should be. To this extent, having the right decorations will really show your love and commitment to this occasion and make the soon to be mom extremely happy. To this extent, here are a few decorating ideas for a successful baby shower:

Baby shower decoration ideas that you should try

Flower pots willed with candy

This is a lovely idea and it can work for both boys and girls. You just filled the flower pot with some colourful candy and stick a large round one in the top, so that it looks like a blossomed flower. To make the leaves of your sweet plant, you can use pink or blue little ones ribbons and everything will look perfect.

Beautiful pink pencil favors

If your friend is expecting a girl, give each guest a notepad and a pen decorated with a bee and a pink ribbon to write their warm wishes to the baby and the mom. These are very easy to make, as you just need to tie some pink satin bows and glue them to each pencil. This idea is inexpensive and will create a wonderful effect. The guests will have something to remember this baby shower and the mom will be delighted for the great idea that you came up with!

Candies in baby bottles

You can use this idea both as a favour and as a decorating item. Buy some candies and some baby bottles from your local store and tie a satin ribbon around each bottle. Make sure you match the colours with the theme of your party, but that should not be a problem considering the wide variety of ribbons available on the market at the moment.

Themed centrepiece

Create a beautiful centrepiece for the table using a flower pot, baby figurines, candy and colourful ribbons. Just use your imagination and combine these elements using these items. The result will be appreciated by all the guests and your creativity and skills will certainly be praised. If you don’t have any ideas, just make a quick search online and you will have plenty of inspirational centrepieces to choose from.

Baby showers are supposed to be special and fun because they celebrate the birth of a new baby. Make this occasion special for your friends, by making sure all the details are in order and everyone has a lot of fun.

Hunting a simple wedding detail? Sash ribbons is the answer for it

Hunting a simple wedding detail? Sash ribbons is the answer for it

Sep 30, 2015

A wedding means a lot of details that should be taken into account, and when the bride asks to keep it simple, on the whole wedding arrangements, for a wedding planner used to richness it may be hard to make her happy. Sometimes, a simple arrangement it proves to be more difficult to be made than a complex one. The best way to offer a bride the minimalistic look that she wants at her wedding is to visit a specialised sash ribbons UK store and buy beautiful ribbons.

  Hunting a simple wedding detail sash ribbons is the answer for it

Sash ribbons for the ceremony chairs

Sash ribbons can be used at decorating the ceremony chairs at a wedding, offering an elegant touch on the whole appearance of the place. Usually, are used satin ribbons in warm colours, but at the asking of the bride they can be made in various colours, from red to blue or purple. Also, when using this type of decorations for chairs there can be added pearls, natural flowers, or mix them with lace. The sash ribbons can be used as little bows bounded on the side of the chair, or as flowing pieces of fabric with curly accents.

Burlap garlands for weddings

The burlap garland is easy to make and it proves to be a unique item for wedding decorations. It suits perfectly in a simple wedding decorum if the designer keeps it in nude colours like: white, pink, nude, or different shades of blue and grey. This type of garlands can be made from ribbons, and can be decorated with different accessories as lace bows, pearls, crystals or flowers.

Restaurant decorations

If the restaurant provides neutral decorations for a wedding reception, a pop of colour can simply be added with the using of sash ribbons. If everything is white, from the chairs to the flowers a little pop of colour can be added by wrapping a blue or red ribbon. It can be used on the flower arrangements, to cover the stems of the flower if the vessels are clear, or as bows, of different sizes at the chairs, or even as table cloth accessories, by putting a little pearl in the middle of a sash ribbon rose an place it on a side of the table.

Also, sash ribbons can be used to make matching headbands for the little bridesmaids who cannot carry an enormous flower bouquet. These types of headbands are easy to wear by the little ones and if they get bored of wearing them on the head they can easily use them as belts.

How to prevent damaging your hair

How to prevent damaging your hair

Jul 21, 2015

Just as take care of your skin, you should also know that your hair needs special attention in order to look nice and most important – stay healthy. You probably already have a bunch of products for your skin, while your hair only benefits from shampoo and conditioner. Having a beautiful hair is not only an innate trait and you will have to invest some time and effort into achieving this goal. However, in your quest for beautiful hair, all you manage to do is damaging it. The excessive use of cosmetic products and styling devices will end up soaking the health out of your hair, so you should make some changes if you want to avoid this. If you have noticed that it has become dry or it has started to fall, you should know that this is a sign of damage. As a consequence, unless you want to have it cut, you should make sure you avoid causing any damage and change some things in your daily routine.

How to prevent damaging your hair

Stop overheating the hair

It is well known that, during the warm season, the hair becomes drier and harsher, and this is due to the high temperatures. The same thing applies when you use a blow drier or a hair straightener, except that their temperatures are much higher and are directly affecting the hair. Even if you want to get a neat look, try to avoid using these devices, at least during the summer, because the weather conditions (wind, sun, heat) are already causing some damage. This can be repaired with a good conditioner, but in time, the negative effects will remain. If you really need to attend an event and you want to have a special coiffure, make sure you use some thermal protection products.

Start using harmless hair ties

You may not be aware of this, but keeping your hair tied is one of the main reasons of hair loss. This happens because the roots are forced and placed in an unusual position, while the scrunchy is suffocating the hairs, damaging their surface. To this purpose, you should try to let the hair loose as much as possible and replace traditional ties with a fabric that will not force the hair, such as ribbon.

Use natural products

Try to replace the chemical cocktails you normally use with natural, handmade solutions. You can keep the same shampoo, but you can use a natural butter instead of hair oil, such as coconut or almond butter. Remember to use a mask from time to time – blend up some foods you have around the house (eggs, lemon, honey, milk etc), and the results will be impressive.

Make your wedding memorable with printed ribbons

Make your wedding memorable with printed ribbons

Apr 29, 2015

Every woman wants to have that perfect wedding she has been dreaming of ever since she was a little girl. For this to happen all details must be handled and nothing should be left to chance. From the dress, the venue and the flowers to the decorations that will make the entire atmosphere more festive, there are many details that need to be handled. If you are looking for that special something to make your wedding just perfect and enable your guests to have something special to remember your event, a printed wedding ribbon placed on each table is a great idea. You can attach the ribbon to every napkin on the table and thus obtain a beautiful and yet discreet effect.

Make your wedding memorable with printed ribbons.jpg

Printed ribbons have multiple uses and if you want to use more of them, you can also add them among the flower ornaments or even around the wedding cake. The effect will surely be wonderful and all your guests will observe the beautiful details that were so carefully chosen. Ribbons are also a great way to complete your wedding theme. For instance, for an autumn wedding, you could choose an orange or red ribbon printed with your names and date. You can add these ribbons to your wedding favors and in this way offer something nice to every one of your guests. This is exactly that type of thing that makes a wedding stand out and become something that everyone will remember for a long time with happiness.


When you want to have a certain theme or just make sure all your details are carefully put together, ribbons are the perfect choice you can make. Since they have a relatively low price, this is a great choice for those who are on a tight budget and yet do not have to compromise on the beauty of their wedding. Ribbons are delicate and they will make the entire atmosphere more festive. Since there are so many ribbon designs available in dedicated stores, you should not have any problems in finding one that best matches the idea you had in mind and your budget. Printed wedding ribbons will complete your wedding and make it as beautiful as you envisioned it in the beginning.


To conclude, when it comes to decorating your wedding, ribbons can definitely help you give a special look and perhaps complete a certain theme you had in mind. Whether you would like to have a main color at your wedding or you just want to have perfect wedding favors, the right ribbons will do just that. You will have fun choosing one of the designs available in dedicated stores and personalizing it for your wedding. Any bride wishes to have a perfect event and most of the times, the details make all the difference in the world. Your guests will be delighted by the sweet touches of the wedding and you will certainly have gorgeous memories from your event. This is something that happens once in a lifetime and you should make sure everything is perfect.

Ribbon trends in fashion

Ribbon trends in fashion

Apr 29, 2015

There are certain trends in fashion that never seem to die out. You will never see for example the little black dress going out of fashion. The same rule applies for certain motives in fashion such as the ribbon motive. Ribbons have always been considered a symbol of femininity and charm, not to mention that they make perfect outfit accessories. Place a small ribbon in your hair and your baby doll dress will look even more charming. Besides the obvious uses, there are many other useful applications to an affordable small ribbon than you can imagine. You can use a satin large ribbon to transform an old dress into a beautiful evening gown by placing it around your waist for instance.  It is needless to mention that bows and ribbons have always been used in jewelry making.  The bow motif is preponderant in jewelry trends as much as are ribbons in clothing manufacturing. Everyone from little girls to grown up women seems to embrace the ribbon trend every time it resurfaces. While a couple of years back ribbons were used mainly as part of the clothing, nowadays, ribbons are used mainly to accessorize items.

Ribbon trends in fashion.jpg

The jewelry ribbon trend has emerged as an affordable solution to the expensive gold and silver jewelry. What is more, fashion is all about originality and the fact that women can craft their own jewelry at home helps increase their diversity and allows unique items to emerge. There is no creative limit when it comes to ribbon jewelry making, because of the great variety of ribbons available on the dedicated market, but also because of the many uses you can find to them. You can easily make a necklace and a bracelet by combining ribbons of various sizes and colors with some beads or small silver or gold pendants. What is more, you only need to change the ribbon to reinvent a jewelry item.


Fashion reinvents itself every day. Fashion designers and magazines do not dictate the trends, people do and the fact that certain trends seem more prevalent than others can only mean that people feel a certain fascination towards those things and cannot bear to let them become ephemeral. Ribbons will always be considered cute and feminine accessories, so fashion brings them to light from time to time to remind us exactly what seems to fascinate us so much about them.


London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Oct 21, 2014

London Fashion Week is a clothing trade show held twice a year, in September and February. Along with the Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, it is one of the Big Four fashion events. London is a fashion Mecca where the latest trends are displayed in street windows. Gurus and creative designers have taken over the city, showing their funky street wear.
London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 Picture

The London Fashion Week is an environment where models provide their body as a canvas for famous designers to parade their latest seasonal collection. Nevertheless, new designers are not as welcomed on the catwalk. In the last years, young graduates have been showcased to alternative fashion shows and their name has remained unknown. However, this makes sure that the clothes presented are high-quality and innovative.

The latest Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 brings a lot of bling and shiny effects achieved with futuristic metallic materials, mirrored effects and crystal embellishments. The London Fashion Week was flashy, and designers gave the irridescent outfits a feminine touch with sugary hues and fluid shapes. Another popular trend was the pink hue. Temperley, Preen, Burberry, Emilia Wickstead, J. JS Lee used it everywhere, from the palest shade to an intense fuchsia. But pink was not the only star at the London Fashion Week: a yellow zingy hue made an appearance on more catwalks that we can remember. Roksanda Illincic presented some wide skirts and an oversized scuba jacket that got everyone talking.
London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 London Fashion Week Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 Picture

Floral patterns and monochrome is still in. The artists decorated their jogging pants and sporty bomber jackets with floral embroideries, luxurious textures and prints. Erdem was inspired by Eton’s school uniforms for his black-and-white palette, oversized cadet jackets, shrunken seersucker blazers and duchesse silk rugby shirts. Many were wrapped in a tulle or a-quiver with feathers. Flat shoes were also present on the catwalks, form famous designers, including J.W. Anderson and Roksanda, Simone Rocha and Giles.

There were many roomy at the top clothes present at the London Fashion Week, definitely something you do not want to wear when you need to blend into the background. Models were dressed in big puffy strapless dresses and puffy skirts decorated with lots of chains, belts and buckles. Some might say these accessories are necessary when you are wearing a tent, so they can emphasize your silhouette. Bomber jackets and Bermuda shorts are set to continue for another summer. The London designers also opted for frayed edges that provide a relaxing mood. Christopher Kane’s frayed tinsel tops and Topshop Unique’s rough edged boucle suit were simply amazing.