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Fighting Against Drug Abuse-Apparel Brands That Promotes Sobriety

Drug use is commonplace in the fashion industry and many of the brands out there do not seem to be interested in curtailing the trend; it may surprise you that many of them even subtly encourage the use of drugs by their designers, stylists, and models.  You can contact Holistic treatment centers for drug abuse and they can use their professional expertise to heal you.

Drug use may be rampant in the fashion industry, but not all fashion brands promote drug use. In fact, some brands take it upon themselves to campaign against drug use. Some of these brands will be discussed below.

Fighting Against Drug Abuse

Party Sober

Party Sober may be a fashion brand, but it is more about the lifestyle than the clothing. The society has glorified alcohol and Party Sober is bent on changing that unhelpful perspective. Alcohol commercials will only show you where peeps are drinking vodka and beer at bars among friends as if it’s all cool. Unfortunately, they will never show you how those individuals behave when they get drunk or show them when they cry themselves to sleep, only to wake up feeling depressed and guilty. Sober Drunk is bent on exemplifying a better life for their brand associates and the general public.

New Lyfe Clothing

The main intention of this fashion brand is to break the stigma of addiction and alcoholism.  The fashion organization is of the opinion that it is a clothing line of fighters. They want the world to see alcoholism as a poor life-choice that it truly is. They also want people to see it as a weakness. The fashion brand believes in independence, confidence and building strength in individuals. They believe in helping people to overcome the weakness and wrong choice of alcoholism.  The modest messages being preached by the fashion brand makes their productions to look cute and fashionable.    

Sober is Sexy

The intention of the fashion brand speaks for itself already.  This clothing is perfect for you if you or someone you know has alcoholism issue. They do not keep the proceeds from this fashion line; rather, they send the money to addiction recovery centers to help those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction.


There are many other fashion brands fighting against drug use but those mentioned above are the few that space will permit.  If you are finding it difficult to shake free from the shackles of drug abuse, you can go for Drug abuse treatments at The Holistic Sanctuary. They have the expertise to help you out of the unwanted situation.