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Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween

Halloween costumes can be found anywhere, even online. Most of the costumes are quite expensive, but on certain websites, you can find great costumes at affordable prices. Nevertheless, the authenticity of a costume is given by the small details, details which can’t really be bought. For example, when it comes to women’s costumes, it is all about the hair. In what follows, we will present you with some great Halloween hairstyle ideas which will help you stand out on this spooky night.
Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween Picture

1. Medusa hair

This funny hair idea will add an intimidating reptilian slither to your look. In order to create the squirming braids that remind us of Medusa, the reptilian-haired girl, you will need 3 hair extensions, rubber snakes and bobby pins. Start by braiding the extensions and if you have long hair, separate it into three pony tails and braid them in. If you have short hair, pin up the ends. Proceed by wrapping the braids into a bun. Now it is the time to weave in the rubber snakes. Secure the snakes by threading a needle through their underside and around a bobby pin. This hairstyle works both with brunette hair color ideas as well as with lighter hair colors.

2. Spiderweb Hairstyle

The spiderweb is one of most interesting Halloween ideas. Moreover, it is not difficult to do and it makes a great craft for children. Start by making a circle with two braids around the heard. For the spider web, you can use white pipe cleaner and for the cobwebs cotton balls of string. After the web is ready, position it on the head and tuck the excess pipe cleaner under the braids so they poke out. You can trim the ends or bend them inwards for a better hold. Just be careful not to cut any hair, unless you want to look funny even after Halloween. The final step is to add a spider to the web. You can opt for a big creepy spider or a smaller, more discrete one. Just attach it to the web and your funny hair is ready.
Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween Funny Hair Ideas for Halloween Picture

3. Merida straw curls

Merida is the newest Disney Princess, coronated last year. Her funny hair makes Merida an unique character, very popular among children and adults. You can replicate her hairstyle by using an easy no-heat curling method and some temporary spray-in hair color. This technique is similar to that of paper bag curls or rag curls. Start by selecting small sections of damp hair and rolling them tightly around a straw. Tie the straw into a knot so it will hold up. You can also use very small bendy rollers that cost only a couple of dollars. Wrap a silk scarf around the head and sleep on them, or just keep them on for a few hours. After you untie the straws, separate them with your fingers to your liking, but make sure you don’t brush the hair. To achieve the intense red color, use a mix of orange and red temporary spray found in party supply stores or local beauty supply stores. They hold up all day and wash up easily.

As you can see, there are countless ides that can help you look great on Halloween. Most of these hairstyles work both with brunette hair color ideas as well as with blonde or brown hair colors. The hairstyles presented above are rather simple but they will be a challenge if you don’t have any hairstyling skills. Furthermore, you will need some quality products in order for the hairstyle to be perfect all day. If you want to discover the best hairstyling tips, you should visit This website is a great source of inspiration for women who like to change their hairstyles on a regular basis. Furthermore, it has a lot of tips on how to style your hair. Armed with a great idea and the best hairstyling tips, you will definitely achieve a stunning Halloween look.