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Read this before you get your lips tattooed

Since the day, Cara Delevingne decided to promote natural brows and Kylie Jenner opted for fuller lips, the fuller-the-better- trend started, and it is here to stay. People are looking nowadays for procedures and products that can offer them the same plumped-up look. Everyone knows that Kylie Jenner managed to achieve her look with the help of injections, but there are also other trends you can try, if you are afraid of injections. Have you heard about lip tattoos? If you are looking for a change, then you should make sure you get in touch with a professional as Nicole Zysk, because in this way you are sure that you will have a successful procedure. Here are some things you should know if you decide to have your lips tattooed.


Lip tattoo enhances your lips

The majority of people have the misconception that a lip tattoo will create fullness, well you should know that it actually enhances the beauty of your lips. This procedure has the role to define your lips and it will not create puffiness or volume. It will give you the appearance of a full lip. The process implies the aesthetician to outline the border of your lip, and in this way, they will offer you the appearance of a fuller lip. It is everything about illusion.

The tattoo will not go around your lips as traditional lip-liner

The aesthetician will do an outline on the border of your lips, but they will do more than that, to help you achieve a natural look. They will also shade the colour down into the middle of your lips with the help of a circular motion, and in this way, they will create a blended look. The interior part of your lips will have no colour.

You can take a colour close to your natural lip colour

If you do not want to be obvious that you have done a lip procedure, then you should know that if you opt for a natural colour, then you would have to come to the aesthetician office more often, because you will need frequent touch-ups. If you like, your natural lip colour and you just want a hint more, then you will have to come for touch-ups every year, to refresh the colour. It is recommended to tattoo your lips with one or two shades brighter or darker than your natural skin tone.

The healing process will take more than a week

It is advisable to schedule your procedure before the weekend, because there will be needed a few days for the dryness and swelling to die down. The first week after the procedure, the lips will look very chapped and dry. The colour will look lighter during the first week, but as the lips will heal, the shade will come back. The truest colour will appear after two weeks, so you should be patient. The aesthetician may recommend you taking medication if you are prone to cold sores, because they can ruin the procedure and make the healing period more difficult for you to deal with.