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Ribbon trends in fashion

There are certain trends in fashion that never seem to die out. You will never see for example the little black dress going out of fashion. The same rule applies for certain motives in fashion such as the ribbon motive. Ribbons have always been considered a symbol of femininity and charm, not to mention that they make perfect outfit accessories. Place a small ribbon in your hair and your baby doll dress will look even more charming. Besides the obvious uses, there are many other useful applications to an affordable small ribbon than you can imagine. You can use a satin large ribbon to transform an old dress into a beautiful evening gown by placing it around your waist for instance.  It is needless to mention that bows and ribbons have always been used in jewelry making.  The bow motif is preponderant in jewelry trends as much as are ribbons in clothing manufacturing. Everyone from little girls to grown up women seems to embrace the ribbon trend every time it resurfaces. While a couple of years back ribbons were used mainly as part of the clothing, nowadays, ribbons are used mainly to accessorize items.

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The jewelry ribbon trend has emerged as an affordable solution to the expensive gold and silver jewelry. What is more, fashion is all about originality and the fact that women can craft their own jewelry at home helps increase their diversity and allows unique items to emerge. There is no creative limit when it comes to ribbon jewelry making, because of the great variety of ribbons available on the dedicated market, but also because of the many uses you can find to them. You can easily make a necklace and a bracelet by combining ribbons of various sizes and colors with some beads or small silver or gold pendants. What is more, you only need to change the ribbon to reinvent a jewelry item.


Fashion reinvents itself every day. Fashion designers and magazines do not dictate the trends, people do and the fact that certain trends seem more prevalent than others can only mean that people feel a certain fascination towards those things and cannot bear to let them become ephemeral. Ribbons will always be considered cute and feminine accessories, so fashion brings them to light from time to time to remind us exactly what seems to fascinate us so much about them.