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Ribbon – your uncommon fashion accessory

If you love fashion and you are attentive with or appearance, you probably want to try out new things from time to time. Keeping your style fresh and interesting isn’t always that easy, considering the clothes and accessories you have access to on the market are usually mass-produced. In order to maintain your outfits a bit more original and out of the ordinary, you need to be creative. An accessory that is extremely versatile and can be included in various outfit combos is ribbon. Although not designed for fashion purposes, ribbon can in fact be used to upgrade an attire and here are a few great ways how:

Ribbon - your uncommon fashion accessory

Accentuate your waist with ribbon

If you are wearing an oversized tee or a dress that perhaps needs a belt, what you could do is use grosgrain ribbon instead. This will give a more unique twist to your ensemble and will accentuate your waste in a beautiful manner. If you want to obtain a more romantic appearance, you could choose wedding ribbons UK for this fashion trick.

Ribbon collar

A dull shirt can be transformed into an eye-catching fashion element by adding a ribbon collar to it. Choose a pattern and colour that goes well with your clothes and tie a large, flow bow around your shirt’s collar.

Ribbon broche

Create the effect of a broche by pining a small ribbon bow on the left or right side of your blouse. A Small pink bow on a white blouse will have an appealing visual effect on your entire look. Ribbon can be a perfect broche replacement.

Replace handbag handles with ribbon straps

Handbags are always a must when it comes to complete fashion looks, but often, you might get ul of the ones you have around, and always buying new ones is of course not an option. You can give any handbag an entirely new appearance, and match it better with your outfit of the day by replacing its handles with pieces of ribbon. You’ll love the results.  

When it comes to fashion, you don’t have to stick to some rigid rules and make only safe choices, sometimes, the best ensembles come from inspired, original choices. Considering the importance of good accessorizing for an impeccable appearance, your options in this department as essential, and ribbon, while not a common choice, can actually make your outfits seem more interesting and authentic. Dare to try out these ideas and you might make out of this decorative element a preferred fashion accessory.