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Ribbons in fashion – how did things evolve?

Fashion is one of the most dynamic fields: trends change at least twice a year and season after season everybody is trying to renew their wardrobe in accordance to these. Although there have been plenty of changes over the years, there are certain elements that always seem to come back to public attention. Whether you are thinking about a certain fabric or a piece of garment, fashion is circular and at some point, these will become stylish again. Ribbons, for instance, are an item that has always been present in this industry, from the most ancient times until today. In spite of often being considered a mere accessory, this incredible material has proven its versatility, being used for several clothing products.

Ribbons in fashion - how did things evolve

The beginning of ribbons

Even if this may be hard to believe now, you should know that ribbons played an important role in the evolution of fashion. Ages ago, women from all around the world used this fabric to express their social statue and wellness. For this reason, not everyone had access to this accessory. In Europe, the material became famous around the eighteenth century. Initially, women used the narrow straps to tie their hair, decorate braids and buns or replace headbands. After a while, ribbons became so popular that everyone has at least one in their attire.

The apogee of ribbons

In spite of being used for some time, the apogee of ribbons was touched during the Victorian times. Regardless the dimensions, textures, forms or colour, they were a real statement that could not lack from a woman’s outfit. The impressive Victorian hat, adorned with large ribbons and bows, has remained a remarkable accessory even after all this time. Another peak point of this material was achieved when the headband was the min hair accessory used not only by school girls, but from women of all ages.

Ribbons today

It is true that today’s fashion is no longer dominated by ribbons, but they are still an extremely popular accessory. You can buy discount ribbons and use them as a delicate headband, a beautiful feminine belt or even as a hair tie. One element that seems to be the star of runways at the moment is the bow blouse – most famous designers have included this garment in their collections, transforming it into a must have of our times. As you can see, ribbons will never go out of style, which proves the above mentioned statement: fashion really is a dynamic yet circular domain.