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Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

October is here, that means that Halloween is around the corner and people are starting to prepare and plan their outfit. A scary Halloween makeup is a great solution because you don’t need a costume, all it takes to make an incredible mask just with some basic products. Any mask you imagine, you can make using different colors and art on your face. With a little patience, preparation and some trials at home you can repeat these pictures or upgrade the designs. If you haven’t chosen a costume or mask yet, these great ideas will inspire you. Moreover, these ideas are also great for people who can’t find costumes in local shops. Plus size halloween costumes 2015 can be very hard to find, but they can be made at home and will look very authentic if they are completed with a quality makeup.
Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Picture

Vampire face

When in doubt, always go with the scary vampire Halloween makeup that is suitable for both women and men. To look like a creepy blood-sucker, paint your face with a white foundation and add a lot of black eyeliner around your eyes. Some purple and black eyeshadow will make you look like you haven’t slept in a century. Use the eyeliner to draw sharp, black eyebrows and a widow’s peak. Put one some red lipstick and use red nail polish to drip fake blood from the edges of your mouth. Don’t forget to buy fangs from a costume store.

Skeleton face

This Halloween makeup will certainly scare the trick-or-treaters. Paint your face white with face paint or foundation. Use a black eyeliner and black eyeshadow to paint around your eyes, mouth and nose. Draw spooky looking nostrils above your own and white teeth on your black mouth. You can even extend the mouth on your cheeks for a more realistic look.
Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas Picture

Frankenstein Face

Although it takes a mad scientist to create Frankenstein, anyone can get the look with a simple Halloween makeup. First spray-paint our hair black and use a lot of gel to slick it down. The spray-paint is not expensive and you can easily wash it out. Paint your face green with some face paint and add a long scar and stitch mark on your forehead and face. You can use a black eyeliner for the scars and some blue and yellow eye shadow.

Witch face

In order to achieve a wicked witch Halloween makeup, you will need to paint your face and neck green. Use a black or dark green eyeliner to add V-Shaped lined around your mouth in the middle of your forehead that make you look all wrinkly. The wart is the final touch. Draw a bid black dot on the tip of your nose and glue a few strands of hair from a paintbrush on it with fake eyelash glue. You can easily remove it after the party with soap and warm water. A pointy hat, black lipstick and black nail polish will finish your look.

The makeup is very important for a successful Halloween look and it is particularly important for people who can’t easily find costumes. For example, it can be quite cumbersome to find plus size Halloween costumes 2015. Nevertheless, with a great makeup and some old clothes, anyone can look amazing on Halloween.