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Short Haircuts with Bangs

Short haircuts with bangs, and super short haircuts above the ear are one of the most stylish and easy to manage hairstyles for a woman. Even if many women believe that short haircuts are not feminine, they look amazing and can freshen up a boring haircut. Moreover, short haircuts with bangs can take 5 years off your face and hide a large forehead. Before you make a decision, take a look at these great haircuts and discuss the most suitable one with your hairdresser:

Short Haircuts with Bangs Short Haircuts with Bangs Picture

Ruby Red Bob

The bob is one of the best short haircuts with bangs, because it perfectly frames your face. Ask your stylist to do some red lowlights throughout the hair and put the focus on bringing out your eyes. This means that they will be more concentrated around your face and in the bangs. To style it, apply a roof lifter on damp hair and a smoothing serum at the ends. Blow dry in sections with a small paddle brush for the bottom part and as you dry pull the hair from side to side. Finish with some polishing cream and a lightweight hairspray. This haircut is suitable for any face shape, but it works best on normal to fine hair.

Short Haircuts with Bangs Short Haircuts with Bangs Picture

Peek-A-Boo Bangs

Peek-a-boo short haircuts with bangs are perfect for oval and round face shapes. Either you have thin, fine or thick air, this hairstyle will add movement. The cut out fringe, blunt edges and coppery hue will definitely get all the attention. Ask your stylist to cut the bangs at an angle, going from short to long. Start right above your brow and gradually make them longer until you reach the other side. To style it, apply some straightening gel on damp hair and blow dry with a medium paddle brush. Dry the bangs while you brush them forwards. To achieve a glossy look, straighten the hair with a flat iron and apply a lightweight pomade for definition.
Pixie cut

The pixie cut is definitely a bold fashion statement. Pixie short haircuts with bangs began with Audrey Hepburn, the iconic actress. Decades ago, she managed to change the meaning of the word feminine and since then, countless celebrities have made this style even more popular. The pixie can frame any face shape, because it has countless variations. Moreover, it is suitable for thick and thin hair. If you have an oval shape, choose a super short pixie with same length bangs. If you have a heart shaped face, add height so your face doesn’t seem shorter, and keep the bangs short and the hair flat on the sides. For round faces, some layered sections at the crown will make your face look longer. Anyone with a diamond or oblong face shape should keep the bangs long and flat.