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Tips for Beautiful Nails

Our nails are an important part of the body, and just like a terrific skin regimen or a new haircut, healthy and well taken care of hands are essential for a neat appearance. Besides being a great fashion accessory that can work as an asset in the business and social world, out nails do a lot of things for us, and during daily activities, they wear and tear. These tips for beautiful nails from dermatologists and specialists will get you on the road to a beautiful, well groomed manicure.
Tips for Beautiful Nails Tips for Beautiful Nails Picture

1. Leave your cuticles alone

Dermatologists advise that if we want to have beautiful nails, we must not cut or manipulate the cuticles. Cuticles are a natural barrier to fungus and bacteria, and if you breach it, the protection is lost. This will result in red, ragged and swollen cuticles or a nasty infection that can lead to permanent damage. Pushing them back can also cause problems.

2. Reduce the use of nail hardeners

Nail hardeners can actually do more damage than good, due to the fact that these products are not clinically studied. Unless your nails are very weak and fragile, a nail hardener won’t benefit you. Healthy, beautiful nails are flexible, so adding something will make them more brittle.

3. Moisturize

Although there is no medical data showing that moisturizing the nail bed will make them grow faster, dermatologists recommend regularly applying oil around the cuticles. This will make your nails look better and protect them from breaking. The oil will moisturize the entire nail and reduce the incident of cracking, splitting and chipping.

4. Take biotin supplements

Supplements of biotin, a member of the vitamin B family, can prevent breaking and splitting by increasing nail thickness. If you want to have beautiful nails, 2.5 milligrams daily will show a significant improvement. However, taking Gelatin or soaking in it will not increase your nail strength. There is little evidence to support nail products or supplements containing fluoride, calcium or yeast, the first one actually posing a threat to your health.

5. File your nails correctly

Avoid filing in back-and-forth motion and only go in one direction to prevent breaking. If you have long nails, choose a rectangular shape, and if they are thinner and shorter, choose a round shape. Another important aspect is to choose a proper emery board instead of a metal nail file that tends to split your nails.

6. Limit professional manicures

A study by Stern and colleagues at Mt. Sinai revealed that those who have frequent manicures are more likely to suffer from brittle, dry nails, due to exposure to chemicals and harsh ingredients. If you always want to have beautiful nails, you must also avoid nail extensions which can lead to fungal or bacterial infections. If you must wear them, opt just for nail tips extensions and take your own tools to the manicure.